Crossing Over to the Other Side - Charles Asher

It wasn’t the first time that day that Jesus had gotten into a boat. Now evening had come and it was time to get back into the boat and cross over to the other side.

I doubt there’s a person here this morning that will not at some moment hear these same words, “Let us go across to the other side.” Are we willing to launch our boat, face the storms, and find the grace of calm for our lives in the One who beckons us to cross over to the other side?


 Life is one crossing after another: Birth, marriage, separation, divorce, graduation, aging, retiring, entering the work world, losing those we love, our homes, our health. Sometimes it’s crossing from one worn out idea to another, or perhaps a huge attitude shift. You name it. We all are called to make our crossings, to go across to the other side, and that other side we may or may not be able to see.


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