Our property on the Bay of Quinte is home to several species of native trees. In one area we call the glen, we’ve been witnessing an ongoing onslaught by invasive insects. Over a period of three to four years we watched helplessly as the ash trees slowly lost their battles to the Ash Borer Beetle. It bores pencil holes into the bark, then tunnels under it, robbing the trees of vital sap. Simultaneous attacks by tent caterpillars forced the trees to leaf out twice in the same season depleting their reserves.

The first tree to come down was a 60 foot specimen that was still mostly alive when we felled it. It came down with a heavy thud that shook the little glen, and sent my son and me running for cover.  We bucked the branches and left the trunk for another day.

Three nights later I awoke around 4:30 AM for a bathroom visit, and became wide awake afterwards. Since it was a mild October night, I put on my bathrobe and slippers in the dark, and decided to walk down to the glen to make a rare, early morning meditation.

As I descended into the glen I hit something. I had forgotten about the felled tree laying in the middle of the very dark glen. Even though my eyes were dark adapted, I did not see the branches lying on the ground until I walked into them. As I peered into the darkness before me, my eyes took in a faint ribbon of light stretching away from me for many feet into the night’s darkness. I had to take a few steps back to catch my breath and regain my balance.

Puzzled, I walked back up to the rim of the glen from where I could see that there were no patches of low-lying fog forming anywhere down in the glen. The night sky above was clear and starlit, and I could not see any sky shine from other ground sources. I gave the long sliver of glowing light a wide berth so as not to disturb it, as I walked around to approach it from another angle to see if I could discover its source and extent.  This time as I got closer, I could make out a soft grey-blue  glow hovering over the full length of the carcass of the tree. As my mind took in the significance of the scene my head dropped intuitively out of respect for what I knew in my heart was a lifeforce leaving the dying tree. I said some words of regret, and my body started to shake with excitement or cold, as I sat in quiet wonder.   

The glow disappeared as the morning light entered the glen. I rushed to the house to investigate the strange light on-line.  My cursory research suggested that the grey-blue glow fit the pattern for bioluminescence from decaying organic matter. The common name is Foxfire or Will ‘o the Wisp, and it was documented long ago. The usual sources are decaying matter and fungi, and the glow is so faint that it can only be observed if your eyes have been dark adapted. Apparently, the light is produced by a pair of special enzymes present in decaying matter which react with each other to release biophotons of soft light. After discussing the tree’s eerie glow with an experienced woodsmen and chemist, I chose the simple explanation that the light I had observed that morning came from rotting sawdust created under the ash bark by destructive beetle activity.

A few days later I started to dissect the trunk for firewood, and I noticed how thick the bark was, and how little actual sawdust had been produced by the beetle invaders. The amount of sawdust under the bark was trivial, and it just didn’t seem possible that so little organic matter could produce all the light that I had observed. In addition, the bark was so thick that it would surely absorb all the light photons completely. More compelling, was the sudden realization that the rest of the ash trees that were still standing were equally infected, but they did not give off any visible light emissions on that night. As the realization sank in; that the eerie glow over the dying ash tree was most likely its life force or spirit leaving the dying carcass, it sent a chill up my spine.

I consulted some of the top forestry research and management experts in Canada, who ruled out an explosion of the Armillaria fungus, that glows in the dark forest, and can spread over large areas of forest floor and acts as a communication system for trees. It became clear that the unusual glow could not be explained satisfactorily by natural processes. I reviewed my personal impressions as I witnessed the event, keeping in mind that my human presence in the glen could have perturbed the natural electromagnetic field energies present on that morning. The physical evidence I observed that morning informed me (mentally and spiritually) that spirits live  in trees. Why is there no documentation of this anywhere? Can only autistic eyes discern spirits and things that glow in the night? Now I see trees differently. Wherever there are trees, there is abundant life. They’re like living fasteners that connect the sky with the earth. Because they live in both worlds, they act as a conduit of communication between them.  

FMRI studies reveal that consciousness is still measurably present after the brain/body has died, telling us that consciousness is not the result of biological processes. Science supports the theory that trees have intelligence, because trees have been observed to mount organized defences against a deadly threat like invading insects. Planning and strategizing require creative thought.

When the rest of the ash group is felled this spring, they will hopefully provide more opportunities to study this undocumented phenomenon, perhaps with a night vision camera.

