Our property on the Bay of Quinte is home to several species of native trees. In one area we call the glen, we’ve been witnessing an ongoing onslaught by invasive insects. Over a period of three to four years we watched helplessly as the ash trees slowly lost their battles to the Ash Borer Beetle. It bores pencil holes into the bark, then tunnels under it, robbing the trees of vital sap. Simultaneous attacks by tent caterpillars forced the trees to leaf out twice in the same season depleting their reserves.

The first tree to come down was a 60 foot specimen that was still mostly alive when we felled it. It came down with a heavy thud that shook the little glen, and sent my son and me running for cover.  We bucked the branches and left the trunk for another day.

Three nights later I awoke around 4:30 AM for a bathroom visit, and became wide awake afterwards. Since it was a mild October night, I put on my bathrobe and slippers in the dark, and decided to walk down to the glen to make a rare, early morning meditation.

As I descended into the glen I hit something. I had forgotten about the felled tree laying in the middle of the very dark glen. Even though my eyes were dark adapted, I did not see the branches lying on the ground until I walked into them. As I peered into the darkness before me, my eyes took in a faint ribbon of light stretching away from me for many feet into the night’s darkness. I had to take a few steps back to catch my breath and regain my balance.

Puzzled, I walked back up to the rim of the glen from where I could see that there were no patches of low-lying fog forming anywhere down in the glen. The night sky above was clear and starlit, and I could not see any sky shine from other ground sources. I gave the long sliver of glowing light a wide berth so as not to disturb it, as I walked around to approach it from another angle to see if I could discover its source and extent.  This time as I got closer, I could make out a soft grey-blue  glow hovering over the full length of the carcass of the tree. As my mind took in the significance of the scene my head dropped intuitively out of respect for what I knew in my heart was a lifeforce leaving the dying tree. I said some words of regret, and my body started to shake with excitement or cold, as I sat in quiet wonder.   

The glow disappeared as the morning light entered the glen. I rushed to the house to investigate the strange light on-line.  My cursory research suggested that the grey-blue glow fit the pattern for bioluminescence from decaying organic matter. The common name is Foxfire or Will ‘o the Wisp, and it was documented long ago. The usual sources are decaying matter and fungi, and the glow is so faint that it can only be observed if your eyes have been dark adapted. Apparently, the light is produced by a pair of special enzymes present in decaying matter which react with each other to release biophotons of soft light. After discussing the tree’s eerie glow with an experienced woodsmen and chemist, I chose the simple explanation that the light I had observed that morning came from rotting sawdust created under the ash bark by destructive beetle activity.

A few days later I started to dissect the trunk for firewood, and I noticed how thick the bark was, and how little actual sawdust had been produced by the beetle invaders. The amount of sawdust under the bark was trivial, and it just didn’t seem possible that so little organic matter could produce all the light that I had observed. In addition, the bark was so thick that it would surely absorb all the light photons completely. More compelling, was the sudden realization that the rest of the ash trees that were still standing were equally infected, but they did not give off any visible light emissions on that night. As the realization sank in; that the eerie glow over the dying ash tree was most likely its life force or spirit leaving the dying carcass, it sent a chill up my spine.

I consulted some of the top forestry research and management experts in Canada, who ruled out an explosion of the Armillaria fungus, that glows in the dark forest, and can spread over large areas of forest floor and acts as a communication system for trees. It became clear that the unusual glow could not be explained satisfactorily by natural processes. I reviewed my personal impressions as I witnessed the event, keeping in mind that my human presence in the glen could have perturbed the natural electromagnetic field energies present on that morning. The physical evidence I observed that morning informed me (mentally and spiritually) that spirits live  in trees. Why is there no documentation of this anywhere? Can only autistic eyes discern spirits and things that glow in the night? Now I see trees differently. Wherever there are trees, there is abundant life. They’re like living fasteners that connect the sky with the earth. Because they live in both worlds, they act as a conduit of communication between them.  

FMRI studies reveal that consciousness is still measurably present after the brain/body has died, telling us that consciousness is not the result of biological processes. Science supports the theory that trees have intelligence, because trees have been observed to mount organized defences against a deadly threat like invading insects. Planning and strategizing require creative thought.

When the rest of the ash group is felled this spring, they will hopefully provide more opportunities to study this undocumented phenomenon, perhaps with a night vision camera.

Shamanic and other spiritual cultures around the world honour and use sacred trees as: portals or gateways to hidden worlds, sources of wisdom, and even wish fulfillment. To name just a few, the Mohawks of North America honour the cedar as the sacred tree of life. The Caribe natives honour the ceiba tree, and West African’s have spiritual relationships with the iroko tree.

The visible light emissions coming from the ash tree trunk 3 days after it was cut down, proved to me with high confidence that trees have a spiritual nature that gives them life, and it can be observed and possibly documented under the right conditions.


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Comment by Steve Staniek on March 2, 2020 at 8:55am

New Winds of Truth Will Separate the Historical Wheat from the Chaff.

In order to understand the strong and weak forces that the inhabitants of ancient Palestine encountered in their daily lives on the landscape, we need to push aside the obfuscating fiction, or "delusions of unknowing" created by those whose agenda is to dominate everyone with spiritual darkness, yes, I mean Yahweh's priesthood.

