Is There an Extraneous Source for Human Violence and Insanity?

Part 1 - Who Profits Most from Human Violence and Insanity?

War refugees, and those of us who have been traumatized by human violence and insanity, go on to study these greatly destructive human traits (?) from micro to macro. Because of our commitment, we conduct in depth searches for root causes that dismiss and cross many protective: cultural, religious, and political boundaries that evolved over time, or were put in place to protect their narratives and the power structures that support them.

We recognize as fact that our so called consensus reality is programmed for entropy, or the breakdown of natural order that supports the tiny measure of freedom that humans have enjoyed in this universe.

We postulate that war is the most violent and insane act that humans are capable of producing, but is it really all our own doing? The first question of this study is: Are humans solely responsible for the enormously destructive human and environmental disasters produced by wars and their aftermaths? Are there other unseen or unidentified forces advancing an agenda against humanity and nature, for total control of what we hesitatingly call our world?

It seems that the only way forward toward discussing a possible solution, is to uncover and understand the fundamental sources of violence and insanity on an individual and collective basis, and see how they are connected. If we can establish some inherent limits in humans, not unlike the natural instinct in wolves to stop their attack against another wolf as soon as his throat is offered in supplication, then we may be able to see how extremely high levels of violence and insanity that are not attributable to humans, may in fact be manipulations by extraneous sources that have their own agenda.

Where does the human capacity for violence end, and what takes over from there, to drive humanity into nuclear annihilation? Who are the players behind man’s violence, and how do they influence or control our thinking. We’ll examine patterns of human violence on small and grand scales. We’ll look at how some societies have been successfully manipulated into violent states over long terms, resulting in the growth of violent cultures that have exceeded the normal human appetite for violence.

Are violence and insanity related? One often follows the other, ie: human violence experienced in wars can result in the experiencer developing a form of mental illness called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The fact that more US veterans of the Iraq war died by their own hands than in battle, confirms that war sickness is responsible for more military deaths (suicides) in western military organizations than combat itself.  Children raised in violent homes or institutions, often fall victim to mental illness.

Today, we watch with horror as the architects of humanity’s fate lead us incrementally to the edge of self destruction. The signs of engineered social entropy are everywhere, and it’s becoming easier to recognize how those architects are: scamming us, seducing us, pushing us, pulling us, herding us, into one of two paths….enslavement or annihilation.

I’m now an autistic senior, and I recognize violence as an altered state of mind. Since childhood, I’ve experienced the world and some of its aspects differently than the neurotypical [NT] society that I live within. My autistic insights inform me of a very different world than that seen and processed by NTs.

The common understanding that we’re wired differently is dangerously simplistic, but good enough to explain that we see and process the world differently. Our different vision could be leftover from childhood. Neurotypical kids were shutting down their innate psychic abilities that allowed them to perceive the different realities around them, probably around the age of reason, because they learned it was too dangerous socially to exercise those psychic abilities. Spectrum kids are far less vulnerable to social pressures, and remained open in varying degrees, to the unseen world around them. The traditional age of reason, sometime between age 5-7 years, is a period when most children surrender their sovereign thinking, and allow it to be taken over and shaped by their family and culture.

Autistic people are fascinated by patterns, and I’ve been studying violent patterns since childhood, looking for information that might reveal an organized system working behind the scenes. I’ve learned a few things that may help us understand how it works, and maybe even who or what is behind it all.