Shamanic and other spiritual cultures around the world honour and use sacred trees as: portals or gateways to hidden worlds, sources of wisdom, and even wish fulfillment. To name just a few, the Mohawks of North America honour the cedar as the sacred tree of life. The Caribe natives honour the ceiba tree, and West African’s have spiritual relationships with the iroko tree.

The visible light emissions coming from the ash tree trunk 3 days after it was cut down, proved to me with high confidence that trees have a spiritual nature that gives them life, and it can be observed and possibly documented under the right conditions.


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Comment by Steve Staniek on October 31, 2020 at 9:38am


I believe that the highest part of me has always been quietly working on the unified theory of spiritual domination, since I was violently assaulted by a Catholic priest in high school in the 60s. That's a lifetime of digging in religious and political darkness to sniff out, and uncover the destructive delusions, distortions, and lies used to enslave and control humanity for thousands of years.

Today, I have finally arrived at the completion of my sacred quest, with enormous help from other investigators who have provided missing information to fill in the gaps in the grand delusion known as Christianity.

Now I know from studying shamanism, that Jesus the Essene and Nazarene, was an itinerant shaman whose ministry was hijacked by Rome. Roman general Titus recognized the power of religion to control the hearts and minds of followers at Masada in 73 CE. In 71 BCE, Rome was threatened by a slave revolt led by Spartacus, that almost destroyed the Empire.

Roman Emperors in the Flavian family also recognized the power of religion to govern, and plotted to control the hearts and minds of its rebellious slave population and defeated nations, by manufacturing a new religion that would pacify and control their hearts and minds. Rome hired Hebrew writers to create false gospels, and distributed them to dilute and misdirect "The Way" that Jesus had prescribed. Jesus recognized and condemned the corruption he found inside Yahweh's temples, and he did not intend to recreate more of the same. He sent his disciples out into the world, not build churches or empires, but to heal humanity by driving out demons with exorcisms, not construct a terrorist organization that would plunder and destroy the indigenous worlds with brutal and cruel Christian colonialism. Roman Christianity was invented by the most powerful, brutal, and manipulative man of his day, Emperor Constantine the Conqueror. He had the power to order the first conference of 320 Christian bishops, and he held full editorial control over the contents of the New Testament. 

Constantine remade Jesus to his liking, and he elevated Jesus to a Roman deity, otherwise Romans would never buy into his new religion. He banished any Christian leaders who disagreed with the process. It has been reported that he finally allowed himself to be baptized on his death bed, but Rome is famous for its political fictions. Every Christian today, is a Constantine Christian, not a Jesus Christian.

The following is taken from the ThoughtCo website:

The Christian church, like the Judaic church before it, was committed to monotheism: all the Abrahamic religions say there is only one God. Arius (256–336 CE), a fairly obscure scholar and presbyter at Alexandria and originally from Libya, is said to have argued that the incarnation of Jesus Christ threatened that monotheistic status of the Christian church, because he was not of the same substance as God, instead a creature made by God and so capable of vice. The Council of Nicea was called, in part, to resolve this issue.

Wavering Decision of Constantine

At the Nicean council, the Trinitarian bishops prevailed, and the Trinity was established as the core of the Christian church. Emperor Constantine (280–337 CE), who may or may not have been a Christian at the time—Constantine was baptized shortly before he died, but had made Christianity the official state religion of the Roman Empire by the time of the Nicean council—intervened. The decision of the Trinitarians made Arius's questions heresy akin to revolt, so Constantine exiled the excommunicated Arius to Illyria (modern Albania).

Constantine's friend and Arian-sympathizer Eusebius, and a neighboring bishop, Theognis, were also exiled—to Gaul (modern France). In 328, however, Constantine reversed his opinion about the Arian heresy and had both exiled bishops reinstated. At the same time, Arius was recalled from exile. Eusebius eventually withdrew his objection, but still wouldn't sign the statement of faith.

Constantine's sister and Eusebius worked on the emperor to obtain reinstatement for Arius, and they would have succeeded, if Arius hadn't suddenly died—by poisoning, probably, or, as some prefer to believe, by divine intervention.

After Nicea

Arianism regained momentum and evolved (becoming popular with some of the tribes that were invading the Roman Empire, like the Visigoths) and survived in some form until the reigns of Gratian and Theodosius, at which time, St. Ambrose (c. 340–397) set to work stamping it out.

