By the year 2050, it was beginning to dawn on humanity that it had a deeper working knowledge of outer space than its own inner nature. The uncertainty attending the shift in perspective produced strange effects within a generation. A crippling stasis gripped cultures world-wide. Medication therapies no longer allayed symptoms which had steadily ballooned over a century.

Irrational obsessions and compulsive urges of the weirdest subjective varieties were pandemic, threatening the very fabric of human relations. The sovereign sanctuaries of home and neighborhood transformed into violent hot-boxes of emotional projection seemingly overnight. Ongoing armed conflicts dotted the world map.

Disaffected loners and accumulations of like-minded tribal personalities choked law enforcement, fueling its own guarded paranoia. Entire governments were insolubly locked in petty dispute. Divorce statistics soared with birth rates, even as traditional marriages plummeted and same-sex partnerships splurged. The heavy burdens of civilization called psychiatry to task. 

The year: 2070. We join Capt. Abnorm Drowze aboard the Starship Innerguise, deep in inner-galactic space. The crew's mission: to locate the most elusive and mysterious form of matter ever conceived. Psychiatry wouldn't survive without it; indeed, life as mankind had hitherto known it now appeared so irrational that half its world was estimated as unassimilable by reason.

Science called it "the God factor," and it would furnish the first truly objective reference point for human nature. The neurosciences knew it involved chemical interactions in the brain; they could see them light up on the scans. But, psychiatry needed something more tangible than an electronic game-show to confirm it. It would go in search of the mysterious substance and justify body-psychology once and for all... 

The elusive "God-tissue in the fabric of matter" was a promising theory in the early 21st century -- psychiatry flourished. Later studies, however, attributed its short-lived success to scientific credulity and the stiff resistance to self-examination. Its apparent objectivity, they avowed, only contributed to a global epidemic of pathological symptoms such as humanity had never seen -- except in the general relations which constituted its entire history. The old gene-structure no longer immunized against these new mutations of discontent. Could psychiatry redeem itself?

This fifth incursion into the subjective mind by the APA-backed interest-group, Diagnostics and Social Mediocrity, was heralded by an incredible virtual reality trip through the brain in which the team of explorers "lived" its inner workings first-hand with the aid of computer game programs. Microscopic technology was now able to shrink thought to minute proportions; to experience brain-biology in its most elemental form. 

"Shrinks Shrink Thought!" the Washington Compost headlined. The virtual program was given the moniker, Starship Innerguise, and Dr. Drowze was the first choice to helm the ambitious project. "Once we identify it, we'll know a lot more." he assured at the press conference amid great fan-fare.

The "Dream Team" sailed comfortably through the cortex and frontal lobe but experienced turbulence in the parietal lobe. The ship was tossed rhythmically, frightening the crew. Once into the cerebellum, they came under direct attack by "androgynes". Capt. Drowze ordered deployment of the ship's deflective shield. "The eerie figures changed shape at will and flew at us without let." he relayed once they'd re-established communications with the cortex. "It was crazy!"

The deflective shield bounced the team back into the frontal lobe just in time to dodge the disintegrating effects of the intense emotional images. Hostile neurons fired into the craft like missiles. The control room had meantime piled up with print-out data-sheets, and the crew had difficulty maneuvering around the great heaps of information. "Rational assessment became a liability." Capt. Drowze later adjudged. The world waited expectorantly as the team dared the limits of human experience.

Tech-Dr. Norm L. Persons was manning the deflective shield when the team lost its way. "I couldn't describe it. The data-sheets showed equilibrium, but the ship was in complete chaos." Some suffered schizophrenic reactions before the shield was activated. Even a few minutes under such pressurized conditions can shatter the ego, leaving it porous and vulnerable to psychotic influences.

The official investigation concluded that the team was not sufficiently prepared emotionally, and the dangerous images quickly subverted their aims when they strayed into the cerebellum. "It was like it was just waiting for us." said one crew-member. "Even Capt. Drowze's emergency self-medication kits wouldn't make it go away."

When the team was deluged by the unsavory wraiths, it took the decisive reality function of Capt. Drowze to bring it back to focus. "Dammit, man! Activate the shield! We're looking for a real thing!" He later described the tense moment: "Look, all I knew was, we were looking for a real, concrete object and those androgynes were determined to stop us. We needed to get out of there -- and fast! The direct experience of psychotic processes does things to one. If not treated immediately with a stringent regimen of medication therapy buttressed by concrete concepts, it can have mind-bending consequences."

