Life is about itself and we are part of that eternal flow! That is enough reason to live today with gusto and yielding to what the moment brings. People so often say that they don't know why they are alive or what life is all about. Life is about itself and we are part of that eternal flow!

"Art borrows nothing and has no other source than the soul in the midst of the world surrounding it. Its essence is unknown and its goal is art itself." These words of French twentieth century artist, Odilon Redon, in his manuscript, To Myself: Notes on Life, Art, and Artists, inspire us to consider that life and soul are one reality. The goal of now, this moment in which we abide, is none other than knowing the pure art of soulful living in the now, the eternal flow of whatever comes our way in the moment. It is part of what is and that is life, the eternal flow of soul.

When we flop ourselves onto dry land, get out the eternal flow of soul, we lose contact with our source. Energy loss, unhappiness, a sense of moving through the day grudgingly, happen when we've flopped ourselves out of that eternal flow that is soul. Up to half of our population suffers from regular depression. Making our way back into the waters of soul bodes well for healing from depression. We know we're getting close or are there when the symptoms begin to clear and we experience ourselves back in our own depths, once again content and well.

There is no merit in suffering for sufferings sake. Misery in this life won't get us to bliss in the sweet bye and bye, as is promised in some religions. However, unhappiness, if heeded as a message of longing for return to one's source, to soul, can motivate us to look within, discover how it is that we need to set our lives right. Thus, the purpose of life is not some religiously bent suffering for sufferings sake, but is about living soulfully, participating in the eternal flow of soul, moving into the pure art of soulful living. Again, in the words of Redon, to include the art of life, "Art borrows nothing and has no other source than the soul in the midst of the world surrounding it."

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Comment by Hans Gamma on January 27, 2013 at 12:14am

Ich danke Ihnen von ganzem Herzen.  Ihr Gamma Hans

I thank you with all my heart. Your Gamma Hans

Comment by Paul DeBlassie III on January 26, 2013 at 10:30am

Wonderful comment, Hans, as God is in the pit, has called us there to listen, to see, to further understanding of self and others and the choice, as you say as did Jung, is often not ours since we frequently find that we have been taken as if by force into darkness.

Comment by Hans Gamma on January 26, 2013 at 10:14am

Yes that's right. Let's not forget the depths of the pit. Often it is not the choice of the individual. Who's caught in it, which is behind the current, the flow of being. He who fears God, which is in him. This has C.G. Jung in his books spawned a lot of truth., Because he was the self-tested, as Job in the Old Testament.

Ja das ist richtig. Vergessen wir nicht das Dunkel der Tiefe. Oft ist es nicht die Wahl des Einzelnen. Wer darin gefasst ist, das ist hinter dem Strom, dem Fluss des Seins. Wer Gott fürchtet, der ist in ihm. Dazu hat C.G. Jung in seinen Büchern viel an Wahrheit hervorgebracht., denn er war der Geprüfte selbst, wie Hiob im alten Testament. 

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