Our property on the Bay of Quinte is home to several species of native trees. In one area we call the glen, we’ve been witnessing an ongoing onslaught by invasive insects. Over a period of three to four years we watched helplessly as the ash trees slowly lost their battles to the Ash Borer Beetle. It bores pencil holes into the bark, then tunnels under it, robbing the trees of vital sap. Simultaneous attacks by tent caterpillars forced the trees to leaf out twice in the same season depleting their reserves.

The first tree to come down was a 60 foot specimen that was still mostly alive when we felled it. It came down with a heavy thud that shook the little glen, and sent my son and me running for cover.  We bucked the branches and left the trunk for another day.

Three nights later I awoke around 4:30 AM for a bathroom visit, and became wide awake afterwards. Since it was a mild October night, I put on my bathrobe and slippers in the dark, and decided to walk down to the glen to make a rare, early morning meditation.

As I descended into the glen I hit something. I had forgotten about the felled tree laying in the middle of the very dark glen. Even though my eyes were dark adapted, I did not see the branches lying on the ground until I walked into them. As I peered into the darkness before me, my eyes took in a faint ribbon of light stretching away from me for many feet into the night’s darkness. I had to take a few steps back to catch my breath and regain my balance.

Puzzled, I walked back up to the rim of the glen from where I could see that there were no patches of low-lying fog forming anywhere down in the glen. The night sky above was clear and starlit, and I could not see any sky shine from other ground sources. I gave the long sliver of glowing light a wide berth so as not to disturb it, as I walked around to approach it from another angle to see if I could discover its source and extent.  This time as I got closer, I could make out a soft grey-blue  glow hovering over the full length of the carcass of the tree. As my mind took in the significance of the scene my head dropped intuitively out of respect for what I knew in my heart was a lifeforce leaving the dying tree. I said some words of regret, and my body started to shake with excitement or cold, as I sat in quiet wonder.   

The glow disappeared as the morning light entered the glen. I rushed to the house to investigate the strange light on-line.  My cursory research suggested that the grey-blue glow fit the pattern for bioluminescence from decaying organic matter. The common name is Foxfire or Will ‘o the Wisp, and it was documented long ago. The usual sources are decaying matter and fungi, and the glow is so faint that it can only be observed if your eyes have been dark adapted. Apparently, the light is produced by a pair of special enzymes present in decaying matter which react with each other to release biophotons of soft light. After discussing the tree’s eerie glow with an experienced woodsmen and chemist, I chose the simple explanation that the light I had observed that morning came from rotting sawdust created under the ash bark by destructive beetle activity.

A few days later I started to dissect the trunk for firewood, and I noticed how thick the bark was, and how little actual sawdust had been produced by the beetle invaders. The amount of sawdust under the bark was trivial, and it just didn’t seem possible that so little organic matter could produce all the light that I had observed. In addition, the bark was so thick that it would surely absorb all the light photons completely. More compelling, was the sudden realization that the rest of the ash trees that were still standing were equally infected, but they did not give off any visible light emissions on that night. As the realization sank in; that the eerie glow over the dying ash tree was most likely its life force or spirit leaving the dying carcass, it sent a chill up my spine.

I consulted some of the top forestry research and management experts in Canada, who ruled out an explosion of the Armillaria fungus, that glows in the dark forest, and can spread over large areas of forest floor and acts as a communication system for trees. It became clear that the unusual glow could not be explained satisfactorily by natural processes. I reviewed my personal impressions as I witnessed the event, keeping in mind that my human presence in the glen could have perturbed the natural electromagnetic field energies present on that morning. The physical evidence I observed that morning informed me (mentally and spiritually) that spirits live  in trees. Why is there no documentation of this anywhere? Can only autistic eyes discern spirits and things that glow in the night? Now I see trees differently. Wherever there are trees, there is abundant life. They’re like living fasteners that connect the sky with the earth. Because they live in both worlds, they act as a conduit of communication between them.  

FMRI studies reveal that consciousness is still measurably present after the brain/body has died, telling us that consciousness is not the result of biological processes. Science supports the theory that trees have intelligence, because trees have been observed to mount organized defences against a deadly threat like invading insects. Planning and strategizing require creative thought.

When the rest of the ash group is felled this spring, they will hopefully provide more opportunities to study this undocumented phenomenon, perhaps with a night vision camera.