Now, I’m an autistic senior, but back in grade 5, I was being harassed by the schoolyard bully who was older and bigger than most of us kids. One day I noticed something odd about Mr. Bully when he was attacking me. Every time he attempted to trip me up, or knock me down on the hard icy school ground, his eyes did something strange. They would seem to roll back and disappear into his head while he was “in attack mode”. It took many years before I understood that he was actually disconnecting from the reality around him as he entered an altered state of violence. He could not have visually witnessed the awful thing that he was doing to me, and possibly others as he tried to assert his dominance in the schoolyard. His blinded, stiff movements were almost robot like, and it raises the question: Was he simply entering an altered state of consciousness, or did someone else step in to take over the bully’s body and mind for a few seconds of violent bliss? One of the best ways to identify who’s behind crime in the modern world is to find out who profits from the criminal activity? So who profits from this small scale violence being played out against kids millions of times every day in schoolyards across the globe? Is there a system of organized violence that induces fear into humans, especially children, in order to milk our negative energies? We’ll examine how a simple scene played out in school grounds every day, could produce a global system of violence used to induce fear in children, in order to harvest their human negative energies.     

Because I knew my family intimately under normal conditions, I could pick up on the same sudden change of bearing, aggressive demeanor, stiff body language, challenging tones, and bristling energy, whenever they were entering a violent state. They seemed ‘strangely’ different, as though they were someone else, and not themselves.    

When I expanded my study from individual to collective violence, I noticed that collective violence took on the characteristics of a social disease that spreads quickly like a highly contagious infection.


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Comment by Steve Staniek on November 3, 2019 at 11:53am


As an increasing number of us transcend our cultural conditioning,  especially the most powerful forms of religious conditioning, we acquire fresh ethical eyes that allow us to begin to recognize the criminal nature of historic human activity that went unchallenged previously, or that we simply shrugged off because it was the traditionally accepted way of doing things.  

Specific examples of old crimes that went unnoticed are ancient predatory practices like colonialism.  Those who advanced colonialism used the violence of war, or threats of war, to attack and take the lands they coveted, first from their proximal neighbours, and then farther afield.  Today’s apologists for colonial empires claim that this was how things were done in the old days, and colonialism was not a crime back then, but an accepted way of growing one state’s political control over another, in what was seen as fair competition for the best lands.  This argument is obviously designed to fend off guilt, and it’s deeply flawed because the colonial process breaks down into a combination of: “armed robbery” and “home invasion”, but on a massive scale involving many thousands of villains and victims. Both human activities have been recognized and condemned as criminal acts by civilized societies many centuries ago.  

Those who transcend their conditioning also rise to recognize that war is a hate crime. Even if you are forced to defend your home, and you resort to deadly violence against the invader, you become ensnared in a hate crime as you attempt to destroy the other.

War is an orchestrated vortex of evil, that draws in and traps players and non players as well, in a pernicious game of: rising anger, overwhelming hate, and complete destruction, leading to entropy and chaos. War is a hate crime for everyone who joins in, even those on the sidelines who support it with tax dollars and silence.

Those leaders who inspire, order, or trick us, to exercise violent hate against our fellow humans and the planet, are not acting in our best interests, but clearly for their own profit and power.

War leaders are criminals who should be prosecuted for their violent hate crimes against humanity.

Comment by Steve Staniek on October 31, 2019 at 10:33am

Has Israel Forgiven Yahweh for Engineering the Holocaust?

When we push aside all of Yahweh’s ads, eg: “I am the greatest entity”….”love and obey me or burn in hell forever”, etc…that appear in the bible,  in order to construct “a functional profile” of the long-lived entity Yahweh-Jehovah, [and all of the other possible historic characters that he may have reincarnated into], we do not find any evidence, not the tiniest kernel of his love for humanity, to add to and balance that profile.

No evidence anywhere of Yahweh’s love for humanity. Not one act of real love, but many instances of his intolerant hatred, combined with his vengeful and violent destruction of humanity, which are acts of descending hatred leading to terminal entropy, instead of overwhelming divine love leading to spiritual ascension, bliss, and divine life.  Biblical evidence strongly suggests that there is no divine love in Yahweh’s heart,  but there is great “misogynistic lust” for virginal women, and “predatory lust” for the blood of  defenceless children,  in Egypt, Jericho, and Israel.   