Politically awake students of human behaviour, know that official narratives used to control populations, have always been delusions created to convince instead of inform. Facts help us separate spiritual fiction from truth, and archeological evidence is deeply telling:

  • thousands of Asherah figurines, far more than Yahweh artifacts during the same period as substantive evidence of her widespread popularity, when Yahweh attempted his takeover .
  • panels reveal that the first communion ritual in the Levant, was enacted by Palestinian women sharing Asherah bread which they baked, but believed originated from Asherah's  tree of life. Asherah is often depicted as a tree feeding animals with her divine body. In some images she is shown as the source of divine life in communion with all living creatures on the planet. This practice predates the Essenes and Jesus who appropriated this Asherah practice into their religious rites,
  • Asherah's tree of life, was adopted by Hebrew women as the menorah used to this day.

Taken together, we can reconstruct a clearer picture of what really happened in the Levant when the usurper Yahweh moved in, and tired to takeover Asherah's domain around 1400 BCE. He and his priests tried to overthrow the life giving, nurturing energy, and replace it with his extreme violence and destruction [Egypt, Jericho, etc..] that included infant abuse through genital mutilation as a token sacrifice, and targeting virgins to satisfy his sexual depravity.

But the spirit of Asherah has survived in women of heart, for generation after generation, without the benefit of a lying, deceiving priesthood. 

This poem fills in some blanks, and gives us tremendous hope that feminine energy is gathering strength, and will return to rebalance and neutralize Yahweh's destructive darkness and his parasitic forces.



In Hrana’s painting, you are brown, smiling, zaftig,
a sheaf of wheat for the goats in each hand.
My sister from ancient times. Queen of Heaven!
Mother of the Sea!
She who moves across the waters.
Beside Your altars we planted the sycamore fig,
the asherim, sacred to the Goddess,
and its sweet fruit was our communion.
Asherah! Holy consort to Yahweh,
beloved Mother of Canaan, fountain of milk and honey.
Asherah, Astarte, Anath, Ishtar, Isis;
all these names refer to You.
But the Levites of Judah, knowing only their jealous male God,
refused even to refer to You as female.
No woman has ever been priestess among the Levite clan.
In the tomb, the husband above the wife,
superior even in death.

Jehovah, don’t you yearn for Her,
don’t you reach for Her in your darkest nights,
to console your broken heart in Her warm body?
You walked together then, Goddess and God,
before the time of jealousy and fear.
“Destroy their altars, break their images,
and cut down their asherim!” (Exodus 34:10)
cried Moses, trying to please you.
The Promised Land was in fact a bloody siege.
“We put to death every man, woman and child.
We left no survivors.” (Deuteronomy 3: 3-7)

In Jerusalem they destroyed Solomon’s temple
and burned the asherim in the hills.
“Beat the Asherah to dust and cast the dust
upon the graves of the common people!”
the king commanded his high priest, Hilkiah.
“Destroy all those who burn incense to the sun, the moon and the stars,
and all the hosts of the Heavens.
The Lord can no longer bear your abominations.” (II Kings 23:4-10)

Oh Israel! Still your women and men, we the common people
Cry out for our Asherah, Mother Goddess, our solace.
The women and men caught in the crosshairs cry out for You, Asherah.
“We vow to burn incense to Her, the Queen of Heaven,
and pour out our libations.
For then we had plenty of food, and prospered,
and saw no evil.
Since we left off, we have been consumed by the sword
and by famine.” (Jeremiah 44:15-20)

God’s Wife! Our Mother!
Our Asherah of the greenwood,
fruit purple as mulberries.
Woman who makes choices, Woman who connects us,
Woman who knows.
Even Yahweh cries out for You now,
Mother of All,
lonely, lonely
in a vast wasteland
of his own making.

Comment by Steve Staniek on February 23, 2020 at 10:13am

Are Yahweh and Asherah Still Duelling it Out Across the Landscape and the Cosmos?

I find Mother Teresa and John Paul II in the same photo remarkable, because both gods are sharing the same image. For once in human history, the male paternal Christian god Yahweh and his destructive force, are in the same image as the protective female force, the maternal Pagan god Asherah.


Like Jesus, John Paul II may have been the only Christian leader to “live by the heart” in true shamanic tradition. Karol Józef Wojtyla was born in Poland, where he developed a relationship with the mysterious Black Madonna, a symbol of the duality of faiths, or deceptions of faith, that came about when Christianity was imposed forcibly on Pagan Poles. Like so many Pagan nations that were forced to conceal their true faith in the earth spirits they had relied on for millennia, Poles were forced to accept Christianity or die. Consequently, they allowed themselves to be baptized into Christianity, however, they did not abandon the helping forces that had sustained Polish families struggling to make a living on the land, for countless centuries.

Christianized Pagans went to church dutifully on Sundays where they lit token candles to the Christian deity, and the rest of the week they practiced the old Pagan faiths that they grew up trusting. They lit their fires at home to honour their true Pagan gods, and consulted them well into the night. I believe this traditional pattern was repeated wherever an incoming religion was forced onto an unreceptive population. We see the same pattern of dual religions in ancient Palestine, when Yahwism came into the Levant and forced itself onto the indigenous population that had enjoyed a successful relationship with the nurturing mother goddess Asherah. Archeological artifacts prove that the Canaanites living in Palestine supported Asherah more that Yahweh, despite the lies and deceptions of Yahweh’s politically motivated priests who fictionalized their popularity. [Many Asherah elements like: Asherah breads, the menorah, and other cultural practices have survived as important parts of Jewish culture.]

Eventually Karol Wojtyla became the leader of the Roman Catholic Church as John Paul II, the first non-Italian in 400 years. Karol lost his mother at the age of 9, and had grown a personal relationship with the Black Madonna of Eastern Europe, known in Poland as Our Lady of Czestochowa. While she’s been dressed to resemble traditional Christian icons, she is in fact traceable to the original Pagan mother goddess of antiquity, Asherah.