Shamanic and other spiritual cultures around the world honour and use sacred trees as: portals or gateways to hidden worlds, sources of wisdom, and even wish fulfillment. To name just a few, the Mohawks of North America honour the cedar as the sacred tree of life. The Caribe natives honour the ceiba tree, and West African’s have spiritual relationships with the iroko tree.

The visible light emissions coming from the ash tree trunk 3 days after it was cut down, proved to me with high confidence that trees have a spiritual nature that gives them life, and it can be observed and possibly documented under the right conditions.


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Comment by Steve Staniek on June 1, 2020 at 9:18am


My interest in Telluric currents emerged from watching strange patterns move across the surface of the Bay of Quinte, [Lake Ontario], behind my home. Some of the patterns were easily identified as: Coriolis currents, up-welling and down-welling currents, thermal currents, and tidal currents. Then there are these odd Telluric currents that seem to be drawn magnetically toward the rising sun... 

You won't see the patterns if you stand on the shore, and I believe the only reason my eyes picked up on the patterns was our elevated position. Our home sits on a limestone escarpment about 125 feet above the water, which creates just the right angle to see the patterns forming on the surface of the water.

Telluric currents are very low intensity, electric currents that travel across water and land, and have been known to interfere with early communication systems, [telegraph], and create havoc with long distance pipelines. They result from several sources including: geomagnetic currents that move through the earth's crust, early morning solar winds that attract ground based electrical activity, leakage from generating plants and power lines, etc...

Comment by Steve Staniek on May 31, 2020 at 10:59am


My numinous experience with the dying ash tree a year and half ago, has led me to investigate the event in many directions. After chasing down 3 possible explanations for my experience, I believe I’ve finally arrived at what actually happened to me in the dark glen on that strange moonless night, and it turns out to be even more extraordinary than I first thought.

For about 8 years preceding the event, I had been working with nature spirits in one corner of my property we call the glen, which I turned into a nature lab where I had hoped to investigate some of the spiritual secrets of nature.

During this time, I had been investigating telluric currents, [extremely low intensity electric currents] which have been found to travel on water and land. I had been observing unexplained water patterns on the Bay of Quinte behind my home, and I attributed some of those patterns to telluric activity. My dowsing surveys had discovered lines of EMF emerging in the glen, and converging at one point near 3 cedar trees.

Apparently, telluric activity is most intense just before sunrise, and I wanted to experience the combination of natural EMF on the landscape when telluric activity might be present. That’s why I went down to the glen at 4:30 A M, to attempt a meditation under those special environmental conditions.

There was no moon that warm October night, and the humidity was 99%.  I remember leaving the house in total darkness, and shielding my eyes against the neigbhour’s yard light, as I navigated my slippered feet down to the glen, a distance of 250 m.  I was still feeling relaxed in a slumbering way, and mentally open and ready to see anything that might show itself at that time of night. I became disoriented in the deep darkness of the glen, and wandered right into the fallen tree that we had felled a few days before.

I was being attacked in the dark by unknown forces, from out of nowhere, and shock and fear exploded in me as branches punched me in the face. For a brief moment I stood in terror not knowing how to react, or who or what I was reacting against.  Moments later, I remembered the fallen tree, and my fear subsided. But other things had emerged from my collision with the ash tree. The moment of impact had unleashed cosmic mysteries that would take many months of deep research to sort out.

a) Tree Spirits in Respose

My first reaction when I saw the blanket of grey-blue luminous stuff hovering over the fallen tree trunk on that dark morning, was that it was something from the spiritual realm. My head dropped instinctively out of respect for another lifeform. When it did not move or behave like a sovereign entity under its own will, it seemed completely passive, with no agenda. At the time,  I was content to categorize it as a tree spirit, since it seemed to cling to the fallen trunk, and disappeared with the morning light.

b) A Massive Display of Orgone Energy

My investigations culminated in correspondences with Dr. James DeMeo who studies Orgone Energy at the OBRL Institute. Since there was no other rational explanation for the large amount of bioluminescence [about 40 ft], the concept of a naturally occurring, self organizing orgone plasma seemed to be the best solution. The environmental conditions present on that night were conducive to the accumulation of orgone energy from multiple sources.

c) A Defensive Projection of Ectoplasm by my Etheric Double

It took deep research to find the correct solution to my bioluminescent event. The shock of being punched in the face in total darkness while in a vulnerable state, outdoors, triggered an unusual defensive response from my subconscious mind which rose up to take immediate control over the situation.

