Goodday to everyone here,

My name is Karina Grijzen, and I live in Holland.

(English is not my native language, please forgive me in case of weird sentences)

In my work I'm known for being able to bring to motion what is stuck.

I have my master in child-psychology, during my studies I started working in a private school for state-exams as a teacher. I learned to become a teacher from a warm and caring perspective. Later I worked at a small and innovative democratic school where I developed lessons (among lots of other things) for heterogenic groups of youngsters of different age and level. Art, Dutch and qi gong were my subjects. After that I became a coach and later director of an online facility for youngsters who do not visit any school. For this facility the coaches and I worked hard on a non-judmental online learning environment where kids could feel free to start being interested in learning again. This work ended last december. 

For the new year I focus on my practice to work individually with kids with school and learning related problems.I work with kids, still in school and with kids for who no school in the area will fit their needs or is willing to take them in. The lather literally are forced to stay at home. All the kids I work with are diagnosed as having problems on different levels, school, home, emotional, behavioral etc.

Kids do want to learn, but for various reasons they encounter problems in growing and developing. Schoolrefusal or being thrown out of school is just a signal of the deep despair underneath. Every adolescent has his/her own story, difficulties, barriers, talents and possibilities.(Un)consciously they let me know what they need from me and what barriers they encounter. Although I am trained as a diagnosticus and psychologist I use less possible information from the dossiers to keep my mind open. 

From Jung, depth psychology and my own analysis,  I have learned to regard each individual in his own developmental path, to listen carefully and be supportive. To avoid being judgmental, to be hopeful and (try) not let my own ego and ideas (what is good for you) stand in the way. 

From qi-gong, t'ai chi and iaido I learn to be attentive of my own developmental proces, and think about the 'way', instead of the 'goal'. 

Most of all I learn from the kids; invaluable lessons about development, talent and life.


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Comment by Carla Leutscher on January 18, 2011 at 1:29pm

Hi Karina,


You live in the Netherlands where CADT has been developed for kids. With CADT you get to know your talents and hidden talents. Adapted behaviour (like school refusal) becomes clear as well. Take a look at my site for information on CADT

If you like a CADT archetype assesment for yourself you probably will love to work with this Jungian instruments with kids as well. I can inform you about this too because I am in touch with the woman who developed this.

Comment by Bonnie Bright on January 18, 2011 at 12:31am

Hi Karina. Thanks for sharing about your work with us here in the community. Your account has given me pause and a new perspective for a few brief moments as I slowed my rapid pace to sit and read your blogpost. I feel really grateful in this moment and am deeply touched by the thought of young adults who have been asked to leave school for reasons that, though they may understand on a surface level (bad grades, bad behavior, anger issues, etc), they don't likely know about or understand from the unconscious realm.

We are all driven by those hidden or silenced motives and responses; the question that depth psychology allows for is how can we make the situation sacred and help the kids (and all of us) to move through it instead of simply trying to erase the symptom or put a bandage on it.

I hear you saying you use a depth psychological lens in working with the kids who are dealing with schoolrefusal (a term I was not familiar with). Do you also use depth psychological modalities and methods?--i.e. myth, active imagination, mandala-drawing, etc? I would love to hear about it if you do.

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