Some of her many names [epithets] are: “She who gave birth to the gods”, “She who walks on water”, “She who rules over nature”, and “She who gives life to humanity”. She has been worshipped in the Middle East as well as many other places as the mother goddess of humanity. In her arms, next to her heart, she holds her progeny, who represents the line of humanity that she created to serve her Annunaki colonies on Earth. She is the Triple Great Grandmother, who gave birth to surface humanity. Her Annunaki name was Ninhursag [4,500 BCE], and though she gave birth to humanity as a slave race, she also endowed it with many of her divine abilities.

It is becoming increasingly clear, that our mission here is to discover and develop those divine abilities as a way of liberating and growing ourselves spiritually, in order to escape the karmic prison created to recycle human souls endlessly.

Comment by Steve Staniek on February 16, 2020 at 7:25am


Last year a few Canadian celebrities tried to grow the war culture in Canada with public admonishments for those of us who did not wear the Red Poppy on Remembrance Day. My letter to the editor went out recently, to the press and government, to correct their collective delusions of supremacy.


Dear Editor,

The many errors in your editorial of November 21, 2019, supporting Don Cherry and the Red Poppy of War, are deeply disturbing, and suggest that fact checking has died.  I’m an immigrant and former war refugee, and your enthusiastic support for Mr. Cherry’s domineering, and bullying speech ordering us [“yous”], to honour the Red Poppy, was deeply offensive, because it demands our support for hate crimes known as war.

War refugees are the victims of war. We honour the White Poppy of peace, and we recognize all wars as hate crimes. We refuse to honour and perpetuate the depravity that destroyed over 100 million lives, and much of the environment, in two insane wars in Europe.

Canadian records inform us that most Canadians [as high as 90% in some areas] had to be conscripted [legally forced] to fight and die, to protect the same European colonial powers that destroyed and enslaved much of the indigenous world.  The Red Poppy has been used to dishonour their moral refusals, and their ethical objections to violence, in order to conceal the lies used to create wars.  

The pernicious delusion of British Christian Supremacy has destroyed countless millions of lives globally for power and profit. Criminal colonialism is: “the use of violence to gain political control over indigenous nations and their land wealth”.

The “Dominion of Canada” was designed by British Christian Supremacists to maintain permanent control, or “domination”, over Canada’s minorities for power and profit. Colonial terrorism combines: physical, spiritual, and legal terrorism, to seize and maintain control over everything indigenous.

Supremacists produced many nightmares in Canada, including Canadian sovereignty.  The crisis of sovereignty in Canada is being played out now, as we all try to assert our own much needed sense of individual sovereignty, while ensuring the protection of everyone’s sovereignty, rights, and freedoms.

Supremacists produced the Canadian Holocaust, a 150 year period of religious persecution of native children by Christians, producing generational traumas that resulted in the destruction of millions of indigenous lives. While Germany destroyed the delusion of British Christian Supremacy in WWII, when it tried to colonize Europe, Supremacist thinking has survived in parts of Canada, because they’ve never been brought to justice for their crimes against humanity, until now.

Postmedia editors backed another delusion when they tried to find support for Supremacy in nature, by choosing a top predator like the bald eagle to represent Mr. Cherry.  As every nature photographer who has stalked the bald eagle knows, it is a screechy, ignoble, coward. The highly overrated bald eagle flees at the slightest sound in the forest, while the tiny Black Capped Chickadee, belittled by Postmedia editors, is so fearless that it will fly over to investigate the noise. Wild eagles eat other birds, as well as garbage in landfill sites, and run from man. The noble Chickadee eats spiders and seeds, not other birds. A wonderful spiritual experience awaits anyone lucky enough to have a wild Chickadee come to your hand for a few seeds. As it sits in your hand it studies your face, while its little chest pounds with raw courage. They’re highly social, and they work in ordered groups. Chickadees are backyard birds, who also live in our boreal forests where they’ve brought inspiration and cheer to many a lost woodsman.  Chickadees exemplify the best in Canadians. They are noble birds that teach us how to live well in caring communities, with simple courage, and possibly the only bird worthy of being Canada’s National Bird.                                                        My backyard photo

Comment by Steve Staniek on February 10, 2020 at 6:19am

Holy Erythema Batman, Who Was That Entity?

In “The Way of the Sacred” [1989], Francis Huxley traces the use of sacred symbols over human history. He writes that: “It involves sacred places, sacred times, sacred occasions, and sacred powers.”

I posit that Huxley misunderstood the term sacred, and got it backwards. We humans are intrinsically sacred, equally or more sacred than any physical or spiritual entities that surround us, and try to have their way with us in the multiverse.

Our sacred human attention and intention, elevates those who would be our spiritual leaders,  to higher levels of sacredness.  Historically, Constantine elevated the shaman Jesus to the level of a Roman god, in order to create the Roman state religion called Christianity.  This perspective changes our understanding of ‘deities without an audience’, as nothing more than vagabond entities trolling for spiritual sustenance from an adoring cult following.

Huxley refers to how Moses sanctified Mt.Sinai, in preparation for a visit/meeting with the entity that had contacted him [Yahweh], with promises of lands full of milk and honey. An honest divinity would have been fully truthful with Moses, but Yahweh the Deceiver hid the fact that he did not own any lands. Yahweh bamboozled Moses with lies and deceptive promises just to seduce him and the Hebrews, in order to create a strike force. The lands would have to be taken by criminal means; killing and stealing.  In order to steal the lands, Yahweh led the Hebrews to violate his own commandments. He led them down into depravity that we call terrorism in modern times. The creation of Israel would be founded on crimes against humanity, as Jericho was sacrificed by Yahweh in his first of many holocausts.

