Jung's Cross Is Traceable to Annunaki Slavers

Jung’s Cross is Traceable to Annunaki Slavers

Jung’s Marriage of the Minds

The Red Book documents Jung’s attempts to reconcile or integrate his conscious mind with his subconscious mind (soul), in order to achieve a healthy wholeness of self. As a student of the human psyche, including his own, he wanted to comprehend the structure and internal dynamics of the subconscious, and its relationship to the conscious mind.  The core of this work took place under great tension, during a time when social order in Europe was heading into a downward spiral into violent chaos, as Europe prepared for yet another great destructive war as Christian nations turned against each other over global empires.

Jung’s Cultural Conditioning Blinded Him to the Greatest Evil

Jung was well educated and grew up exposed to both the Christian and occult worlds. His own experiences with the occult informed him of the risks in engaging the dark forces that he would encounter in the depths. He knew he needed a safe, controlled environment; a lab where he could create the experimental tools he needed to probe deeply into his own human psyche and its possible connections. He chose to create fantasies in his own mind, as safe vehicles to explore the thinking and feeling depths of his total self. He knew he needed to go beyond the limits of his self to find the answers to life’s greatest questions, but he could not get beyond his own cultural conditioning, a powerful control mechanism.  He wrote from the perspective of a Christian, and though he had studied images and archetypes, he failed to recognize the fundamental meaning in certain powerful symbols that dominated him thru his culture. In the Way of the Cross,(P.388) he describes it worshipfully.

That was about a hundred years ago, long before ancient records were recovered from: Sumer (Annunaki), the Dead Sea, (Essenes), and Nag Hammadi (Gnostics).  Once interpreted, they radically revised the human and cosmic narrative that humans have been listening to for thousands of years.

Historic Updates

Ancient records and extraordinary physical evidence in South Africa, South and Central America, and many other locations around the world, now inform us how ancient aliens colonized Earth to mine gold thousands of years ago. We would do the same if we could. Detailed records describe how the Annunaki successfully manipulated the DNA of the local hairy biped thousands of years ago to produce worker humans that would serve as slaves to the Annunaki elites. This new information has radically revised our entire human history and cosmology. [Intergalactic news services inform us that Yahweh-Jehovah was an Annunaki elite, who went criminally insane, before building his empire.] 

Jung’s Cultural Conditioning Blocked His Understanding of: “The Way of the Cross”, P 388.

The Annunaki elites (self-proclaimed gods) were warriors and slavers. They wore the flared cross on their chests,as a symbol of their spiritual domination. They brought the patten cross (with flared ends) and slavery to Earth. The same cross was adopted by: Freemasons, crowned heads of Europe, the Order of Christ that led the attacks on the New World, and extreme military cultures (Iron Cross).

The Annunaki (Sumerians) turned Earth into a slave colony, and indeed the solar system symbol for planet Earth is a circle with a cross thru it, denoting a planet that is locked down as a spiritual prison.




The Solution to the Great Mystery of the Sumerian-Christian-Cross – Thou Shalt Not Pass!

We trace the cross symbol to ancient Sumer, where historic records inform us that the Annunaki were masters of intergalactic conquest, and the cross led the way across the universe. They imposed their religious hierarchy, a spiritually parasitic system, on their victims, as a form of spiritual control. That tradition was passed down to their victim nations, who rose to repeat the same patterns of conquest.  When Yahweh-Jehovah abandoned Israel after it failed to grow into a mighty empire, he eventually made new contracts beginning with Emperor Constantine of Rome in 312 AD. “By this sign you will conquer” promised unlimited conquests if Constantine would adopt the cross of spiritual slavery, and promote Christianity as a spiritual control system to dominate the defeated.

Henceforth, for hundreds of years European states infected with Christianity attacked each other for hundreds of years [a 100 year war?] before their violence spilled over to the rest of the world. They exported the Roman formula, a combination of physical and spiritual terrorism to the New World that would result in many genocidal attacks on indigenous peoples for their wealth. Christianity as the new form of spiritual regulation [rules and consequences], would 'control' the hearts and minds of Rome’s victims.That combination of physical and spiritual terrorism was used to create criminal states known as colonies, to maintain fake control over land resources. Large scale criminal practices were exported from Christian Europe to enslave the New World.

                            The Order of Christ led the Christian invasion of the New World.