As I stood in my slippers and bathrobe facing an unknown assailant in ordinary reality, I was suddenly aware of being utterly defenceless. My subconscious mind overwhelmed me, as it kicked into defensive mode, and proceeded to protect me in that moment of perceived crisis. It had ejected my etheric matter, part of my Etheric Double, [as described by A.E. Powell in the Etheric Double], in a naturally defensive strategy to stop the attack.  Just after our collision, I saw the silver ribbon of light move away from me, and this sIlver cord was attached to the large display of bioluminescence that appeared over the fallen tree trunk, the thing that had attacked me in the dark. My Etheric Double defended me in a sudden crisis, by laying itself over the trunk as though to prevent another attack. There was no evidence of my etheric light anywhere else in the glen.

In Powell’s book, The Etheric Double, and Crookall’s Astral Projection, there are many examples of mediums being able to shape or give form to their ectoplasmic projections. I believe this phenomenon was mentioned by Jung in regard to sudden unexplained noises coming from a piece of furniture.

It seems there are people whose etheric layer [etheric double] may have been severely damaged in early life, and it can become naturally detached under the right conditions, especially new trauma. Etheric sight may also result from this condition.

Comment by Steve Staniek on May 25, 2020 at 7:14am


I return to the original article on Witnessing Tree Spirits in Ordinary Reality… with new information.

The Etheric Double by A.E.Powell is a compilation of ancient Hindu spiritual teachings that describe the composition and function of the multiple bodies [vessels], owned and operated by human souls, during our earthly experience.  

The Etheric Double is a thin layer [1/4 inch] of etheric matter interposed between our physical and astral bodies. Located on it’s surface, are the 7 chakras [energy centers] which act as portals to accept prana energy from the sun in the form of globules. Each globule consists of 7 ultimate atoms which have become charged with 7 different forms of vital life energy called prana, and which we absorb through exposure to sunlight.

Powell states that the Etheric Double is a vehicle of prana, with only “diffused consciousness”, and it has two main functions:

1.” It absorbs prana or vitality and distributes it to the whole body”.. As charged globules enter our chakras the different prana energies are sorted out by colour [frequency], so that the right prana is sent to the right organ, or part of the body as required.

2. “It acts as an intermediary or bridge between the dense physical body, and the astral body, transmitting the consciousness of physical sense-contacts through the etheric brain to the astral body, and also transmitting consciousness from the astral and higher levels down into the physical brain and nervous system.”

In persons known as physical or materializing mediums, the Double is comparatively easily detachable, and its etheric matter forms the basis of many phenomenon of materialization.

The Double may be separated from the dense physical body by accident, death, anaesthetics, such as ether, gas, or mesmerism. The etheric matter thus forced out, usually wraps itself around the astral body, and dulls the consciousness of that vehicle.

“When the Double is projected by a trained expert, even the body seems torpid, and mind in a brown study , or dazed state….

Powell states that accidental detachment of the Double can occur during nervous excitement produced by trauma.

When I review the events in the glen on that night, and my state of mind during different stages of the event, I realize that everything started the moment my face smashed into the tree branches in the deep  darkness of the glen.  In a split second, my mind went from the comfort zone of walking around on my property, to suddenly feeling under attack in complete darkness. The shock of the impact startled me. I found myself facing what felt like a life and death scenario, because I felt very vulnerable in my house slippers and bathrobe. I struggled to compose myself, and my face showed the scars the next morning.

As my eyes struggled to see the danger ahead of me in the darkness, they automatically adjusted to their fullest potential to see life-threatening danger lurking ahead in the darkness. That’s when I saw the first line of faint light moving away from me  [etheric vision?].  At first, I thought it was electrical flashes that usually follow eye injury, like the flashing lights you see when someone pokes you in the eye.

The faint line of light I saw a few feet head of me, appeared to be widening, and it was so extraordinary that I backed away from it instinctively.  As I walked around to see the light from different angles, it continued to grow, and by the time I had walked around to the side of the fallen tree trunk, I could see that the faint light had body, and it had spread out over the entire length of the tree trunk, but not the branches. As I knelt beside the tree to get a closer look at the grey blue luminescence, it did not seem scary or hostile in any way, and the surface of the blanket of light seemed to have a fine texture.

