Barry’s Blog # 59: War on Terror or War on Your Imagination? The Boston Bombing


A month after the Boston tragedy, now that the media have moved on to other distractions, it’s time to reconsider this difficult and painful theme. The national security state has, for a very long time, taken advantage of – or actively created – violent conditions in order to re-activate our American paranoia about the evil “Other.” Enough circumstantial evidence has accumulated, even in the corporate media, to indicate that the bombing was no exception.

This blog is less of an essay and more a collection of articles grouped by theme. I invite you to consider the mythic implications of these issues.

1—The FBI: We now know that the FBI has enabled, aided, funded and then entrapped wannabe “terrorists” in the great majority of so-called domestic terror events over the past ten years. Notice that the fourth article in this group appeared in the New York Times.

The Boston Bombings in Context: How the FBI Fosters, Funds and Equips American Terrorists:

FBI's History of Handing "Terror Suspects" Live Explosives:


FBI's apparent entrapment of San Jose man continues its track record:


Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I.:


Newburgh Four: poor, black, and jailed under FBI 'entrapment' tactics:


2 – The Tsarnaev Brothers: These articles deal specifically with the Boston event. There is no doubt that the FBI was very well aware of the Tsarnaevs prior to the bombing. What’s not clear is how much it knew. But that’s why it is important to place this event in the broader context that the first group of articles laid out. Most of these articles have been written by alternative investigative reporters, but note again that one appeared in the Chicago Tribune.


Boston Bomber Controlled by FBI:


Russia caught bomb suspect on wiretap:


FBI interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev two years ago:


Boston suspect was under FBI surveillance, mother says:


The Russians Warned Us – Why Didn’t We Listen?


FBI Spiked Chechen Jihadi Investigation:


Clear Evidence Points to Bomb Squad’s Prior Knowledge:


3 – Political Opportunism: Even though the corporate media will occasionally acknowledge unpopular viewpoints, they rarely take the next step and put small truths into a broader perspective that might question our mythic assumptions about American innocence. So it’s up others to ask the traditional question: Qui bono? (Who would profit?)


Since the bombing, the same FBI that was (at best) so incompetent at monitoring terror suspects, despite its massive powers and budget, has asked for still more resources and relaxed legal guidelines to monitor social networks and other internet traffic in real time. And the President appears to be favoring such further impositions on privacy.


U.S. Weighs Wide Overhaul of Wiretap Laws:


Obama May Back FBI Push for Total Internet Surveillance Law:


And then there’s the broader context of global militarization:


The Boston Marathon Tragedy Used as a Pretext To Extend the “Global War on Terrorism”:


Boston police chief wants drones for next year’s marathon:


Boston Bombings: Detonator to Mobilize the Entire US Security Apparatus.


Conclusions: What does all this lead to? We have three main avenues of speculation.


1 – Ignorance and incompetence. For those who are not interested in conspiracies (I have to use that term because everyone else does), this is the least threatening scenario. We are told – just as in the months before 9-11 – that the largest, most comprehensive, most expensive security system in world history had utterly failed to notice the massive evidence of a planned terrorist event. All that money had been wasted, and in the case of 9-11, every single top manager (none of whom accepted blame and all of whom were subsequently promoted) was utterly incompetent.


2 – Complicity and incompetence. There seems to be little doubt that most domestic “terrorist” events since 2001 have been concocted deliberately so as to raise, maintain and take advantage of a constant state of fear in the United States. The FBI knew something was going to happen, because they had enabled the bombers but were unable – too incompetent – to stop it.


3 – Complicity and cynicism. Here we venture into what the gatekeepers call “conspiracism,” because we simply can’t ignore the most critical fact to emerge around the Boston bombing: long-term FBI involvement and encouragement of potential terrorists. In this scenario, the national security establishment knew very well that something was about to happen – because they had cynically enabled the bombers – and did nothing to stop it, because of the compelling propaganda and economic benefits. In this scenario, certain persons smiled knowingly when, two days after the bombing, they watched video of the crowd at the Boston Bruins hockey game (a sport known for fighting) singing the national anthem with uncharacteristic fervor ( In this scenario, the veil of innocence had dropped down over the nation once again.








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