C.G. Jung writes to Dr. Schmitt (December 20, 1945). "In alchemy...is presumably meant a transformation of the destructive fiery spirit into a spiritus vitae. You are in the midst of an inner confrontation with yourself which is of the highest general importance....we must also inquire whether something that wants to go upwards has not taken a false route downwards into the body."

Today I'm completing my recovery from medical congestion. Psychologically, I've been blocked up. It went into my body and needed medical attention; but, I waited for depth of understanding, and it came. 

Dreams suggested that I needed to let go of what was no longer appropriate. I had been unwittingly holding on. It blocked energy, inspiration. Knowing what that was, I started to heal. Fresh insights came; rather than taking a false route downwards into the body, psychic energy could be transformed, move upwards into creative resolution.


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Comment by Paul DeBlassie III on July 5, 2015 at 6:40am

Eva & Aleksander,
As Freud noted, psyche is a body/psyche, each influencing the other, the measure taken empirically by seeing in physical reality or intrapsychic attitudinal and energetic shifts that manifest materially. Thank you so much for your comments as our conversation can be quite soul nourishing as they perhaps cause us to think a little more deeply, metabolize the ideas and internalize a little further nutrients for mind/body consciousness.

Comment by Eva Rider on July 4, 2015 at 3:23pm


It is good to hear of your recovery and return to life and your creativity. Thank you for sharing your wisdom about your discovery on this journey back to health. Clearing your psychological and physical congestion released your new energy, inspired creativity and new inspiration.The psyche/soma connection is clear here. You speak of the psychological causing the physical and then moving the energy upward towards inspiration. Can it also arise from the body and move into the psyche in your opinion..I wonder..

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