Powell states: “In appearance, the Etheric Double is a pale violet-grey or blue-grey, faintly luminous, and course or fine in texture according as the dense physical body is coarse or fine.”

“In conditions of weak health or nervous excitement, the Etheric Double may also in great part be extruded from its dense counterpart.”

Our minds operate on both the conscious and subconscious levels simultaneously, and we often switch back and forth into altered states without really becoming aware of our mental movements. It is entirely possible that I orchestrated the whole event as a reaction to my frightening accident with branches in total darkness. Something deep inside me rose up quickly to intervene, and though it was an aspect of me that my conscious minds did not recognize,  it gifted me a wonderful experience. 

Were helping spirits in the mix? I believe that helping spirits brought me to the glen that night for my adventure [lesson] with the truly numinous aspects of my own being. At 70 I tend to be pretty accident prone, and I believe they protected me that night as the great mystery unfolded before me.

Comment by Steve Staniek on May 21, 2020 at 10:25am


Stephan Hoeller has recently come out on U-Tube to talk about Jung’s Red Book.

Hoeller claims that the book was a reaction to Jung’s split with Freud, when each man was attracted to different areas of human activity.  

Apparently, Freud was a materialistic and practical thinker, and had little time for spiritualism, occultism, and mysticism, and he chose the black and white world of scientific and clinical study.

Jung had been treading the murky waters of the occult world since childhood, when a gifted cousin introduced him to its wild ways. Jung saw a wealth of information in those realms, and he plunged in, and came out with the Red Book.

Hoeller claims that Jung recognized and followed the strong connection between the: Occult, Mystical, and Deep Psychology, and he began to explore a few branches of the universal tree of knowledge that anyone can access with the right training. His investigations/explorations into the collective consciousness of the universal mind where many human myths originate, eventually grew into the collection that became the Red Book. He followed daytime fantasies and nighttime dreams to their source(s) where he found: wildly irrational behavior, the roots of insanity, and evidence of domination by something deeply non human.

My research into tree spirits has now led me to:"The Etheric Double", by A.E. Powell, and published by the Theosophical Society in 1924. It contains illuminating information about the construction of the human entity, and it reveals the mobility of something called the etheric layer that can be shaped by the owner into an ectoplasmic manifestation. The colour is apparently blue grey, not unlike the colour of my tree spirit phenomenon. More to come...


Comment by Steve Staniek on May 15, 2020 at 5:54am


I’ve always held a deep interest in spirituality, and I never equated it with consciousness until I listened to Wayne Dyer speak about spiritual consciousness. My interest in spirituality may have grown as a result of my retreat into my spiritual nature when overwhelming fears drove me out of my physical body, and back into my spiritual body in very early childhood.

When I look back on my history today, I begin to recognize moments in my life when an upshift or downshift in my consciousness took place. I realize that most of those shifts appear to take place under certain environmental conditions, even late in life. For example, after retirement we moved from the city to the country, where I experienced a huge upshift in consciousness that has changed my life.  It may be my higher self that monitors my spiritual rise, and leads me to the right environmental situations that will facilitate my transition to the next level.

Human consciousness appears to be controlled by environment, via:

  • the physical container we find ourselves in, [mom’s body, our body],
  • electromagnetic grids on the landscape and our bodies that control and suppress our consciousness,
  • extraneous thought forms that dominate and control our thinking and actions,
  • a teacher’s control over sovereign minds in the classroom,
  • some of the foods [herbs, etc] that we eat,
  • or many other means of control either embedded, or overlaid over the planet,

Imagine our beginnings as fertilized, divine seeds in the womb.  In order to build and operate our complex bodies, and guide our lives from cradle to grave, our primordial cells need large amounts of accurate information.  

That enormous amount of vital information is either:

  • stored locally in each cell,
  • around each cell as an etheric cloud,
  • stored in a central library of universal information like the Akashic field [the storehouse of god’s memory], that each cell can access as required, through direct connection to the field by specialized gateway cells. If the cell receives ongoing life information from an external source, then that information could be used to control or “regulate the life of the cell”, and its agenda.  The information can upshift or downshift the cell’s consciousness.

An unhappy consequence can result from bad information.  For example, if the cell’s blueprint or controlling information becomes corrupted, an upshift in consciousness could occur in the fetus prematurely, while the fetus is still in the womb, and suddenly the fetus wakes up, in utero. Is this premature birth?

Freemasons transform human consciousness with elaborate cathedrals.

