Thank you for the warm welcome.

Here are some of the papers I have written that are relevant to discussions here.

Looking forward to learning more about Depth Psychology.


A draft paper on Nietzsche's Madness: thinking through darkness and light is available. 

A draft paper on Idea, Essence, Existence and Archetype (On Nietzsche, Jung and others) is available. 
A working paper on Intratextuality is available with a separate appendix.

A working paper on The Anamorphic Cycle is available.

An unfinished working paper on The Anagogic Logic is available. 

A draft paper on The Logic Of Sense In The Jubilate Agno by Christopher Smart: A Test Case for the theory of Sense of Deleuze is available 

A draft paper on Making Sense of Meaning in Deleuze From Hyper and Wild Being to Ultra Being is available. 
A working paper on Archetypal Gender Ontology is available. 

A working paper on Holonomic Alchemy is available.

A working paper on Holonomic Alchemical Science is available. 

A rough draft presentation on Sol Luna Conjunction

A working paper on Homeopathy and Acupuncture Theory and Beyond  is available. 

A workshop review called Orienting in a Clean Meta-system is available.

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