A functional test of something or someone is the only true test of its reality…ie:  all promotional  deceptions aside, how does it really work? This is where the rubber meets the road. Here, we abandon “the word” in favour of “the act”. Humans have been dumbed down in various ways, so we are slow to see and learn, and the proof is in how easily we can be fooled by those with just a bit more intellect. We still have not learned to look past the attractive or scary advertisements, to judge a person or thing by how it performs. I note that Yahweh’s bible is his sales manual, rife with Yahweh ads promoting his absolute power over humanity, but no sign of divine caring anywhere.

Taken together, we find Yahweh’s genocidal acts against humanity as dark and destructive, rather than uplifting acts that would lead his followers to higher realms. Indeed, Yahweh’s behavior on Earth has been absolutely criminal in the way he and his parasitic hierarchy have managed to insinuate themselves into our minds [through our pineal gland transducers] in order to deceive and manipulate humanity.  If we invite or allow him in, he will control our thinking and perception as he overlays his energies onto our free will, until we become seemingly helpless bystanders in our own bodies and minds.

Yahweh’s criminal nature has been allowed to rule Earth thru his three religions, which were weaponized to produce and support Yahweh’s hegemonic agenda. Control over the people and lands in the blood soaked, long-suffering Middle East, appears to have been Yahweh’s long objective. The violent takeover of Palestinian lands, and the ongoing destruction of Palestine by diaspora Jews since WWII, announces his return to reconstitute Israel with terrorism. Since Yahweh’s return, most of Palestine was destroyed and taken by Jewish violence, and today Israel stands as the most powerful military state in the Middle East, attacking and bombing all sovereign neighbours at will, while it occupies Palestine.

History reveals Yahweh’s mad passion for genocide, and especially incendiary holocausts, as he loves to burn his victims as a form of sacrifice, “herem”, to himself and his parasitic hierarchy.  Holocausts became Yahweh’s signature, and retrospectively there is little doubt that he engineered the European holocaust that slaughtered and burned: 6 million Jews, 2 million Christian Poles, half a million Roma, and slaughtered another 50 million across Europe, the USSR, and Japan.

I find it mind boggling that modern Israel would forgive Yahweh for engineering the European holocaust as punishment by not doing his genocidal bidding centuries before?  It confirms what ethical minds have suspected since Jericho…that the Jewish tribe has held higher moral and ethical values than their spiritual leader, because they have refused at times, to participate fully in his physical and spiritual terrorism of the planet.

Since Yahweh’s sales literature foretells of his plan to return to Earth to take control of his evil empires, this would be the time to arrest and incarcerate him physically, and finally hold him accountable for his past crimes against humanity and the planet.  A warrant for his arrest is being prepared, and it will list his serial crimes beginning with Egypt where he committed genocide of the male first born,  and went against the lawful authority of the land.

Comment by Steve Staniek on October 23, 2019 at 12:02pm

Yahweh’s Solves the Problem of Jericho with the First Holocaust

“Holocaust” is a Greek word meaning “to sacrifice by fire”.  No one can own the word, but meanings do evolve over time.

The bible informs us that Yahweh-Jehovah, the founder of Israel, launched his career in terrorism in Egypt, when he forced a confrontation with its Pharaoh. He then murdered Egypt’s first born males. While this mass slaughter fits the modern definition of genocide because it described the complete annihilation of a part of society, it was not a holocaust because their bodies were not burned in order to entice or please a deity.

Yahweh surpassed his own sinister modes of destruction in Jericho however, when his passion for violent revenge went over the Hebrew limit. Here, he committed his first holocaust.  After his Hebrew warriors refused to participate in more human destruction in Jericho, Yahweh went in and abused and annihilated all the inhabitants of Jericho, and burning it to the ground, producing his first holocaust.

