I fell asleep in my daughter's room. She is three, and I drifted off while putting her to sleep.

I dreamed that my wife had set the cable box to the television out on the curb. I was very angry in the dream. She was hostile too. I brought the cable box back inside and hooked everything up. I tried to turn on the television. Emphatically, I pushed the on button. I woke up.

Awake, I left my daughter's bedroom and went into my bedroom. My wife was awake. She told me that the television, which is in the bedroom,. had suddenly turned on by itself.

Weird, or what?

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Comment by Eric Simpson on May 13, 2013 at 7:43pm

Belated thanks for the comments, Paul and Roberta, which I am now, many weeks later, just now seeing!

Comment by Roberta Busard on April 29, 2013 at 11:17pm

I also have had a recent set of very distinct and out-of-the ordinary nightmares. They were all highly unusual for me (I have been paying attention to my dreams for many, many years and these were way out of the usual for me) and all of them very, very disturbing and violent. Then I realized that ALL of them occurred when I was sleeping with a small electrical heating pad O had been using for several consecutive weeks.  I removed the sleeping pad and my dreams immediately stopped being nightmares and returned to their previous conditions. Possibly, the electrical currents disturbed the  "energy" of my dream patterns.

Comment by Roberta Busard on April 29, 2013 at 11:02pm

Very funny and illuminating comment, Paul!

Likewise, I have this old beloved car, my Silver Volvo.  I love it and trust it, and I tap it on the dashboard and it seems to keep responding to me.

I have likewise (with no mechanical background whatsoever), listened into a dishwasher (and other appliances) to try to feel what their "functionality" was and to "follow those lines of intelligence" and been able to "fix" things that "should not be fixable,"  at least not by "me."

There is a lot about energy that is A B C (or basic "repair man" stuff) and also an interesting element that is about "energy." So very interesting. Especially when it really is off the "repair man" grid (thought not very often) and on the  "energy" grid.

Comment by Paul Hartsuyker on April 29, 2013 at 3:16pm

We, collectively, tend to draw sharp lines between subjective world and objective world, and... for the most part this works fairly well, a comfortable illusion. It's broadly adaptive and roughly corresponds to general experience. Except, when it doesn't. Your story is a wonderful example, I appreciate your willingness to share and prompt this conversation. Jung and Wolfgang Pauli had a long and productive conversation on these issues, agreeing towards the end of their lives, that the research and discussion will have to continue into future generations, as each reached out from their primary domain to embrace the understanding of the other. They proposed that "it" is a continuous, seamless, field, "two sides of the same coin." Normal conceptual thinking and casual observation doesn't conform to this but more thoughtful encounters make this a more accurate perception.

I had the funny memory of growing up in a household in which my father had the uncanny capacity to "heal" mechanical devices, motors, toasters, etc. by almost a hands-on approach. The wonderful contrast was my mother who had the inverse capacity, the ability to make the toaster spark and quit by proximity alone, ala Wolfgang Pauli and his "famous" Pauli effect. Much like Roberta Busard's comment, I have always included an approach that is cautious about "speaking ill" of computers or printers too loudly, and like my father, often make something work, with my "magic finger," much to the puzzlement of others.

Dreaming is that "interior" venue we all visit, which is inherently transpersonal in nature, and allows remote knowledge, prescient perception, and physical manifestations such as you experienced. The increased presence of emotional valence of these interior perceptions tends to correspond to the likeliness of "external" manifestations (again, like your description), such as remote knowledge of a tragedy via dreams (ala war trauma, accidents, etc.) knowledge of rapture (remote knowledge of a joyous birth via dreams) and poltegeist phenomena classically associated with the emotional intensity of adolescence.

If this were to happen to me, I would be compelled to "push my 'on' button," in my life, and "wake up" and pay attention to the effect I generate in the field around me when I deliberately try to "re-connect" the elements that were set aside. The capacity seems to be in close contact with my "immature feminine" "sleeping" self and is witnessed by my more mature feminine aspect. If I keep in mind that the elements of my dreaming are first  best understood as subjective aspects of self, not the objective people I pin them to, how do I characterize my "wife" who both pushes aside my connections, and recognizes when I re-connect them.

Wonderful fun. Since it doesn't sit easily with our "normal" perceptions, most people dismiss these encounters or don't notice, as there is no easy explanation in our current language. But, if it happens to me, and I notice and take some action to honor the manifestation, it tends to increase the likelihood of a return visit, baring in mind that it is inherently non-linear, non-rational, non-predictable, but still, just as likely, particularly when I open the door for "it's" return.

Now, where is that "on" switch, I need to wake up.


Comment by Roberta Busard on April 27, 2013 at 12:16am

It reminds me of being very agitated and trying to type my thoughts out/ or even transfer them into fiction on a computer and TWO TIMES, two different computers, my hard drive fried. Co-incidence or what? I have since resolved (since I cannot afford this) to not use computers to write on when I am feeling highly charged!

Uri Geller may not be a lone wolf.

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