The rest of the team remains quarantined in the laboratory, undergoing the de-sensitization process which has become a practical reality-gauge for science in recent decades. Capt. Drowze remains unshaken by the daunting experience, though he did admit that "it had a somewhat harrowing effect vis-a-vis current psychiatric theory."

Once out of quarantine, the team is expected to resume normal activities, though members will be closely monitored and tested every six months to "make sure whatever that thing was in there doesn't metastasize." Radiation therapy has been proposed should behavioral complications arise.

While a thorough projection of the data is years away, preliminary signals are that much has already been learned. A digital photon enhancer translated electro-chemical reactions in the cerebellum into photographs which were then collated to simulate the images experienced by the crew during their ordeal in that distant netherworld. The team was so traumatized that no one, not even Dr. Drowze, was able to retrieve memories of the event. Was it a dream? They relied on the pictures to reveal what had gone on in there.

"We saw something in those pictures --" Dr. Drowze pondered, "something we'd never seen before. It appeared real to all of us, though we can't be sure at this point." He seemed doubtful that even Eye Rotation Therapy would abet them under such conditions. "This is not comorbid with anything we've seen in the cerebro-spinal system." He looked deeply pensive. "Someone has suggested that perhaps we saw God."

He admitted laughing at the hubris of it at first but has since reconsidered. "Whatever it was in those pictures definitely appeared to be carbon based. Whether or not it was God, only the data can tell us." He admitted he felt safe back in his office as he fondled the pictures beamed back from the cerebellum. "You know..." he mused, gazing at the worn photos, "the brain is a fascinating thing." He chuckled, "It does strange things to a man."

Step outside the science for a real journey into the unconscious.

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Comment by J.D.Stephen Flynn on March 4, 2015 at 11:14am
Comment by Evan Hanks on March 4, 2015 at 8:11am


I see a future for you in quantum physics consulting. Analogically speaking, it does fit between the scales on the fish's back -- or maybe the Hindu God (was it Vishnu?) whose imagination imagined a world that could only be imagined by imagining a greater imagination which was only imagined by yet another, greater imagination. Or something like that.

The big bang theory always struck me as a modern creation myth, and when physicists go far back in time enough to crack that billionth of a second that some think is the only thing standing in the way of explaining the origins of the universe (which one?), we're going to be in bigger trouble than we are now. If the physicists are our primary myth-makers today, then Monsanto is our savior. I'm sure of one thing, though: the multi-dimensional atoms inside the universe of the human head are indeed expanding at an exponential rate, just as the different universes inside each one move further and further apart; and global warming also means that the spirit is rapidly approaching; and the strata of the earth's crust does indeed reveal a " very thin, polluted line." And if we ever crack the aging code, the main business of human industry will be the maintenance of nursing homes. I can only agree with you that inspiration comes unheralded, and we never know how far down nature will pull us for it to work its way up. I'm reminded of Goethe's lines at the end of Faust, when Faust ascends to the spirit-world: "All the world comprises is symbol alone./ What there ne'er suffices as fact here is known." Flags, ideologies, belief systems are concrete wars waiting to happen, and I'm not sure whether your musings are positive or not. All I can say is: if everybody was like you, the world would be in one hell of a fix; but, then the thought occurs to me, the world is in one hell of a fix now, so why not take the chance? Thanks for the perspective.

Comment by J.D.Stephen Flynn on March 2, 2015 at 12:18pm we go:

In conversation with Emanuel:  (A Quantum Physician  Consultant)


Emanuel: Take it like this J.D. It is as though we are some kind of huge computer programme/game that has been allowed to continue, almost forgotten about.

We just seem to be running on, totally unguided, Well! That’s how it seems.

 J.D: We could call the Game designer ‘God’, or ‘The gods.’

But what of the Big Bang Theory, how does that fit into the scheme of things if you use such an analogy? You Guy’s came  up with the notion!

Emanuel:  The Big Bang Theory is fallacious; the Universe is more like a bowl of soup. It contains parts within it that don’t derive from the same source. It is about to be proved for instance, that the Universe has a ‘flaw:’ Light travelling from one part of the Universe travels at a different speed from light travelling from another part.  There is so much we do not know about: 90% of what is up there we have no idea,  let alone what is below our feet.

J.D:  Dark Matter is a Euphemism for total ignorance then! I have to admit I am not taken by the Big Bang Theory anyway. I am more of a ‘Big Fish’ man. A woman had a dream that our whole Galaxy was a single scale on the back of a  huge fish swimming up a river, with mountains either side of the valley.

