This beautifully evocative video by a woman with autism reminds me of Jung's writing on typology, and to wonder if a sensory/intuitive axis of personality type would be a way of experiencing the world as this video conveys? If so would it be intuitive dominant and repressed sensation or the other way around?!

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Comment by Alison Vida on February 13, 2011 at 8:53pm

My off-the-top-of -my-head guess is that we are looking at introverted intuition using sensation as a way of relating to the outside world. But wow - doesn't she use 'our' language beautifully!

And I love this from the point of view of language. How it is that the more languages we learn, the more ways of knowing we have access to, and the more flexible our minds - and hearts - become. How colonialist it is to think that other peoples should conform to our ‘superior’ and one-dimensional communication system. This woman's message is crystal clear. Thanks again for posting it.

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