But the debate by no means was over in the 4th century. Debate continued into the fifth century and beyond.

Comment by Steve Staniek on October 28, 2020 at 1:44pm


It is traditionally acknowledged that the genetic founder of the Tribe of Israel, was Abram, a Sumerian refugee who fled the Sumerian city of Ur during civil war violence. It is written that he met and made a contract with a Sumerian royal [deity], named Yahweh. They moved to the land of Canaan, where Abram changed his name to Abraham, and circumcised himself to fit in among Semitic men, suggesting it was not a Yahweh demand.

All we have to go by are the creative writings of Hebrew priests, but following the simple logic of the first statement, suggests that ancient Israel was in fact nothing more than a colony of Abraham’s Sumerians. seeded in the Levant, and continuing to worship a Sumerian deity.  

In the early days, the pre-existing Canaanites and other groups in the Levant were worshipping many gods. Archeological evidence supports the popularity of a female deity named Asherah and variations of the name. She was a mother goddess that supported life, families, growth, rain, etc…

Comment by Steve Staniek on October 25, 2020 at 9:01am


Sorry...I forgot to give the answer to this important question in my previous post.

Once they settled down to the task, it actually took less than 2 hours to fully decommission all the residual peanut butter from the inside of the jar. Mining peanut butter is dirty work, and the best part was watching the Chickadees clean themselves after the job was done. 

Comment by Steve Staniek on October 25, 2020 at 8:50am


This post documents my favourite spiritual practice.

                                      "Spirits having flown..."  [ A BGs favourite]

                                                           Public Domain photo

After a lifetime of working and living in the big city, we chose to retire to the country, to make contact with nature in our quest for a healthier wholeness of: body, heart, and mind.

As we threw off [shed] our city habits and disguises, we uncovered our true nature, and our place in the flow of life on this planet. Each day as we walked the land we opened our hearts and minds to the subtle spiritual energies in the trees, rocks, wind, water, and air around us. It became a healing process, that included daily contact with the agents of nature that were willing to reach out to us.

A Spiritual Reunion

Birds are our spiritual allies, and soon some of nature's 'highest ambassadors', recognized our efforts, and responded by descending to our hands. The short physical contact concealed a subtle but powerful spiritual intercourse. Wild nature overcame its traditional defensive instincts long enough to recognize and engage one of its lost members. The story of the prodigal son works well here.

When a totally wild Black Capped Chickadee comes down out of the trees to sit on your hand and study your face, it's little chest pounding with raw courage as it takes some seeds, it begins a spiritual reunion that can lift the weariest hearts out of the dead of winter, or aching depression.

Contact with 'higher entities' can produce a wonderous, spiritual moment that may open many doors to our perception, and our hearts. I think puppy contact produces a similar effect. You can feel the gentle healing taking place inside.

As a birder, I consider the Black Capped Chickadee to be the highest, most courageous and noble bird in the forest, that exemplifies the best in humans. Predator birds like eagles and hawks are often adopted by societies that value their aggressive courage and bravery, but nature photographers know the truth. Most power birds turn out to be cowards, who flee at the first sound of a twig breaking in the forest. The Black Capped Chickadee however, is the real hero in the forest. It is so fearless and intellectually curious that it flies over to investigate the noise in the forest, instead of running from it. 

Chickadees are known to bring courage to woodsmen lost in the deepest forests, and they teach us how to live with simple courage in caring communities. 

Black Capped Chickadees form an ordered society, whose members work together to create courageous caring communities. 

Decommissioning an Old Peanut Butter Jar

To study their social order, I ran an experiment a few years ago to learn how long it would take for a local team of Black Capped Chickadees that hang around my back deck, to clean out the residual peanut butter left in a jar. Peanuts are common in bird feeders. 

The open jar was well secured to a retort stand with a three fingered clamp, to ensure that scavengers did not stick their heads in and walk off with the prize.  

At first, the birds circled the jar suspiciously without landing. The scent of peanut butter is strong, and they kept looking for peanuts, but they couldn't see any, so they finally gave up after a few minutes.

One young bird who seemed to be at the bottom of the pecking order, did not give up. He was kind of an oddball bird, who seemed to operate on the edges of his group, but was tolerated by the rest. This maverick bird, was the first to enter the open mouth of the peanut butter jar, and test the environment. He scooped up some peanut butter, flew up onto a nearby branch and announced his prize to the rest of the team with a loud and victorious: "Chickadee Dee Dee!