The Freemasons excelled in building great Christian churches and cathedrals that were designed to transform the faithful by raising their spirituality. Theoretically, each visit would increase a person’s spiritual connection to the divine owner who lived there, and was the source of divine life.

Egyptians transform human consciousness with pyramids

Those who study ancient knowledge have come to understand that the pyramids were not meant to function as tombs for the dead elites of Egypt, but as transformational containers that would elevate the spirituality of each visitor who entered.

Since we descend from the architects of these facilities, do we as humans know intuitively how to proceed to the next step in our spiritual evolution, or are we so enormously controlled by outside forces, that we have to wait to be elevated? 

You Broke it, You fix it! - But Did We Really Break It?

Perhaps, our goal as human souls is to solve our own problems, clean up our own messes, and find our own way out of the conundrum that we co-created and find ourselves in today. We need to create [build] the next generation of containers or systems that will elevate our spiritual conscious to the next levels.

Comment by Steve Staniek on May 9, 2020 at 11:27am


Who manufactured and released the SARS CoV19 virus in Wuhan province; Chinese Communist extremists, or the DEEP STATE boys [CIA], in the USA?  Who’s the best in the world in germ warfare, and who has a history of using germ warfare, like using infected blankets to destroy their enemies?   

The Epoch Times is an instrument of fear of the DEEP STATE, that creates and promotes delusions that work like spells, to manipulate, control, and recruit American minds to the extreme, radicalized, right wing fundamentalist Christian agenda. Over time, the Christian agenda in what is now the USA, has destroyed countless millions of innocent non-Christian and Christian lives, and slowly enslaved the survivors.  In the USA,  toxic legislation like the Patriot Act, and many laws and regulations that trample human rights, have allowed malicious governments to dominate its citizens under the pretense of protecting them against non-existing threats like foreign terrorists.

The DEEP STATE’S  long game of incremental control over everything, is maintained with delusions, eg: the delusion of national security, the delusion of money, the delusion of American exceptionalism, the delusion of national legitimacy founded on genocidal land theft, all aimed at  total domination over the general population on all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual, economic, and cultural, for power and profit.  

Many sectors of America are already enslaved with spellbinding delusions, in varying degrees:

  • Every American who has submitted to spiritual domination by agreeing to, or signing spiritual contracts like: “I surrender my life and my soul to Jesus”, within his/her religion, is no longer free and sovereign.
  • Anyone in the military is not free to live his life according to his own sovereign thinking, but is legally contracted to submit to military hierarchy, right or wrong.  He must tow the line, and follow military orders to his own death if commanded. His first allegiance has been shifted from his country to his commanders, without question.  
  • Every self-censoring journalist who understands that his success in life depends on how well he supports the official narrative, right or wrong, and fears speaking the truth he has discovered.
  • Every corporate employee who signs a corporate agreement to silently comply with all corporate policies, right or wrong.
  • Every child who is forced to sit and endure mental enslavement in a class room, where there is no possibility for free and independent thinking, and no avenue of escape. Schools use delusions to transform free and sovereign thinking children into mindless robots that parrot the established way of life, right or wrong. We abuse our children with the same toxic delusions that were used to robotize us., eg:  the delusions of British Christian Supremacy, and false doctrines of American Manifest Destiny, and US Exceptionalism.

As a curious young boy, I used to watch the priest very carefully as he led us in one Catholic ritual after another. It wasn’t until I was an adult on religious retreat at a Jesuit seminary, that I finally saw these rituals for what they were; well orchestrated delusions, power spells refined over centuries, to control the hearts and minds of the congregation. The much glorified,  omnipresent deity never attended any of the hundreds of Catholic events that I attend and participated in. No deity of any kind ever showed his face, his cloud of unknowing ignorance, his glorious love, his shining light, or beatific presence.  The ineffable loving god has always been a delusion used to control us, in the manner of Barnum and Bailey.

Catholic priests prayed in Latin, which most of the congregation did not understand, so the content of the ritual was not intended to be understood, but to be marveled at, and worshipped as a high holy mystery beyond our comprehension…this is where spiritual darkness was used like a spell to conceal its spiritual emptiness. There was never a god present at any Catholic ritual I attended, not even in the magic bread they forced us to eat, like low cannabals. Every ritual dragged us back to the blood and guts history of how a father sacrificed his son to please the father’s insane need for human suffering.