Emanuel: That’s more probable!

J.D: Consider the notion of Scale going on in multi dimensions:  Macro/micro and in all other directions too. So every Patient I see is a ‘Walking Universe’ as the number of Atoms in his/her head is equivalent to the number of stares in our Galaxy alone.

So push the analogy, ‘cause that’s what I do: Consider that we here on this pin point of a place called Earth are exactly where we should be in the universe and that everything is unfolding as it should, or would speak now if we are in control.

Nop! Ok…

We are serving the great unknown exactly as we should as is a small seed, as is the largest mammal , all programmed just as you suggested Emanuel. So…. You, me,  him, her, are exactly where we should be in the Universe right now, and at any given time in the future. If you/me or them insist on not doing, another will take up that which you leave undone behind. All remains thus in balance. This applies to the individual as well as to the collective.

Emanuel: Push away J.D. Lets see where you end up.

J.D:  Well all this concern about Global Warming.

What if the extraction of carbon fuel from the Earths bowels is all part of the great plan, the great unfolding? So one day, millions of years to come the strata in the Earths crust will reveal a very thin ‘polluted’ line.

Ah Ha! They burned off the carbon fuel then so!

Emanuel: Not changing the subject: There is noting preventing us from living forever, in that, the DNA could soon reveal the aging factor and even how to replace lost limbs etc. We just need to crack to code. Other organisms’ have acquired similar qualities we seek for humans.

J.D: Exactly! Let’s push it a bit then! So we are unfolding at given rate, contained and restrained, thus. We are ‘given’ knowledge at the right time, place, space, etc consistent with our ability to apply it or cope with the insight. After all! Ideas ‘COME.’ Inspiration arrives unheralded. The ‘Eureka’ moments come to us we don’t go to them! We may seek and search in the laboratory, the Analysand, in industry etc,. So….what is common right now is the assumption that: Awareness/knowledge/insight is somehow a human and oft’ a personal acquisition. Such thoughts may  be considered an exercise of self remembering or acquired from a well practiced or personal acquisition or some kind of indulgence. It is as if mankind somehow was the initiator of inspiration or its author and originator of an idea

Rulers are we indeed!

Sorry I digress….

Bare with me a bit and I’ll shut up thereafter, although there are loads more considerations, more varied ways of looking at the same thing, anyway!

This unfolding mankind seems to claim as their own, a coil unfolding, but where to? We are unsure.  Mmmmmm…but it’s a bit daft to continue on some journey to ‘nowhere’.

We humans are contained or walled within by the Archetypes to unfold at their given rate, predetermined. That computer game you mentioned Emanuel, just running on. To step outside the pace of this unfolding as an individual you’re considered ‘mad’ insane even consumed by some Archetype, psychotic! Even maybe a genius or some such label.

Collectively, groups, tribes, countries move along thus contained or restrained by the Archetypes’  too. The Flag, The belief system, custom, story, and terrain predetermine the individuals behaviour therein. Too fast a growth along the unknown pre-destined path  and there are consequence oft’ called WAR. Even retrograde steps of trying to relive the past in the present is as best ‘sentiment’, who’s bedfellow is brutality. But sure! There is no evidence of such a prective today of that is there?

But to rush ahead out of prescribed ‘time,’ out of  the walled predetermined system results oft’ in a country becoming an invader imposing what they think best etc,.

 So we self regulate in our usual perverse blind way, thinking we are the origin of whatever befalls us or the others were etc,.

Consider ‘Evolution’ per se for a moment.

 It is integral to all life form:

Evolution is an antidepressant for us humans, be it expressed as biological, political, economic or spiritual. We need to assume an objective, even a common seed has huge expectations built in to its DNA, Why the heck carn’t we embrace the common task then! Without expectation inherent in the seed there could be no life therein for it or us! So alter its life expectation and it will have consequence, by definition…

 Ask Monsanto! They are on to it, maybe for their own reasons, they think!

Sorry! I digress…

 I’ll shut up.


Comment by J.D.Stephen Flynn on March 2, 2015 at 8:50am
Comment by Evan Hanks on March 1, 2015 at 6:33pm


You my friend, i'm afraid, are an incurable optimist. But, you know what? I like it. I wish you would concentrate your efforts into a serious post. Here, I'll give you some more inspiration: give me your positive spin on this quote from James Branch Cabell, one my my favorites:

"Yes, but," asked Manuel, slowly, "what is success?"

