Consider an M.A. in Depth Psychology from SSU - for yourself or someone you know that would love it

I first found and then fell in love with Depth Psychology through the Master's Program at Sonoma State University (north of San Francisco, CA). Now, the program, like so many, is prey to the budgetary concerns that are prevalent right now at the state school level. For the first time since the program began around 2000, there is a mandate for a minimum number of participants.

Speaking from experience, I can say the coursework, faculty, and process of getting my Master's in that program were all incredible, completely changing my life and putting me on vocational track I absolutely love. If you feel the same about depth psychology and know of anyone who is considering entering a grad program in the field, please pass on the info about the program. OR, if you have been considering it yourself, maybe now is the time to at least check it out.

SSU is hosting their last information meeting about the program on June 19 from 2-4 pm (see the details in the Events section on the home page here at the Alliance). If anyone has questions about the program, I'm happy to engage. Let me know.

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