Yahweh was the dark destructive force of death on the landscape of ancient Palestine. He did not lead his Hebrews into spiritual ascension, but into spiritual profanity, depravity, and entropy as he committed the first holocaust on the residents of Jericho that refused to fall down before him, and worship him as a god.

So why did Moses need to sanctify Mt.Sinai? If Yahweh was a true divinity, ie: a supreme being with command over the planet and all of its forces, wouldn’t his mere presence automatically sanctify Mt. Sinai and its surroundings? The reason given in Constantine’s bible is to protect the Hebrew’s against Yahweh’s awesome glory.  Could too much divine presence harm unprotected humans, or too much radiation from nuclear powered spacecraft? Was the glow on Moses’ face due to the high spiritual energy of Yahweh, or the nuclear energy aboard his vehicle? The old testament alleges that Moses spent a lot of time talking with the entity.

Skin reddening, the sunburn effect, or erythema can result from exposure to many sources…even hot spices. However, radiation skin burns from ionizing sources can be observed following an acute threshold dose of 3 Sieverts, or 3,000 mSv.  Many nuclear devices, even modest ones, can deliver this dose in just a few minutes of unprotected exposure.

 Why would this radiation dose not harm the occupants of the nuclear vehicle? We do not know what biological form the occupants [fake deities] possess as they travel.  It seems quite likely, that the vehicle would have been operated by an avatar, or some reasonable facsimile,  and not the real entity, so it would  not experience the same biological effects as humans.  The operator of the vehicle may be able to control or regulate the density of its body to reduce the accumulated travel dose.

We note the same or similar effects arising from human exposure to the device called the Ark of the Covenant. It is reminiscent of the great smoke and noise distractions used by the playful Wizard of Oz,[Professor Marvel],  to keep nosy visitors away from his secrets that concealed a complete absence of divine power. A cheap wizard's trick? 

Comment by Steve Staniek on February 2, 2020 at 9:37am


It's my birthday, and now the world will know why I love to go deep. Groundhogs know intuitively where all the dirt is buried. We are powerful diggers in darkness, and eventually our tunnels bring us up to the light, but not before we've made an awful mess of things. 

Feb 1, is the midpoint of winter, and Feb.2 brings change to the hardest part of winter that opens itself into spring...  

Image result for Wiarton willie

Comment by Steve Staniek on February 1, 2020 at 12:02pm


Generation after generation of young men driven to the insanity of killing each other in war to satisfy the avarice of their leaders, may still be saved from eternal misery as Yahweh’s spiritual slaves. Stripped of all lies, delusions, and mythology, Yahweh distills down to little more than the destructive male force that terrorizes humans with fear, hate, and holocausts in order to feed his hierarchy of spiritual parasites. As the entity responsible for extremes of violence and destruction [Egypt, Jericho, Israel] he has arranged or inspired endless wars of destruction and genocidal land theft. Yahweh’s 3 religions evolved into spiritual control systems used by colonizing nations to control the hearts and minds of the defeated. Many Christian nations in Europe became criminal organizations as they preyed on indigenous nations and their children, for their land wealth.

Constantine’s invented Christianity to control the hearts and minds of Roman slaves and defeated nations. It became the central prong in criminal colonialism, and it was approved and blessed by the deeply immoral and murderous Pope Alexander IV. Christianity became the single common element in all European wars, and it was advanced round the globe by destroying hundreds of indigenous nations in Jesus’ name. Under its guiding spiritual influence, Christianity drove European nations to such competitive violence, that they fought over colonial empires like criminals over booty. European Christian wars were colonial wars, and WWI and WWII destroyed 100 million lives, far more than any single holocaust.   

As fallen soldiers lay dying in trenches, bunkers, and foxholes, their souls prepared to enter the portal of death. As their souls disengage from chaos and insanity around them and prepare to return to the spiritual dimension, all man-made cultural, ethnic, political, and religious delusions of right and wrong disappear like meaningless wisps of fog, exposing the raw and visceral depravity of war, starkly juxtaposed with the most life giving relationship we have in this earthly life.

Historic battlefield reports inform us that one word was heard most often over the din of war, in the so called “theatre of battle”,  or killing fields. The young men who’s lives and futures were stolen by the architects of war, found their true path to home when they called out to the one person who could save them….Mama. These dying boys did not call the name of any: fake gods, reigning monarchs, or blowhard generals, or lovers, or priests. Their fleeing souls called to reconnect with the mother goddess of all humans,  the atomic mother that gives us our bodies,  whose breasts fill us with the divine energy of life. She is the gateway into this world, and as we prepare to leave we call to her once again, that we want to come home, please welcome us back.

And there she is, bending low like Mother Teresa in the unforgiving streets of Calcutta, as she tends to each of her dying boys before leading them home.

Comment by Steve Staniek on January 26, 2020 at 9:31am


Engaged citizens know that there are at least two narratives in every community or country. The official narrative is the story created and promoted by those in power, that we’re forced to accept and repeat in public to support/protect our individual and collective self esteem. [btw: pride is a worthless, empty attribute of the ego, that does no one good]. But our private narratives are the ones we really believe, and they’re usually quite different from the public stories that we support when others are listening.

It took the Spirit of Truth more than 150 years to fight its way heroically out of the political and media darkness created by British Christian supremacists in Canada, to deliver the Truth and Reconciliation Report [TRR], that exposed Canada’s hidden criminal history of national child abuse by paid Christian missionaries. The TRR revealed the government paid persecution of generations of non-Christian indigenous Canadians, who were physically and spiritually terrorized by Christian missionaries in residential school prisons. Indigenous children were “taken” and held hostage and punished in Christian prisons to ensure the compliant behavior and submission of their communities. Many indigenous communities were rendered dysfunctional by government interference and mismanagement. The highest rates of child suicide in the country are in indigenous communities.