"... Horvendile looked grave, and yet whimsical, too. "Why, I have heard somewhere," says he, "that at its uttermost this success is but the strivings of an ape reft of his tail, and grown rusty at climbing, who yet feels himself to be a symbol and the frail representative of Omnipotence in a place that is not home."

Manuel: "How does the successful ape employ himself in these not quite friendly places?"

"He strives blunderingly from mystery to mystery, with pathetic makeshifts, not understanding anything, greedy in all desires, and honeycombed with poltroonery, and yet ready to give all, and to die fighting for that undemonstrable idea, about his being Heaven's vicar and heir."

Comment by J.D.Stephen Flynn on March 1, 2015 at 4:06pm
There was huge resistance initially, but there seemed to be no 'cells' or organisation to focus upon. These non non compliant seemed to connect with 'The neighbour', be they of any faith,creed or nationality all lost their prejudice. War on these defaulters or the enemy to the statis quo were difficult to fight because they put up no resistance. Even those borders tween empies seemed to melt. Rage developed when the Non Complients as they stared to meet together without a leader, withou objective other than simply allowing the increase to some kind of inner guidance.
Accusations, suspicion, and all kinds of names like 'cultists' were made. But all was non compliment, people came and went without obligation.
A deep knowing seemed to emirate but not based on class, wealth or social standing.
Anger from the staus quo dissipated, as it were. It was like trying to push a rotating door, or hitting old ladies and yet there was a secret admiration for these deserters of the flag, the creed, the (whatever) political system that prevailed.
So where did their power derive? How come these unassuming once ill educated become self determind people with person confidence? Worse than this the longest institutes in society were threatened of loosing moral power because these people claimed to be their own priest or priestess. They needed NO intermediary: Yet they became stronger in their own faith, seemingly embracing the essence of all religions and even stronger in faith.
Gone seemed the necessity to retreat from society attempting to 'get the contact.' Gone the Guru and physical repetitive methods devised by another in order to achieve 'enlightenment'. People were able to sing their own tunes, expressing originality and authenticity.
People began to seek the expression of their own purpose in life. All seemed it would end in social chaos. But miracoulasly just the opposit started to emerge.
Bewildered, and filled with disbelief observation of the non conformist turned to envy. They seemed to have contentment and an annoying ability to cope with all that was thrown at them.
Out of the ordinary things began to predictions, and an instinctive ability to avoid misfortune.
So what was going on? Each person seemed to be given what they needed at the time they needed it.
Humour prevailed, as did gregariousness and people acquired invisible gifts like magnanimity, generosity and Inner guidance was ALMOST paramount.
What was the origin of this global transformation.....
The answer was to emerged in the following decade along with a turnaround to the notion of excess. Global warming found its context, as did mankind...but all this was predicted, as predictions were real and came about but all was yet to transpire, and only known by thoughts who needed to know.
More depth into the origin of all things became simply 'known'.
But sure! 35 years to go...maybe?
Comment by Evan Hanks on March 1, 2015 at 9:06am


That's like Innerstellar; like acausal; like those books that were really unconscious ideas waiting on the dream-shelf for someone to read them; the dialogue on the events between the bookshelves; stuffed into causal concepts to make us think about what really connects them. To me, the psyche itself is an acausal connecting principle -- and causal, too -- and everything else we imagine we experience in a crazy, mixed-up conscious world of concrete perception. 

Comment by Evan Hanks on March 1, 2015 at 8:38am


It's like: Where's Waldo? (Where's the psyche?). As Jung said, show me a man's greatest fear, and I'll show you his next project.

Comment by Evan Hanks on March 1, 2015 at 8:29am


It occurred to me in reading your comment that if one were to personalize all the elements in it and turn them into a psychological analogy, it would be a fit description of what happens within those who (for very important natural reasons of reconciling unconscious conflicts) step outside the norm and allow for the idea of a psychic reality. A man I once worked with told me: "If everybody was like you, the world would be in a hell of a fix!" I took it as a back-handed compliment. I think our world is not only big enough (and confused enough) to have more than ample room for such creative ideas of its own consciousness of it, that however extreme they may appear from a given perspective, they are the more ideas in our conscious arsenal to consider what we're doing. It's the old "Oriental" art of knowing without knowing. Thanks for the analogy.

Comment by klemens swib on February 27, 2015 at 3:52pm

good stuff...entertaining too...

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