Yahweh was an ambitious entity trying to convince the Hebrews of his absolute divine powers. Jericho was his show of power, an early version of “shock and awe”, resulting in absolute destruction of everyone and everything. This was Yahweh’s final solution to the problem of Jericho.  He did not forgive easily, he did not countenance betrayal, and genocide became his preferred punishment for those who disobeyed his wishes.  

Comment by Steve Staniek on October 23, 2019 at 7:26am

How to Tell the Difference between Good and Bad Gods

To me, one aspect of reality means there is no significant difference between the theory about something and how it actually works or functions. Most of the information we receive about a thing or person comes to us in a narrative form that describes how the author believes that thing or person to exist “in theory”. The reality of that thing or person however, is how it actually functions. Only when we study “the functioning” of something or someone over time, do we come to understand its true nature. Functionality is a manifestation of purpose, so the way something or someone behaves or functions reveals its true or deeper purpose, despite the theory describing it.

A simple example is a “police officer”, who in theory is part of the justice system and enforces the local laws. But when a police officer breaks those laws he is no longer a police officer or part of the justice system, because his professional actions contradict his job description. He has functioned as someone who violates rather than upholds the system of justice he was sworn to protect.  

Another example is the term “holy land”, used by believers to describe the portion of the Middle East where Yahweh- Jehovah launched his three competing religions. To enlightened minds who hold humans as sacred, the notion of spilling the sacred blood of humans in anger driven by hatred, bloodlust, or profit, actually defiles the land. It does not render it holy. Yahweh’s lands in the Middle East have been washed in rivers of human blood repeatedly, rendering them the most profaned and cursed of all lands on our planet. The lesson from this example is that there are good gods, and there are bad gods working this planet.

How should gods function?  Those of us who are already spiritually awake, expect that good gods would not harm us intentionally, but protect us, nurture us as evolving spiritual entities, and elevate us onto an ascending spiritual path toward enlightenment and freedom, not deception and enslavement.  Good gods care about the well-being of humanity, whereas bad gods are concerned with their own glory, power, and pleasure.

When the long lived, destructive entity Yahweh-Jehovah committed ‘first born male genocide’ in Egypt, followed forty years later by the complete genocide of the innocent lives in the ancient city of Jericho, and then demanded the destruction of newborn male foreskins for his pleasure, it not only exposed his fruits as wanton destruction, but it revealed the contents of Yahweh’s heart, mind, and soul. There was no evidence in these “acts of hatred”, of the higher motivations that humans have grown to value and expect from higher lifeforms such as: love, compassion, forgiveness, pity, or mercy.  Destructive violence is Yahweh’s insane passion, and when he reincarnates into later cultures, we see how he leads them to greater destruction and crime.    

Colonial terrorism is recognized today as the use of violence and threats of violence to gain control over indigenous people and their land wealth.  The unprovoked attack on Jericho, started the long twisted campaign of terrorism launched by Yahweh around 1200 BCE.  Historic records inform us that his creation, the state of Israel, became a source of terrorism in the region, winning many battles, and taking several cities. But Yahweh’s ambitions were much greater than Israel would satisfy, and when it failed to become a military powerhouse, or refused to do his genocidal bidding, he abandoned it.

Yahweh took his vision of a great military empire to Rome. A likely incarnation was Nero the madman, who persecuted Christians, followed by another incarnation in Rome as Emperor Constantine.  As Constantine the Conqueror, a ruthless and murderous Roman, he became the most powerful man of his time, and he changed many things including Rome’s capital. He gained absolute control over a confused Christian movement that had been corrupted from the start by Paul the heretic. Paul, or Saul of Tarsus,  started a Christian sect of his own to lead Christians back to Judaism. It resulted in a holy war between rogue Paulists and Jesus’s disciples who knew the true message from his lips.

