Ecopsychopathy and Sustainability: The End of Life as We Know It

In a recent blogpost, I wrote some introductory thoughts about what I’m ...” an eco-psycho-pathological disorder in which human-made stressors stemming from culture and development (and their correlating underlying connected psychological issues) are causing a drastic systemic imbalance, manifest by a critical rise in adverse conditions for earth and its inhabitants.

In short, the way of life most of us are living in modern consumer culture is simply not sustainable and the symptoms and resulting suffering are mounting. These days, while many of us choose to distract ourselves through compulsive consumption of goods, services, technology, peak experiences, entertainment, celebrity and even psychotherapy, the unconscious knowledge that we are in a time of transition is beginning to bleed through into our everyday understanding.

Culture Collapse Disorder is an idea based on a related aberration that manifested in the natural world beginning in late 2006: Colony Collapse Disorder the mass collapse of honeybee colonies in which the hive...(Click here to read the remainder of the post)

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Comment by David John Collier on April 9, 2013 at 3:48pm

Hi Aleksandar,

sorry i mis-spelt your name.

yes, as Jung thought, the path to Self-realisation is largely to let go of the ego (or rather be in control of it, especially to deflate an inflated ego).

but in my experience (and beyond that of Jung; Maslow, and most others) kundalini arousal is a pre-requisite to Self-realisation, which is NOT to be sought as a primary desire -one's psycho-spiritual development is best NOT forced! 

further, the ego needs to be properly developed (i.e. the person needs to be healed and whole) before it can be surrendered.  One cannot surrender what one does not have!

in total around 10 years intensive work in my case, including 7 months esoteric meditation clearing my chakras to enable unproblematic kundalini arousal: not possible while still part of the rat race, so it was necessary to drop out of that society which mediates against Self-realisation.

similarly, one's family of origin can also hinder personal development, so it is necessary to separate oneself emotionally as Joshua ben Joseph (aka Jesus) indicated.  Evidently he taught Self-realisation: Siddartha G. probably did not, as he was himself not Self-realised.

to quote Joshua, what the world most needs to know is that 'Man is a son of God'-literally: in which case we need as a race to become much more responsible in our ecological behaviour.

to end, we do not need to engage with string theory.  basic harmonic theory is sufficient: higher levels of reality occupy the same physical space but are separated by frequency and phase .  Paradise is around 256 levels above this one, according to a friend who devoted his whole life to spiritual development and has now gone beyond it while still maintaining his physical body in this world.  amazing stuff; he has a Spiritual commission to publish a book to help this world and many others.

PS i am told we are still quarantined from most of Creation at present, and communication channels when open are obviously not based on electromagnetism, but on faster than light processes (human thought and human telepathy are ftl processes).

hope this isn't too much to digest.

Comment by David John Collier on April 8, 2013 at 4:27pm

Further to Aleksander's comment, i can recall a number of instances in which i was clearly influenced to be in the right place at the right time (e.g. a group meditation for world peace on the top of a local hill i didn't know about beforehand); also when trying to set up a humanitarian business i got needed business advice in a vision from a boyhood friend's 'dead' father, who himself had a successful business when he was in this world.

Most people do not know we are surrounded by people on a higher level of reality (in particular our Guides) neither do they have experience of a 3-way conversation with an Angel in which my thought was obviously picked up before i spoke to a clairvoyant friend. Thought is radiated in theory to infinity; but the physical and temporal dimensions are an artifice of the Creator anyway. Everything is known: there is nowhere to hide!  And if we are open to help, we get it-assuming we are on the right track in life (needless to say many are not).


Comment by David John Collier on March 27, 2013 at 5:26pm

Couldn't agree more with the diagnosis, if not the somewhat academic perspective common to all academic disciplines, which serves inter alia to put off many people. By definition it puts off most people, given that most are not academic.  Thus any effort to communicate widely needs to be on a different level-e.g. the success of charismatic preachers!

Quite simply the human race has lost its (undeniably teleological) way; in large part due to an over-reaction to Roman Catholic thought control over the centuries, in which the baby (God) was thrown out with the bathwater (religious dogma).

In the discipline of psychology we see Freudian denial of individual; societal, and especially metaphysical reality, based on an attempt to be ultra-scientific.  Such a methodology immediately puts limitations on knowledge and its acquisition, as exemplified by the (psychological!) difficulties in paradigm shift.  A bit circular.

But there is a larger problem: this is the unrecognised consequences of a lack of sufficient nurturing in childhood (that includes unknowing abuse by parents who are themselves still children).  In response the ego defence system is strengthened to the extent that the mind literally shuts down.  This is adaptive in respect of childhood trauma, but not so in adulthood.  Nor is it adaptive in respect of metaphysical perception-for example i was going to run in a pine forest one day until i asked what God wanted me to do that day.  The very strong response was "Stay where you are!"  This same day a bushfire raced through the forest, unforecast and unexpected.  I would have had no chance to escape it.

When a mind shuts down to repressed psychic pain within, the barrier works both ways, blocking perception of external (metaphysical) information too.

Childhood trauma results in a distorted perceptual system containing negative core self-beliefs, also a deeply flawed weltansight that results in a similarly flawed weltanshaaung.

Self-healing is a sine qua non for the world including the (external) ecology.  Sociological activism is somewhat futile in this circumstance, and can be mere expression of unresolved internal anger from childhood.



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