Holding the Tension: One Woman’s Journey from Immigrant to Therapist—Interview with Naris Kesheshe

Sharing my newest audio interview and summary article:

Part of the challenge for Naris Kesheshe, who immigrated from Iran to the U.S. when she was 13, was her desire to maintain her original cultural identity and roots, while at the same time living in a society that held very different values. 

When she ultimately discovered depth psychology, she was thrilled to realize there was a field which allowed her to approach her own experience through “unspoken words,” and which could also be extremely helpful to a larger immigrant community of individuals whose experiences were recognized and validated through a depth psychological approach.

Holding the tension includes being able to sit long enough to create a container in which two things can begin to either come into dialogue with one another, and to create a new and different relationship with one another so that something new can emerge out of it—a powerful depth psychological concept.

Kesheshe’s story about her journey to becoming a licensed psychotherapist is arguably a “hero’s journey” in the way that Joseph Campbell described it. Listen to an audio interview or read a detailed summary at http://www.pacificapost.com/holding-the-tension-one-womans-journey-...

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