Constantine wanted a state religion for Rome that he could use to control the hearts and minds of Rome’s slave population who were attracted to the soft message of early Christianity. Constantine hijacked Christianity for the second time [after Paul], and as the most powerful man in the world, he ordered the early Christian Bishops to reorganize Christianity into a state religion that would support Roman hegemony.  Through editorial control over Christian dogma, he was able to reinvent Jesus and Christianity, and fashion it into a state religion that would literally: “Render unto Cesear”, while pacifying Rome’s enormous slave population, without which Rome would collapse.

Yahweh has reincarnated many times in many places, but his signature is his passion for great extremes of violence, and this pattern is observed in historic figures like:  Tamerlane, Genghis Khan, Alexander, Bonaparte, Cesaer, Attila, and Hitler. The holocaust in Europe was punishment for not obeying Yahweh’s marching orders. The nuclear devastation of  Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the closing hours of the war was obvious terrorization of the world with US nuclear power, especially towards the Soviets.

Over time, we see Yahweh as the father of terrorism, and his fruits are the destruction of humanity and the environment. He has disrespected and dishonoured human lives, and the planet.

We will never glimpse his true agenda, but our intellects can conclude from the evidence of thousands of years, that Yahweh has not been a good god for humanity or planet Earth.  

Today, Israel still refuses to define its own borders, because it is still engaged in the brutal process of colonization of Palestinian lands with violence.

Comment by Steve Staniek on October 2, 2019 at 9:00am

Yahweh-Jehovah the World’s Original and Longest Reigning Terrorist?

"By their fruits you will  know them".... 

The world is in crisis today because it has been preyed upon, and controlled by a highly visible but disguised global system of crime, masterminded by the oldest terrorist to have walked planet Earth, Yahweh-Jehovah. He’s had many aliases throughout history, and he’s gained spiritual control over billions of humans through the three religions he launched in the Middle East. Religion is spiritual regulation that comes with “rules and consequences” to govern the faithful.

We are now able to piece together Yahweh’s origins [history] as an ambitious warrior entity, leftover from the Anunnaki mining colonies of long ago. Apparently, his insane violence cost him his royal inheritance, and he recruited humans to build his own empire of blood and suffering on Earth.

The fact that Yahweh’s land became the bloodiest piece of land in the world, where rivers of human blood have been spilled in anger repeatedly, is clear, unequivocal testimony to Yahweh’s extreme, blood thirsty agenda that never stops. The fruits of violence are his fruits. Time reveals his patterns; from ancient Egypt to modern Israel, those rivers of blood were produced by what we recognize today as colonial terrorism, or the use of violence and threats of violence to gain political control over indigenous people and their land wealth. 

Yahweh started his trail of terror in Jericho with the help of the Hebrews, then he switched to Rome, where a fledgling Christianity was institutionalized by his new partner in crime, Emperor Constantine, who deified Jesus before reinventing his shamanic practice into Rome’s state religion, and used it to terrorize the indigenous worlds for many centuries. 

Netanyahu’s punitive bombings of Gaza were examples of modern herem, and his latest terrorist attempt to take Palestine’s capital and make it Israel’s capital, combined with taking portions of Gaza for Israel, marks Yahweh’s return to Israel. He terrorized the Jewish diaspora with the Nazi holocaust, and it is his pattern to punish with violence, in this case for not obeying Yahweh’s marching orders long ago.

Yahweh’s demands for human blood is called herem, a form of sacrifice to appease hungry entities. Their appetites for human suffering are satisfied by massive violence involving adults driven to anger, as well as innocent children, especially unblemished newborns, whose foreskins are still heremed after thousands of years of feeding Yahweh’s hierarchy of parasites.

Yahweh reincarnates with a full memory of who and what he is, and he has been active on this planet as many characters, possibly even Adolf Hitler. Hitler slew the Jews of Europe, punished them in fact, with such an enormous, unprecedented appetite for human blood that it only could only come from the one historic character known for his insatiable demands for oceans of human blood.

