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Your Readers are Waiting!

After receiving Pacifica’s first Ph.D., my heavily revised dissertation was published by Jeremy Tarcher, Inc. Knights Without Armor was well received and opened the doors to four more books: Gender War Gender Peace, What Women and Men Really Want, Angry Young Men and, most recently, The Midas Complex.  Many chapters, articles, films and speaking engagements also resulted from having had the good fortune to be supported by the radical academic freedom which still exists at Pacifica.

To students and alumni who aspire to publish their thoughts, I say: Just Do It. Joe Campbell said follow your bliss. That is wonderful for those who have some. But if not, if you are at all like me--outraged by injustice, offended by bias, irritated by ignorance and angry about abuse--then just follow your affect. Your anger, sadness, hunger, odd passions and fears can serve you just as well as bliss.

If you can’t find a publisher, self- publish. It’s easy these days. If you have thoughts and emotions and a need to express them, stop ruminating (you are not a cow) and put them on the page.  When you publish, you will join the world of other writers and thinkers. What will come your way may amaze you, but you will never know if you do not face your insecurity or whatever else is stopping you from finishing your book. Please do, however, translate your dissertation into the common tongue first and edit out all the APA b.s. and most of the really big words you learned in grad school (unless you want to be a scholar read by only a handful of people).

Your readers are waiting.


In community,

Aaron Kipnis, Class of 1991


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Comment by Mark Sipowicz on January 17, 2015 at 12:54pm

Thanks for the rally cry here Aaron, much appreciated and needs to be heard by our academic ears! And as a sidebar, hearing your voice here and seeing your work with gender motivates me to pick up and read a few of your titles. Carry on!

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