Classic Roman style colonization was practiced by most Christian European predator nations, and later the USA, to take foreign sovereign lands that did not belong to them. The three prongs of colonialization as perfected by Roman Emperor Constantine in 325 BCE, are: massive organized violence, imposition of state religion to control [govern] the hearts and minds of the defeated, enslaving laws to control indigenous nations and their land wealth.

Reading the Truth and Reconciliation Report has forced many Canadians to transcend our cultural conditioning to see the criminality in our government. The official narrative of “Canada the Good”, is now recognized as a complete fiction.

As we rise above our cultural conditioning, we begin to recognize and acknowledge the former British Christian Empire as the most successful and biggest criminal organization to have cursed planet Earth.  For five centuries, Britain covered the globe with genocidal land theft, followed by the physical, spiritual, and legal terrorism and enslavement of sovereign indigenous nations, their children, for their land wealth.

British aristocracy and the Colonial Home Office, designed much of their empire, including most of the trouble spots in the world today, notably: Israel, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Architects of the British Empire sabotaged the future success of their colonies by emulating their brutal Roman masters, who combined hostile, warring groups within the same borders and state. Brits used this toxic configuration to permanently cripple, and ensure a weakened state, one that would never coalesce and become strong enough to stand up to, and oppose Britains’s domination over sovereign indigenous nations. They  created a legal reality, a container in which ethnic and religious conflicts would continue unabated, to  ensure the political instability and failure of former British colonies in perpetuity.   

Britain’s criminal fortunes plummeted following the great colonial showdown of 1914-1918. To avoid the shared guilt of colonialism, whose criminal nature was becoming increasingly evident, they called it: “The Great War” or “WWI”. They used euphemisms to cover up the greatest Christian insanity to have been unleashed on an ignorant world population to date. About 30 million hapless humans were manipulated into a state of delusional fear and irrational hate, by their war profiting leaders, before being destroyed in an explosion of “colonial violence” that destroyed great parts of Europe.

War Is an Insane Hate Crime - Millions of bright and promising young men who could have found: the cure for cancer, free energy, ethical governance, or eliminated domestic violence, were forced by conscription to descend into the entropic chaos of war, to fight other ignorant young men to the death, for political reasons that none of them really understood. Most soldiers in WWI and WWII were conscripted and forced to fight to the death, not unlike gladiators in Roman arenas. About 70% of Canadian soldiers were British born, and yet 90% of them did not volunteer to fight, but had to be conscripted, forced, to save the British homeland from the same kind of destructive Christian colonial violence that that it had unleashed on the world for five centuries. Britain dodged the bullet of colonial justice in WWI and WWII, and went on to continue its colonial terrorism of the world until 1922.  

As the world’s finest young men were led foolishly and tragically to the killing fields of Europe in WWI, where they were herded into the nightmarish hell of endless trenches, knee deep in red mud, where they were presided over by ‘armed sergeants’, who watched to ensure that no young man would turn and escape the insane slaughter that lay ahead. As they were forced to fight like gladiators to their deaths, their blood was spilled with: fear, hate, and anger which profaned the ground under them. Sacred human blood spilled in anger or rage on sacred ground defiles both, with negative energy.

The Christian architects of war created killing fields in Europe riddled with muddy trenches, where flying bombs dismembered and shattered young bodies scattering them across a hellish landscape, where chlorine gas destroyed their lungs, and sharpened steel penetrated and stopped millions of young hearts that had never experienced the joys of adulthood, all for the insane delusion of colonial supremacy, and the power and profit of European elites vying to dominate each other. Above the merciless, inescapable din of war, the one word that could be heard echoing across the landscape with frantic soul searching agony, was not the name of the reigning monarch who called them here to die needlessly, nor any celebrated field generals hiding in safe shelters and orchestrating the insanity. The most important word uttered by young men who had been shocked out of the manipulative delusions of war that brought them to face an early death, was: “Mama”.  As we enter the portal of death, all man-made cultural, ethnic, religious delusions of right and wrong disappear like wisps of fog, exposing the naked reality of the most important relationship we have in this earthly life. One can only imagine the final thoughts of millions of suddenly enlightened boys as they lay dying in the mud: “Why did I follow these crazy people into the hellish insanity of their creation?”

We are so slow to learn. The very next generation repeated the great disasters of their fathers, as another Christian colonial war was launched in 1939 by Germany. German Christians dressed in Nazi uniforms tried to colonize Europe and the USSR, by subjecting European colonial powers to the same process of violent colonization that European Christian nations used to enslave indigenous nations around the world.

WWI and WWII combined, destroyed over 100 million lives, most of them Christian. Finally, the ethical world woke up, and came face to face with the inescapable conclusion that war is a hate crime, while the greedy architects of war prepared for more wars of social entropy. The violent criminality of Christianity was recognized by non-Christians, and its criminal nature is becoming known.

When the British people finally lost their appetite for colonial terrorism after five centuries, and the Colonial Home Office lacked the resources to control insurgency that threatened to break up its criminal empire, the elites who ran the empire went quietly to ground in Britain. The threat they posed to the world did not end as Britain collaborated with the new terrorist on the block, the USA that would continue to dominate the world with hegemonic violence.

Today, the USA is outstanding as a world leader in domestic and foreign violence. It alone is the most dangerous nation on the planet, having made 93 overt wars, and countless covert wars, over 93% of its history, including one unilateral nuclear war against a non-nuclear foe.  It has become an ecological villain by destroying the environment to take war materials, eg: uranium, rubber, precious metals, and contaminating large areas with toxic weapons. The USA occupies 150 sovereign nations under the political cover of protecting them against all those un-American things like: socialism, communism, and other forms of benevolent governance.