With that boastful testimonial, the other birds swarmed around the peanut butter jar, and began to enter in ordered rotation with the most senior members first. They began to mine the peanut butter off the walls of the jar, and fly their caches to their favourite sites for winter storage. 

                                                                     My photo

How long did it take?

Amazing Bird Brains

Chickadees really do possess amazing brains. Birds fly into windows regularly, concuss, and fall to ground. We monitor fallen birds, and cover them to protect them against predators. About 70% of Chickadees that suffer head injuries will recover fully. Their brains have a tremendous ability to regenerate neurons, and repair brain damage, and they usually recover within 1 to 2 hours.

Equally amazing is their ability to grow their hippocampus by 15-20% during the fall harvest, so that they'll be able to remember up to 90% of their storage locations in the forest, where food was put away for winter. In spring, after most of this food has been retrieved and eaten, the Chickadee's hippocampus will shrink back to normal size.

Have a Chickadee Day!

Comment by Steve Staniek on October 22, 2020 at 6:09am


Some of the most important events in life occur so fast that we fail to see what has actually happened.

                                                             Many thanks to Pixabay 

Many natural events occur almost instantly, and our normal eyesight and other detection systems cannot possibly detect the fast changes taking place in nature. Blink, and you miss it.

It could be birds or animals mating, lightning strikes, bullets flying into flesh, or baseballs spinning past a swinging bat.

                                                    Thanks to Dreamstime

Seeing where the rubber meets the road.

Slowing down these processes to reveal what happens in minute detail, exposes the secrets concealed by speed. 

I believe that some of the most knowledgeable people [Tesla, Einstein, Huxley] discovered many deep secrets by visualizing events in detail. They could slow down the processes they were studying, to discover how things work at the atomic and subatomic level.

How can we use this information to advance our understanding of powerful emotional responses that can rise up so quickly, and so powerfully, that even our will becomes nullified by the tsunami of emotional energy that invades our minds, feelings, and behaviour, as we struggle to process the overwhelming event in the moment.

In most cases it becomes clear that we cannot overcome or work through these events in the same place where they occur, but we need to find a place where we can work with and subdue these powerful events and processes that often rise up to dominate us at the worst times.

Meditating on the process we wish to understand, and using visualization techniques allows us to use our internal vision to: slow down, pause, look, digest, understand, and sort out our experiences, as well as competing processes taking place inside us, and around us.

Understanding where our emotions come from, why/how they rise up, why/how they linger, and how to regulate and process them for the best possible outcomes, can provide a small measure of control that can be protected and nurtured over time, to grow into a new, sovereign platform for the mind.

Studying the workings of the mind means becoming "a true scientist", by becoming a passive student, a bystander without expectations, preconceived biases, prejudice, or judgement. We "play the process of interest" by visualizing it, and we can manipulate the conditions to arrive at deeper understanding of the events in the process. 

Sorting what is mine, from what is not mine.

Slow sorting of thoughts and emotions that rise up on our mental screen, allows us to identify those that feel like they're our own original, "homemade thoughts and feelings" because they resonate fully and easily with us. Those thoughts and feelings that do not resonate as highly as homemade thoughts, may be not be part of our creative inventory, but were intentionally imported by us, or were sent to us unsolicited, from other sources. 

Comment by Steve Staniek on October 20, 2020 at 6:02am


Are Humans Indigenous to Earth, or  Are We Cosmic?

What is our deepest or highest source, and what is our true nature? Are we a local species of human spirits, or non-local cosmic spirits inside these Earth bodies?

What makes us human? Our bodies, our spirits, our souls, or our intellects? Are we uniquely human spirits, living in Earth bodies, or are we undifferentiated cosmic spirits from away, who have come here to live another human life in these Earth suits?

Divine Intervention?

During a recent psychic reading by a trusted shaman, we were visited by what was described to me as “Merlin energy”. Merlin’s energy is traceable back through, Mercury, Hermes, etc..back to the greatest seeker, pathfinder, and wizard of all time, the wise and ascended Tehuti, or the ancient Egyptian divinity known as Thoth.

The shaman repeated Thoth’s lighthearted and reassuring words to me, “You are an infinite being, so have some fun.”