The Christian cross led the way to the greatest crimes against humanity, as indigenous nations around the world fell to the cold brutality of western violence driven by spiritual evil, masquerading as religious good. European Christian nations learned from their Roman masters, and used the same formula to colonize the New World with massive Christian violence. The victim-villain cycle ensured that Rome's victims would eventually rise to repeat Rome's crimes of physical and spiritual terrorism against the rest of the world. A couple of centuries of: massive European violence, fake religions, and toxic colonial laws and the religion of brotherly love had managed to enslave much of the indigenous New World. 

                                                           THOU SHALT NOT PASS!

The Cross As a Symbol of Spiritual Control (Imprisonment)

The original owners of the cross have promoted it falsely as symbol of redemption, when in fact it is just the opposite, it’s the symbol of spiritual control, imprisonment, and death. It is the tree of death, disguised as the tree of life, (escape route to heaven).

The vertical post of the cross represents the upward path of our spiritual ascension, but the horizontal piece intentionally bars our way up. The bar is a control device to prevent anyone who has not signed a contract surrendering their soul to those who control the path, from escaping the prison. Seated at this spiritual control point, we find Yahweh's partner the owner of the cross, Jesus saying to us: I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me “.

Really? As those of us who have journeyed into other worlds know only too well, there are oh so many other ways to the top of every mountain without submitting to evil control.  

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Comment by Steve Staniek on August 15, 2019 at 7:36am

How Binding Are Spiritual Contracts?

Many of today's shaman recognize the uncorrupted work of the historic Jesus of Nazareth as shamanic by nature and practice. In his shamanic rituals, Jesus reintroduced ancient mind altering substances like the sacred bread called mana (psilocybin, to raise the consciousness of his followers). John Allegro tells us that mana was used traditionally by ancient Egyptian elites, and even Moses took some as he fled. [The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross].

When Constantine hijacked a struggling Christian movement in 325 AD, those impromptu shamanic rituals were institutionalized and transformed into "sacred sacraments". Yahweh--Jehovah's first priests then attached spiritual contracts which would bind the participant to the entity Yahweh-Jehovah, and required the submission of each participant. 

Are such contracts valid? In the minds of the participants these sacred contracts are portals or gateways they have opened to those "trusted entities", without really knowing the true nature of those entities, or their hidden agendas. They surrender their free will in this process, and they go into an altered state of spiritual fog, that weaks their awareness and desire to go their own way. They become gateways for spiritual evil to enter and wreak havoc on the free spirits. 

Can those contracts be broken? I break all of my Yahweh-Jehovah contracts loudly every morning before my mirror, to release myself from my dark and ignorant past.

Comment by Steve Staniek on August 15, 2019 at 6:04am

Spooky Action From a Distance?

Q - How do unseen alien energies (spiritual forces) in one dimension control life in other dimensions when they do not have a physical presence there?

 A - The answer to this question can be found in our own earthly colonial history, since it is naturally based on their model of colonization, passed down to us.

During the European-Christian colonial period, imperial monarchs living in Europe could control the lives of their subjects thousands of miles away, across vast oceans, in colonies so remote that they were considered to be another world, which they named the New World.

Loyal subjects and the indigenous people they conquered and subjugated in the New World, never saw the European-Christian monarchs that controlled a large part of colonial life, but that monarchial control was projected or extended through strong feudal relationships with royal servants who did all the physical things required to control indigenous nations and their land wealth.

So we see how entities living in one world can influence and control the lives of others in other worlds, even though they do not have a physical presence there, so long as they have a reliable hierarchy of slave-servants to do their physical bidding.

One of the great mysteries is why Yahweh-Jehovah has been barred [by superior cosmic forces?] from having a physical presence on Earth? Perhaps his criminal past prevented him from walking this Earth freely?

So who does Yahweh-Jehovah’s bidding here? Who provides him with a physical presence on Earth?

As a young naive man with spiritual interests I looked into joining the Jesuit Order; aka, the Army of Christ.

                                              Ignatius Loyal...founder of the Jesuit Order.

The Catholic priesthood had developed a long, elaborate process they called spiritual ascension, which was in fact daily spiritual subjugation and complete devotion to Yahweh-Jehovah.

Every day, each priest was required to say his “office” in which he would offer himself completely, heart, mind, and soul to the entity, to be used in whatever way Yahweh-Jehovah commanded.