Comment by Steve Staniek on January 25, 2020 at 12:41pm

Who Was Ancient Israel’s Top God, Asherah or Yahweh?

False Official Narratives Promote Delusions of Grandeur

You don’t have to spend a lifetime in the academic world before you recognize that there is often “a reality gap”, between “theory’ and “practice” in almost everything that we humans do. Awareness of the reality gap forced us to create laboratories where they could test the reality of a particular theory under various conditions, to determine its accuracy, reliability, and universality.

Official narratives are nothing more than theories about how a society operates, and they’re usually created and promulgated by those in power, ie: ethnic, political, and religious organizations and states who dominate, and wish to maintain their dominance for power and profit. Their political agenda is to rule, and they create and impose delusions on the local population to advance and support their agenda. These delusions are recorded as historic accounts, even though they do not represent what has actually happened in their own communities.

Like many ambitious, self promoting politicians, religious power groups often over represent their popularity within their communities while downplaying the popularity of their competitors. The reader is deluded into thinking that this group was in charge of, and led the culture, when in fact it only attracted marginal support from its own subgroup of followers, and not the general population.  When we examine Israel’s official narratives used to justify its actions against other indigenous groups or nations, we see large discrepancies between their politically inspired stories, and the historic reality supported by archeological evidence that has surfaced recently.  


Temple Gods – Temple gods were a strange collection of advanced beings [ABs]with unknown origins, supported by a small percentage of the local population that served as agents or intermediaries, and became known as the priestly class. We’ve been able to track ABs posing as deities, as their pantheon  moved from Sumer [4,500 BCE], to Egypt, Greece, Rome, Central and South Americas, Scandinavia, and Britain, before settling in the USA [to date].

These fake gods needed empires which they ruled with spiritual domination. They recruited priests like Enoch and Moses to help them grow a culture that would treat them as divine, and enable their domination. Priests were taught to create religious dogma, prayers, psalms, benedictions, and rituals to bamboozle the unsuspecting commoner into believing in, and supporting their delusional reality.  Temple life was not shared by common people, who continued to worship their traditional land gods at home. They preferred their home fire gods that they trusted, and who shared their interests in raising families, their safety, and prosperity. They cared little for the abstract world of warring and destructive temple gods who demanded worship and obedience, but delivered nothing tangible to support family life. Yahweh emerged from a pantheon of false Sumerian gods, as the MALE ENERGY,  a destructive force on the land, that used violence to take and control what he wanted. He was not a life force.

Archeological evidence is limited in reconstructing the historic environment and path, but it can provide invaluable information that supports or contradicts the official narratives created by power groups like temple priests. Reason and intellect can help us separate the grand delusions created by wanna-be gods like Yahweh and his priests, from the reality of everyday life in ancient Palestine.

Land Gods – Human history reveals that elites in every society are relentless in devising ways to gain control over the rest of the population known as the common class, in order to dominate its wealth, activities, and direction. Ancient Palestine supported a mixed population, and the Canaanites that preceded the Israelites, enjoyed a long traditional relationship with the Mother Goddess Asherah, and her consort El, thousands of years before the appearance of Yahweh in the Levant. She was the long established, matriarchal lifeforce, whose artifacts date back to around 4,500 BCE. As the giver of life, she supported family life on a daily basis, and she was represented by many life symbols including: the tree of life, the lotus flower, the branch, the vine, the Asherah pole, and the dove. She was the FEMININE ENERGY on the landscape, providing: sustenance, healing, and wisdom to all who ask.

Material evidence in the form of thousands of Asherah artifacts recovered in the last 30 years, reveal her ubiquitous popularity, ie: she was worshipped widely, deeply, and faithfully as the home god that families turned to in their hour of need.  Asherah and her consort [male counterpart] was established in the Levant long before the appearance of Yahweh. Her numerous artifacts are more honest and informative than any fictional text written by a deeply biased Yahweh priesthood, that had manipulated and exploited the local population for centuries.  

Just like you and me, the common folk living in Palestine during the reign of Asherah and Yahweh, were not involved in, nor did they care much about temple life.  Even Yahweh’s priests were fearful and suspicious of Yahweh’s unpredictable, extreme destructive violence. After witnessing Yahweh’s first holocaust in Jericho, common Canaanites lived in fear of his vengeful wrath. They viewed unexplained fiery events on mountaintops, and terrifying sea crossings with human suspicion. Most families were struggling in survival mode, and they could not afford to ponder the great mysteries of the night sky. Their lives were preoccupied with the challenges of everyday life for themselves and their families, ie:…”would there be enough rain, enough grain, enough goats… to feed us all? If you want to talk about useless gods that do nothing for us, go to the temple and waste your time there.”

Their real interests in the newest deities were probably similar to our interests in new governments: “What’s this guy going to do to us, or make us do to others?”.  Temple gods were unknown, freaky and unpredictable entities, who demanded absolute worship and obedience, but failed to provide emotional support or sustenance to growing families, and therefore of little interest to women who made up half of the population. Temple gods did not interest the good mothers in a community, whose main concern was family life, not temple life. Family life was top priority for mothers then and now, and they had their own trusted land gods which they had been worshipping and working with for several millennia before Yahweh invaded the Levant with a terrorist agenda of genocidal land theft.  