Terrorism has been Yahweh’s modus operandi to this day. The white Christian world has profited greatly from terrorizing the indigenous worlds, but now those worlds are starting to defend themselves more aggressively, which the white Christian falsely calls terrorism, the same way Andrew Jackson corrupted the word terrorism when he used it against the Seminoles of Florida, who were trying to stop his genocidal attacks against their families in their native homelands.

Terrorists then and now, continue to hide their crimes with multiple deceptions that make their crimes appear's known as the national security scam.

Comment by Steve Staniek on September 22, 2019 at 5:48pm


Why Does the International Commission on Radiological Protection [ICRP] Turn a Blind Eye to Nuclear Poisoning of Children?

Many members of the ICRP are western agents paid by their governments to protect them, instead of global humanity. American and allied [British, Canadian, Australian] agents serve their governments first, and shield them against criticism, liability and prosecution with bad or corrupted science. For this reason a comprehensive survey of victim populations where American DU was used and still contaminates the landscape, has never been conducted.

A western controlled ICRP protects western interests, shamefully. One of the deeply biased justifications for not pursuing a full and scientific study of DU poisoning of victim nations where DU dumping has taken place is shockingly unethical. They accept the results of DU studies provided by the accused, instead of doing their own science.

The US government has commissioned/purchased many bogus DU studies, following the lead of cigarette manufacturers. As one would expect from powerful governments that have committed war crimes, they used their enormous defence budgets to manufacture grand defences constructed with lies and deceptions, that provide a veneer of scientific legitimacy. Their studies were aimed at negating or dismissing any radiological evidence instead of following and studying the real evidence to learn the consequences of real DU poisoning.

Government paid western researchers studied the biological effects from fresh DU instead of the actual DU that had been used and combusted in battle. As some independent researchers, some of which have been silenced by official and economic pressure, inform us; DU that has been used to burn its way through heavy steel armour, produces extremely high temps, and the chemical species that result are far more radiotoxic than natural DU. Studies using natural DU are outrageously fraudulent because they are designed to coverup and hide the real risks, and render them negligible.

A 2017 Report from the Centre for Research on Globalization warns:

'Conducting these researches under the tight conditions and very limited technical and other resources under the economic sanctions was a serious scientific challenge at the time since the American and British occupation forces:

  • Forbidding any release of information related to types, amounts, and locations of targets destroyed by DU projectiles, and any statistics related to Iraqi army and civilian casualties after the occupation of 2003 [4].
  • Refusal to clean up contaminated areas (as was performed by the same named troops) in Kuwait [5].
  • International agencies were prohibited the right to conduct full (DU) related exploration programs and risk assessments by US led occupying forces [6] the way they did in Kosovo [7]. Such an act indicates that these forces are relying on time to dissipate these contaminants with the purpose that the evidence of this crime be lost. Such assessment with proper resources, experts, and technology would link, with conclusive evidence, the harmful health impacts with exposure to DU oxides among the population of the contaminated areas.

Using such weapon and related misleading information can be considered as war crimes. They represent grave breach of the Geneva Convention and international law because these weapons have caused and continue to cause undifferentiated harm and suffering to civilian populations in all contaminated areas long after the end of the military operations [8]."

Children in War Zones Pay the Highest Price as the Most Exposed Ongoing Victims.

Whether it's hidden land mines left behind to kill or cripple them, or spent DU dust burning their lungs and GI tracts, the world's children pay the highest price for modern warfare.They are the most significant ongoing victims of men's destructive wars, and these innocent lives make the illegal use of DU weapons a war crime in the eyes of ethical people, if not the ICRP that still pretends to protect global humanity. 

