My experiences with UFO`s - will be glad if others have UFO experiences to share

It is Easter 1988 I think and I meditate more these days than normal.

I feel as if the air got thick and intensity surrounded me. Later the oil heater started, usually it made a terrible noise, but now suddenly it played the most wonderful music, “this must be music from space” I thought.  I sat down and opened to the music and enjoin it.

The air got more and more comprehended and I felt, I was not alone, but I could not se any body. My heart beaded – this really was great. 

My son (about 8 years) came home from visiting a friend, and when I was about to tell him a good night fairytale, I felt that though I could not se it, some thing was manifesting in the wardrobe, so I asked my sun, who usually could see what I only could feel, and he said that two angles was standing there, lightening.

“Let us get op then and go over there and breath the light into us and exhale pains that they can transform them, - and so we did.  My heart was beating fast and strongly as if I was afraid, but it was not the feeling, I rather felt – I don’t know – marvelous.

We again laid down, and our poppy now came and stood in the doorway, trembling and crying, it dared not pass the wardrobe to jump up in the bed to my son, where it used to sleep. We called at it, but it only cried, at least it ran up and jumped and hide under the blankets.

My son and the dog then fell a sleep at once, and I then it began to happen.

The sealing opened in a circle from the middle and out and I was staring directly up into a spaceship. Two bright white light beings were up there. There consciousness was on such a high level that I was like an ant compared to them, and never the less I was able so sense them ant to understand by feeling that they communicated as being one, they shared the same mind and to me the mind seamed to be God’s mind. What ever I saw it was materialized by their minds – them selves included, they could create whatever with there minds and make anything happen, because their minds were one and the same in light.

They were made of light, they some how seamed to have a body of some kind. I have been astral traveling and then I have an energy body, but these bodies were on a higher level, a spiritual level. 

They now contact me asking me without words but by including my mind in theirs, - if I would like to come up there. 

I was astonished that they asked. They could do what ever they liked with me, I would not be able to resist anything, and one microscopy thought from them could kill me, - but these God like beings asked me, as if I was importuned in any way.

And yes, I was dying for getting up to them, I would say yes to what ever they would suggest. I was overwhelmed and thought of not much else than surrendering to what was happening. Yes, yes my heart my mind beaded  and then they gently with their mind lifted me up there and lied me on a table or something like that, witch they also made up with their mind. It is not right of me to say, that they materialized anything at all, they did not, they did not created things, but the how the things worked, - so I lie on a thought of a table. But I was there with my body. As I said before, I know astral traveling, and how to live my body, but I did not live my body, my body was lifted up there.

I thought that these beings were one and the same, and that it could appear as as many it would, it could manifest in any way it liked, so one of the beings could not think apart from the other, they could not be apart from their source, they were the Source.

They did not seam to have any wants about me what ever I would say yes or no, they were quite indifference, some how they just offered this to me, - and God knows I said yes.

Though they papered to me as if they were made of light, I could not look through them, they were somehow massive.

Now they ask my if I would like them to give me a special code in my brain, - and again I wonder that they really value  me and ask me, and again I said yes, yes and yes I want you to do that to my brain. Then they by thoughts connect something to my scalp and I received the code. Some how they placed some wires in my brain, but they were not of metal or anything else that their minds power. May be I passed away for a moments – now they smoothly was letting me down thought my bed, and told in my mind, than they had given another small girl in this country the same code.

I was lying in my bed again and the sealing gathered again and the spaceship in a moment was only seen as a small star in the sky and I cried out in my mind: “What is the meaning whit my life” and they send me a vision where I walk among people painting pictures, my palms are pointing out – like on the sculpture Thorvaldsen made of Jesus, and bright white light is floating out of my hands towards the painters “You shall help to build Paradise on Earth,” they answered by thinking inside my head

Then the connection was stopped and I rose from bed to write down, what I just experienced – so fantastic.


About a year later, again working together with my son, I experienced through a lucid dream on the spiritual level, that my meditating mind together with a group of other meditating minds had the shape and qualities as an UFO. We were like a mirror and could mirror everything at the same time – around corners – up and down – and to all sides, and we were rooming all knowledge, no questions could arise because we were the answer.  We were bright white lightening but it was dark around us, they light was not spread as the light we know from normal awakening, it was a light of  meditation and we could share it with others that would like to join us. Though we did not spread the light, we could se everything in this light, - I can not explain it.

Well we were drifting in space not wanting anything just being aware. Then we drifted closer to the Earth to some hills in America, we came rather close to the ground, and I realized that it was some people meditating there, that attracted us, but then we were kind of pushed away again because somebody got afraid of us, and we again drifted out in space.

When I experienced this I at the same time was aware of my human body being lying on a bed next to my son, whose body was sleeping, and I draw my mind back to my body.


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Comment by Kirsten Merrild on June 16, 2012 at 2:05pm

I found The Jung Page :)

Comment by Kirsten Merrild on June 16, 2012 at 1:30pm

Thank you Bonnie for responding - so nice, and where can I find "the Jung
page" and be a member to read the article you mention?

Thank you again - love and light

Comment by Bonnie Bright on June 16, 2012 at 12:53pm

Thanks for this interesting post, Kirsten. As most of us know, Jung was highly interested in UFOs. I was just researching some of his work and he discusses some of this in detail in the book "Pauli and Jung"--last chapter. There's also a fascinating article on the Jung Page called "THE SYMBOLISM OF UFOS AND ALIENS" from John Fraim. Though you have to be a member there to read the whole thing, part of the intro says:

One of the subtle mega-trends in American culture in the second half of the twentieth century has been UFOs and alien symbolism. Whether the early events centering around Roswell, New Mexico and such groups as Project Blue Book are true or not, what is a fact is that interest in aliens came onto the "radar screen" of American culture around the late 40s. (and)

Jung came to the conclusion that UFOs were examples of the phenomena of synchronicity where external events mirror internal psychic states. As usual, he saw the UFO situation in a broader perspective than most. For Jung the UFO images had much to do with the ending of an era in history and the beginning of a new one. In his introductory remarks to Flying Saucers he writes about the UFO events.

Meanwhile, its exciting to hear about your very direct experience. Thank you for sharing here.

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