And so we see how matriarchal forces [feminine energy], and patriarchal forces [masculine energy], battled it out for public support in ancient Palestine. Yahweh tried to usurp Asherah’s divine elevation by insinuating himself into her divine partnership with her consort El.  Both Asherah and Yahweh were worshipped in varying degrees during this period, but Yahweh’s eventual hateful and acrimonious attacks on Asherah suggest that he did not succeed in replacing El. Even though his PR agents [priests] tried to make it appear as though they had formed a divine union with Asherah, eventually Yahweh gave up trying to usurp Asherah’s supreme position as top god, and left for better pickings.

Commoners were the vast majority in ancient Palestine, and for generations they had developed beneficial relationships with the natural forces they discovered on the land, and which they called deities. As they engaged these natural forces [land gods] over time, they developed trusted relationships because these forces benefited them in supportive and nurturing ways. Land gods supported family life, and kept them fed, fertile, and safe.  Land based people had no practical need for yet another narcissistic temple AB, who demanded worship and obedience. Commoners trusted and worked with the spiritual forces they discovered and engaged on the land, not in the temples.

The archeological evidence unearthed in the last 30 years, suggests that families living at the time had a strong traditional relationship with land deities who they trusted. When Yahweh moved into the Levant with terrorist violence [Jericho], he used destructive violence to colonize and enslave other people. When he saw Hebrews turning away from his dark criminal path, and turning toward Asherah the deity of life and love, he broke any beneficial relationship he had with Asherah. His priests launched a hate campaign to overthrow the Mother Goddess, by cutting down her trees and poles, and burning them as sacrifice. Yahweh destroyed Jericho for refusing to worship him, and here he launched his first of many holocausts. When Israel went the same way, and refused to worship him and become his colonial powerhouse, he arranged for another holocaust in Europe in 1939.

[The battle between masculine destructive forces, and life giving feminine forces, has been waged in Palestine and Israel for  millennia.]  

Where are these players today? Where is Yahweh hiding, and where is the Mother Goddess?

Yahweh’s Presence – Yahweh’s male energy is a low destructive force, and Constantine’s bible suggests that Yahweh hides in darkness, behind a large “cloud of unknowing”. I suggest that his destructive energy has been overlaid over humanity as a dominating force, but he can only enter individuals and stay if invited. He has many spiritual slaves who have committed to him though spiritual contracts, etc…and his priestly class is being exposed for their spiritual-sexual crimes, mostly against children. Yahweh’s history of ongoing child abuse suggests he could be living in the hearts of his servants as a growing dark force.

Asherah’s Presence - What about Asherah, the Earth Mother Goddess? Where has her life-giving, life nurturing force gone? I see her sacred feminine energy being manifest in many ways on the land, but she also emerges from our culture in a spectrum of Women with Great Hearts. We witness divine love from the most humble, and selfless spiritual leaders like Sister Theresa of Calcutta, as well as those who have tuned to Asherah’s energy, and sing her praises to awaken the world to her infinite and abiding love for humanity and the Earth. Here are just two of her current divas….

Janet Jackson...”Together Again”…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfK5QhZ9u7o

Katie Melua… “I Will Be There”…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IRIP-hSfJ0

Comment by Steve Staniek on January 19, 2020 at 1:18pm

Jung's Dream of Asherah Was a Sign of Hope.

On first read, it may look like Jung’s Red Book describes his fantasy journeys into his subconscious mind, but after returning to the book several times, I get the impression that he was engaged in a deep personal struggle with an unseen [unrecognized] existential threat. In the years leading up to the great colonial showdown called WWI, he saw [imagined] the overwhelming threat rising up in his dreams. He saw enormous destructive violence, and he could sense its thread in his psyche. He drew it hastily in pencil, on the back of a mandala drawing, and it looks like the patten cross of spiritual domination, appropriated by Constantine in 312 CE, as the Cross of Roman Conquest.

Most of Jung’s Red Book describes his struggles with the irrationality [insanity] of Christianity, and how the Christian god seduces, tricks, and abuses humanity…But perhaps the most remarkable part of his book is his understated interest in the occult, nurtured through experiences he had with his psychic cousin.

Asherah Visits Jung in Second Dream - In Jung’s second dream, discussed on Page 16, he tells of a white dove that flew onto a dark green table, and then turned into a young girl. Jung had been researching ancient symbols, myths, and archetypes, for many years, and all of that information was digesting in his subconscious mind. His subconscious was able to sort it out better than his conscious mind, and eventually it sent him a dream message in the form of a white dove, to reassure himself that salvation was available, on the wings of a white dove, the symbol of the ancient goddess Asherah [and Yahweh’s consort].

Asherah, History’s Vanquished Goddess - According to Darlene Kosnik’s book: ”Asherah, History’s Vanquished Goddess”,  Asherah has been in the spiritual business since around 5-8,000 BCE, long before Yahweh became active in the Levant. Overwhelming archeological evidence discovered in the last 70 years, proves the establishment of a very strong and faithful Asherah culture in the region, not unlike other earth goddess cultures around the world, eg: the black Madonna cults of eastern Europe. Those who worshipped the nurturing goddess Asherah have honoured her faithfully for many millennia, right through Israel’s insane Yahweh period.

This double standard in religion is surprising only to those who fail to study how religions are spread. Religions that are spread with violence and oppression onto indigenous people are never really accepted and integrated. As we saw in Jericho, Yahwism is a destructive, violent religion that practices genocidal land theft to this day, and the Hebrews feared his totally destructive wrath. Whenever a foreign religion is imposed on an indigenous population, they will accept it in public, but in their hearts, minds, and homes, they continue to honour the true faith or religion that they have come to trust.