Harry Potter author J.K. Rawlings is said to have channeled much of her information during her deep depression, a period in her life when she was acutely vulnerable to outside energies. Her description of Voltemort’s methods of operation in this world, reveals how absent energies can still control humans to do their dirty work.

The evidence of Yahweh-Jehovah’s evil activities thru his servants on Earth has been emerging since the 60s, when his priests were finally being exposed for child abuse. How could good men who since childhood have devoted their lives to doing good in their communities, suddenly become monstrous child molesters, abusers, haters, and hidden villains?  When these priests, and nuns, invited the unseen entity Yahweh-Jehovah into their hearts, minds, and soul, his energy overlay took control of their bodies to perform evil acts against trusting children.  The global crimes against humanity committed in Christian residential schools prisons in Christian colonies, run mostly nuns and lay teachers, were inspired or driven by the same relationship with Yahweh-Jehovah.

Millions, if not billions of innocent lives were destroyed, and the most innocent were abused the most.


Comment by Steve Staniek on August 13, 2019 at 4:52am

The "ALL seeing eye" monitors and control human perceptions and thoughts....

Monitoring our sensations, reactions, and thoughts thru our Pineal glands, and sending us thoughtforms to influence and control our behaviour reveals how we've been made spiritual slaves by those who would have their way with us. 

The Wonderlife website does an excellent job comparing the similarities between the eye of Horus and our pineal gland. 

Comment by Steve Staniek on August 12, 2019 at 10:52am

Pineal Gland Facilitates Spiritual Communication and Control

Those of us who grew up unsatisfied by the status quo for whatever early reason, probably discovered that Earth is a place of many layers of deception laid down to shape our thinking, identity, and feelings. Our senses are biologically or energetically restricted and controlled to take in only what is approved for us to see and hear.. Nothing, is as is seems, and we spend our lives navigating our way thru many local and universal lies and deceptions, picking up and shedding: cultural, political, and religious delusions as we go.

Is it any wonder that by mid-life, our identity has become a unwieldy ball of personal, cultural, and spiritual lies that we roll around like a dung beetle? The sheer weight of those lies (dung) often causes us to crash, and start again.

Once we overcome the biggest delusion, that of legitimate authority, we begin to see clearly that there is none. With careful, gentle probing and discernment, we eventually discover seemingly endless levels of influence and control, inside and outside us, exercised by various interests that do not necessarily have human welfare as a priority.

After I recovered from the deep shock of discovering Yahweh’s spiritual control system over his followers, designed to feed his parasitic hierarchies, I looked around to see if Yahweh’s secret system had been disclosed anywhere in ancient teachings.

Google gods provided the name of the deeply mysterious character named Thoth, and “Thoth’s Master Plan of Secret Teachings”. Not sure which side Thoth serves, gods or men, because he seems to play both sides…even as he warns us in his Teachings:

“That within you that sees and hears is not of this earth, but is the word of the god incarnate.”…..Thoth is teaching us that we are not alone in our minds, but under constant surveillance by (nameless) outside interests, for the purpose of spiritual control. As an Annunaki god, he is disclosing their hidden rule over our minds.

As part of the parasitic Demiurge, Thoth supports and portrays Yahweh falsely as a divine light when he writes: "Divine light dwells in the midst of mortal darkness ( the pineal inside the supposedly dark human  brain), and ignorance cannot divide them (not being aware of this alien presence will not spare  anyone from Yahweh's toxic control.) 

Ancient carvings depict Sumerian gods installing an enormous pineal gland into the head of a servant. Is this gift from the gods merely enhanced vision, or is it a biological communication device, (Hello Bob?) used to send unsolicited Yahweh propaganda to the owner’s mind while making it sound like his own thoughts? Diabolical indeed.

Sumerian gods monitor and control their spiritual servants thru enormous pineal gland communication devices. By enlarging or shrinking our pineal glands (our spiritual eyes) they could control what we see and what we can imagine thru our inner vision.

Comment by Steve Staniek on August 9, 2019 at 2:00pm

From The Cross of Spiritual Slavery to the Ankh of Liberty 

As we went deep into earth’s hidden history to extract the original meaning of the Annunaki-Christian cross, we discovered that the flared cross that had been promoted for two thousand years as the tree of spiritual ascent to everlasting life, has in fact been the tree of spiritual descent into soul death.

The flared or patten cross was used to symbolize and proclaim spiritual control (domination) by  an advanced Annunaki aristocracy who established the city of Sumer. These Sumerian elites governed with forms of spiritual slavery over their lower classes and defeated neighbours. They insisted on being worshipped like deities when they launched their next fully-formed civilization in the region, called Egypt.