Thanks Thoth.

Comment by Steve Staniek on October 19, 2020 at 6:50am


Is the creative process universal? Can we do what the gods do? Monkey see, monkey do?

Do humans create tulpas with thoughts, in much the same way that we were created by unknown creators, who used thoughts to form matter and establish the physical universe? 

                                                       Thanks to University of Illinois 

Comment by Steve Staniek on October 19, 2020 at 3:52am


Some spiritual cultures like Tibetan Buddhists, that have dedicated themselves to study how the mind works, have also developed powerful mental technologies like meditative practices that can create new entities.

They discovered that we create with our thoughts, and those creations can take on "a kind of life" of their own. These mind made entities can be given personalities, and if fed with enough human intention, they may become animated, and even speak to their creators. 

How did this process play out in ancient temples in the Levant where the role of priests was to support the belief system that put them in power, and keep them there?

Did the creative authors of the Old Testament, appropriate the storm god Yahweh from the Sumerian pantheon, and reinvent him with tulpa magic as the new, all powerful god of the Hebrews, as scripted in the story describing the complete destruction of Jericho?

Believers never actually get to see the divine entity that they worship, because it's a mental construct, but the priests anthropomorphize it by offering live sacrifices to it as though it were alive.

Did the Hebrew people ever catch on to this priestly fiction? The priestly delusions of a god created with temple magic, seems to have been an ongoing success to this day.

                                                                   Thanks to Bas Library

Comment by Steve Staniek on October 16, 2020 at 8:00am


When I look at another person on the spectrum with my autistic eyes, I see an individual who appears to be stuck in spiritual mode, and who for one reason or another cannot fully engage the physical world around him.

Autism has been labeled a "dis-order" of the mind by the neurotypical world because from their side our behaviour appears "chaotic", but from our side we are simply not ready to come out and engage life fully in the culture we find ourselves in, for various reasons. In my case, the post WWII culture of: fear, dread, and anxiety that I was born into, shaped my parents, and me, for life.

I was assessed in a Canadian grade school in the early 60s, when we were tested for autism with a short written test. My antisocial traits were spotted, and I was taken aside by the principal nun and told respectfully that I was different. I don't remember much more, other than I had to be a vigilant Catholic, and not engage in immoral behaviour.

It could be that spectrum people have trouble transitioning from our original spiritual state upon arrival in this material world, into the physical state that is required in this dimension. I believe that we are slower to leave the spiritual state because our higher self perceives unexpected dangers in a brutal and unforgiving physical world. We remain connected to our spiritual selves because we have not shut down those powerful intuitive abilities, the way our NT counterparts did around the age of reason [5-7 y]. Those abilities allow us to see all the realities operating around us. We continue to perceive the world with our inborn inner abilities, the same abilities that allowed us to preview and experience the world outside the womb, before we were born. Before we are born we begin to experience the world second hand, through our mothers. We could sense light patterns, and hear the tone of voices, and feel the reactions of our mothers as they dealt with the world around them.

And what dangers could be lurking out there? To name a few: insane families that abuse each other endlessly, destructive and unhealthy lifestyles, violent and predatory cultures, and thought control systems that rob us of personal freedoms and personal sovereignty, etc...

Some of us are reborn here with an open and powerful intuition, an inner knowing that allows us to perceive all the various realities that are being currently unraveled by science, and nestled together within each other, that make up our consensus reality.

                                          Thanks to Vermont County ...

Comment by Steve Staniek on October 13, 2020 at 6:47am


Some of my biggest shitstorms were inspired by boredom. As a child I became bored easily, and that boredom grew into an idleness of mind. Endless boredom crushes our spirit, and a young mind will sense a primordial need to grow that manifests as a craving for stimulation. [ I imagine a young tree growing up in the shade of the forest, yearning to break through the closed canopy above to reach and live in the full light of the sun].

When our environment cannot provide this stimulation, or the right kind, the creative mind will begin to form thoughts and feelings to stimulate itself, in order to move forward", as it has been programmed to do.

I believe that the human mind is a good hunter of truth when given clear instructions. Once we focus the issue with facts, our create mind will organize and arrange the bits of reality that we have gathered, to construct a path to the truth. Whether we chose to step onto the path is another matter.

                                                        Many thanks to Pinterest

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