Did Asherah’s Popularity in Israel and Palestine Trigger Yahweh’s Insane Rage? Every society has different layers. Leaders are typically in the top layers, and they often make unfounded claims about how their society functions, based of their wishes. Unfortunately, they are the ones who produce records or documents, and their side of the story is heard far too often, while the real story dies in the streets of every community. The official narrative seems to have been manipulated throughout history, and as we have seen in Canada, the government’s story often turns out to be something completely different from the reality on the ground. Israel seems to have been embellishing its Yahweh history for a very long time, for political reasons. The enormous number of  Asherah figurines compared to Yahweh’s artifacts discovered over the same period in Palestine, show that Asherah was still being worshipped much more than Yahweh the newcomer.  When the religious police are gone, people return to their real interest, and even today the physical evidence taken from the ground suggests that Israel’s prime/main deity was Asherah the goddess of life and nurturing, and not Yahweh the god of genocidal land theft, herems, and holocausts.

The Breast Connection - Asherah is the bare breasted, mother goddess riding atop a lion [she who reigns over nature], with snakes or branches in her hands, and represented by the sacred tree, or tree of life.  In many artifacts Asherah is depicted breast feeding animals, eg: deer, ibex, etc…AND, she and her later epithet Sophia, are also depicted as the white dove, which has a history of serving as the bird of peace. Why the dove?

The dove is the only bird that breast feeds its young. That’s right, doves have breasts, or sacs which, during nesting season, are filled with seeds and water to ferment into a kind of milk that is regurgitated to the young. Squabs are raised on breast milk. The photo below shows a lovely family of mourning doves sunning themselves after lunch on my back deck. Note the large puffy breasts. Unfortunately, the mourning dove is the most hunted bird in North America.


Comment by Steve Staniek on January 17, 2020 at 9:28am


[What amazes me now, is the unexpected way that some of my blogs have converged.]

My blog on "Witnessing Tree Spirits in Ordinary Reality", and my blogs on Yahweh's criminal activity over time, primarily: "Is There an Extraneous Source for Violence and Insanity", have come together over the ancient goddess/archetype, Asherah, who goes by many other names. I believe she represents 'the regenerative life force' serving this planet, and her symbol is the sacred tree.

The mother force [lifeforce] of the planet, was symbolized by the sacred tree, as well as the pubic triangle, representations of the renewal of the life cycle. The most popular names for this lifeforce were Asherah and Qds.

Wayfinding in a Hostile World - I believe that all humans were environmental empaths long ago, when we were far more sensitive to, and worked with the energies around us, especially earth's subtle magnetic fields. Our bodies have been slowly shutting down, and our natural abilities have atrophied for various reasons:

  • we've become reliant on 'easy to read' maps instead of our environmental sensors,
  • Christianity destroyed many of the spiritual relationships [conversations] we had with the land through our interactive pagan spiritualism.
  • moving into artificial environments like: villages, towns, and cities, disconnected us from the land and the energy grid, which desensitized us to natural energies that once informed us about our world.

As we examine how our ancestors traveled around the world with little more than rudimentary navigation devices, we must conclude that they also benefited from natural skills at wayfinding in a hostile world. Our on-board navigation systems are powered by tiny magnetite crystals made from human proteins. Since these biocrystals have no other application, they were intended to serve as our mental compass.

I believe that our more primitive sensitivity allowed us to engage and communicate with some success with nature. Pagan practices that engaged nature kept our abilities alive and tuned, as we sensed the natural energies of: plants, trees, animals that developed into relationships. Most of those relationships were cultivated and sustained by those who felt more spiritually motivated or inspired. Those charged with looking after the well being of groups, like tribal leaders and shamans learned to follow their intuition, and develop their higher psychic skills that led to journeying into other worlds through the interdimensional power of the human mind.  

When we were more sensitive to the energies on the landscape, we probably interacted with trees as the most abundant and dominant lifeform. When we sensed their life giving energies, and experienced a benevolent relationship with special trees, we created stories [myths], to explain them and keep them alive. 

Historical records also suggest that Yahweh and Asherah had an acrimonious relationship that ended badly. Archeological artifacts and records from this period in the Middle East, reveal that Yahweh was a late comer to the spiritual business in the Middle East. Asherah, [and her epithets], had been worshipped long before Yahweh came along, and it continued at a lower level, as a double faith, during his apparent reign over the Hebrews in Israel. Yahweh’s  commandments reveal him to be deeply insecure, narcissistic, and simply jealous,  as he forbids his Hebrews to worship “strange”, or “other gods” before him.

Asherah is often depicted as a sacred tree or grove of trees. As the divine feminine energy she  needs masculine energy to create new life, and she is reported to have taken many husbands over time, and one of her consorts [studs?] was Yahweh. Apparently, there was an angry split resulting in Yahweh's acrimonious and hateful attacks on Asherah, banning her symbols from his altars and his presence.

In the Book of Judges, Yahweh exposes the hate in his heart as he instructs a Hebrew judge to cut down an Asherah pole that stood next to his altar to Baal. The wood to be used for sacrificial burning.

In Deuteronomy 16:21, Yahweh declares: “You shall not plant any tree as an Asherah beside the altar of the Lord your God which you shall make.” Despite Yahweh’s threats, the Jewish people did not obey his edicts, and King Manasseh placed an Asherah pole in the Holy Temple. Exodus 34:13 states: “Break down their altars, smash their sacred stones, and cut down their Asherim.”

It is geographically interesting, that sometime between 2,000 - 5,000 BCE, trees started to disappear from the great northern Africa forests. In a short amount of time, the Sahara Desert began to form, as sacred trees were destroyed. Both Asherah and trees are regenerative forces that support the life cycle, whereas Yahweh’s history of total destruction of life, suggests that he is the antithesis to life.

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