While training an Iraqi pediatric oncologist following the Bush Wars Against the People of Iraq, I learned of the spike in birth defects in Iraq. A few years later we saw the evidence of DU poisoning begin to  manifest, and the reasons were not hard to understand. The desert wind is a grinding machine that breaks down chunks of DU into fine black dust that blows everywhere. Whether its depleted or not, uranium is one of the heaviest materials. When an adult with an average height of 1.6 m walks across an area contaminated with DU, most of the DU dust he/she kicks up will not reach his/her breathing zone. However, a short child or toddler, walking across the same contaminated landscape, will inhale much more DU because the child's breathing zone is closer to the ground where clouds of DU are kicked up by walking. Toddlers put everything in their mouths. Children become the "most exposed group" to criminally used, and criminally abandoned DU. This is nuclear poisoning at its worst. 

Since the ICRP is no longer acting responsibly or ethically, it's up to those Americans who have transcended their cultural conditioning, and grown ethical consciences to take action.

Comment by Steve Staniek on September 6, 2019 at 9:44am

Part 2  - How does human violence impact our environment?

My lifelong study of violence and war led me to serve for a time, on the Steering Committee for the Canadian Peace Alliance.

Today, the Amazon is burning while Trump terrorizes the world with threats of more American nuclear attacks, this time on Korea and Iran, and the creation of more nuclear wastelands. 


The word peace in its simplest form announces the cessation of human conflict or violence between individuals or groups. Its highest meaning denotes a rational or sane state of relationships, in which all parts of a community commit to work together in just harmony, with unconditional mutual respect, to maintain a caring reality that supports the well-being of all.    

Since the first tree was ripped from the ground in anger by a primitive human, and wielded against his adversary, the environment has paid a terrible price for escalating human violence. Nothing will slow down climate change more effectively, or heal the environment more quickly, than ending wars.

When Europe’s aristocracy forced their people to fight over the best lands during medieval times, they used siege warfare. Armies destroyed each other and the countryside, as they: re-routed natural waterways, and burned or cleared forests, which drove animals and fish from their natural habitats, just to take a castle and its wealth.

War-addicted European states launched a brutal colonial period that brought waves of destruction, both human and environmental to the New World. Colonial powers that had feuded with each other for centuries and failed to grow healthy relationships based on mutual respect, brought the same destructive practices to the New Worlds. Europe destroyed its own great forests during centuries of war making, and now it needed wood from remote corners of the world to build its colonial fleets. Military fortresses, dams, and canals, defaced the landscape, and destroyed many natural habitats.

Large scale human violence is known as war, a destructive form of social entropy that attacks the environment before it attacks humanity.  Planet Earth is always the first victim of war, as every war makes enormously wasteful demands on the environment in order to build increasingly destructive war machines.

When the architects of war forced millions of humans to confront and destroy each other during WWII, they did not relent until they succeeded in destroying and contaminating huge parts of Europe, Asia, and Japan. Destruction of the environment was so enormous that great historic cities where millions of people once lived, had to be rebuilt. Rich agricultural lands that once surrounding megacities were replaced with enormous non-productive cemeteries. Many agricultural regions had to be decontaminated from war pollution, and restored to health.  

The Amazon basin still suffers because of the contribution it was forced to make to WWII. It was turned into an environmental battleground when sections of it were destroyed to harvest rubber for allied war machines. Each Sherman tank required half a ton of rubber, which takes many trees to produce.

The manufacture and use of nuclear weapons produces environmental wastelands. Mountains of uranium taken from the environment are processed into mountains of depleted uranium [DU] that contaminate and expose communities to unnecessary radiological risks. War-making governments conscripted their nuclear industries to produce bomb grade nuclear materials, instead of life saving medical isotopes. Those mountains of depleted uranium waste were disposed of illegally, by fabricating them into low-grade nuclear munitions that poisoned battlefields and towns with DU, in Afghanistan and Iraq forever, transferring the associated radiological risks from American to Iraqi and Afghani communities.

This is the time to learn how to manage all of our relationships with less violence, and more care, whether it be with humans, the land, or all the creatures who live here with us. Restoring the forests and nurturing them back to health, will be a big step to counter climate change. As we learn to respect nature’s communities, we will hopefully learn how to respect all human communities as well.

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