The cross symbol was modified with a loop at the top, and could only be worn by Egypt’s aristocracy because they were the only ones who were not spiritually enslaved, ie: they were spiritually free.

The ankh was used to symbolize not only the high spiritual status of the Egyptian elites, but their freedom from spiritual controls and domination by others. Egyptian elites were free to ascend beyond the spiritual control point of the old cross imposed by Annunaki slavers on all others. They could reincarnate with an intact memory, conscious of their own personal history to reclaim their earthly legacies, lifetime after lifetime.

In Egypt, they replaced the cross with the ankh.  It’s a cross with a loop on top. The loop depicts an open and complete spiritual path, above the horizontal cross bar. The bar controls or blocks vertical ascension. Only Egyptian elites who held the ankh were free from spiritual slavery. The ankh (the key) would unlock the vertical way, and they could ascend freely. The used the key to prevent all other souls from ascending spiritually, the reason souls come here to grow spiritually in the first place. 

When the elites were particularly pleased with one of their high spiritual servants, they would offer him/her the ankh of spiritual liberation.


Comment by Steve Staniek on August 4, 2019 at 9:16am

Jung's Subconscious Revealed the Unfaceable Truth

Jung's father was a Christian clergyman in a time when Christian authority was absolute and dominated European households and minds. Jung was conditioned from childhood to support the absolute authority of the church, as well as its self-protecting dogma. The Christian power structure was entrenched in Jung's thinking, but he was beginning to pull at its edges. 

Once Jung plunged into the shadowlands of his subconscious to connect with his deep self, he encountered much more than his own shadow. I believe he discovered many other shadows including religious shadows, or deceptions that were affecting, controlling, and harming him. However, any information that was too dangerous to face or deal with was suppressed until it could emerge, possibly repackaged, under safer conditions.

The basic problem that prevented Jung's understanding of the forces working in his subconscious was his ignorance of the players or characters he found there. As a Christian, he believed that Yahweh-Jehovah was the supreme creator god and the only god, when new information informs us that Yahweh-Jehovah is a fake god, just a minor alien who likes to play god. He heads an enormous hierarchy of spiritual parasites who currently dominate Earth and its denizens with spiritual control systems like the Abrahamic religions launched by Yahweh-Jehovah to build an empire for himself in the Middle East. 

Jung studied images and archetypes with great care, and deduced that the subconscious could speak more freely and safely thru drawings like mandalas. He gave his subconscious free reign to speak thru his mandala artwork. 

While Jung  produced some intricate and fascinating mandalas, the only one that caught my interest is this one:

It's the back side, or shadow side of an inspired mandala. It appears to have been drawn hastily and therefore honestly. It reveals the patten cross of spiritual domination, that Jung discovered in his own subconscious, but was possibly too terrified to bring forward to his conscious mind and study. He concealed it safely on the backside where those who are ready to go deep and see it, will find it.

Comment by Steve Staniek on July 31, 2019 at 6:39am

The Discovery of the True Meaning of the Cross

What led me to divine the true deeper meaning of the Annunaki-Christian cross? I was led to the secret of the cross by a handful of rodents.

I collect rainwater in barrels, and each rainbarrel uses a length of 1.5 inch diameter overflow tubing to carry excess water to ground. Chipmunks love to explore but they have poor eyesight. They would enter the tubing that led them up and into the darkness of the rainbarrel, where they would fall into the water and drown. After fishing out several chipmunk carcasses I found a way to bar them from entering the tubing by using a couple of long screws to form a simple +, across the tube opening, creating this geometry:

When you apply a cross geometry to something that flows or moves, it becomes a control point, that allows you to bar those things that you do not want, ie: effective control over access.  In like manner, the Annunaki-Christian cross bars the flow of human souls upward, until they submit to certain conditions. The greatest condition imposed on Christians is that they surrender their souls to those who control the path to ascension. Is this situation so unusual as to be unlikely?

The following suggests that controlling behavior is in our genes.

Our school yard was divided by a natural creek, that had a bridge. Every day, the toughest boys would sit on the bridge and try to control who could cross. They would often use some silly conditions that we had to fulfill, like turning over our lunches, before they would allow us to cross. The bridge became a  control point for physical thugs, but it works just as effectively for spiritual movement.


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