They controlled our hearts and minds with cosmic delusions of: infinite, ineffable, omniscient, omnipresent spiritual power.  My new, eyes wide open understanding of how religion worked allowed me to ascend to a level where I saw that all the grand mysteries of Catholicism that I had been raised under, were all delusions created by men to control me and the congregation.  Back then, I didn’t know that I was an environmental empath, but when I knelt down in my church(es) to pray, I never sensed or felt the presence of a loving, caring god. I did however, sense the very heavy, oppressive nature of the religion that had been imposed on me since birth.  I could feel the cold, darkness of the system of delusions all around me in church, though I could not put my finger on it then.

Like the perceptive boy whose eyes opened to recognize that the emperor had no clothes, once I saw through the religious delusions that had been used on me,  I began to see other powerful man made delusions all around me, that controlled me and those in my community.

The Epoch Times is trying very hard to divert the growing political heat directed at the American controlled WHO, that is staffed primarily with members of the US CDC, over its failure to protect American lives, [1.2 million infections to date], by blaming China.

Various DEEP STATE agents masquerading as outraged scientists working for the radical Epoch Times, have been accusing China of manufacturing the coronavirus-19, as a weapon of stealth against the western world, mainly the USA. Trump has been spewing contagious venom at China to cover up his enormous incompetence at dropping the ball on the pandemic.  A more accurate estimate of the number of US infections can be achieved by multiplying the reported cases by at least a factor of 10, so more like 10 million Americans are actually hosting the coronavirus today.

Epoch Times claims that Chinese scientists in Wuhan created the SARS CoV19 microbe in their labs, and released it in their own province to start a global pandemic that would reach the USA.  This scenario reflects American thinking, because it’s exactly what the American DEEP STATE has been doing around the world.

Who manufactured and released the SARS CoV19 virus in Wuhan province, China or the USA?   

China has struggled with naturally occurring, emerging viruses for decades.  It’s research is directed at prevention not dissemination.  When Chinese scientists in Wuhan studied the S protein mechanism on the surface of the microbe, that it uses to penetrate and kill human cells, it was to find a way to stop it, not produce it.  Why would Chinese Communist extremists launch a global pandemic in China, when they could have done the simple thing, and shipped a parcel of microbes to unsuspecting retailers in the USA, who would open it and release the virus on American soil?

The USA has spent more taxdollars on germ warfare than any other nation, making it the most likely to develop and launch global pandemics. The US government has a known history of using germ warfare on its enemies in the third world. This traditional practice dates back to the days of giving blankets infected with small pox to native families. It has the largest inventory of deadly virus in the world, and the word on the street is that it created and released: AIDS, and ebola virus. The SARS CoV-19 virus appears to have been designed to preferentially attack the CIA’s favourite target groups to reduce their numbers, eg: American Blacks and Hispanics. The CDC prescribed the least effective measures against the pandemic, ie: social distancing and handwashing.These worst practices have proven to be useless in combating the spread of coronavirus because it is an airborne pandemic, and the main risk is from inhalation of microdroplets of virus, not skin contamination.

My Covid-19 information [provided in previous messages] , exposes the entire US covid-19 response as lethal  man-made delusions used to incrementally lock down the US population.


Comment by Steve Staniek on May 8, 2020 at 4:06am


as i exhale

i release my deepest life sounds

as low vibrations from the base of my throat 

and send this energy out to every part of me

to reorganize my energies in different patterns

like the sands on a cymatic plate.

Comment by Steve Staniek on April 29, 2020 at 5:48am


Bill Gates is a long time supporter of the WHO, and he recently revealed that most of the people who work for the WHO, [the World Health Organization], also work for the US CDC [Center for Disease Control]. When we drill deeper, we find that this is probably where the bad information about covid dynamics originated. These people tried to distort the truth that we all know. They have been saying that the SARS CoV-2 virus that produces the covid disease, is different and not airborne, based on a piece of disinformation they created that claims that all the viral droplets released by an infected person's cough will fall immediately to the ground without suspension in air. Those of us who live in flu country know how respiratory infections like the flu are transmitted; we inhale someone else's airborne bugs in streetcars, elevators, classrooms, restaurants, etc...We know from our own experience that the bug is transmitted from mouth to mouth. The face is gateway for airborne infection.

Trump's incompetent covid response [without face masks for all], has facilitated the explosion of covid infection in the USA to exceed 1 MILLION VICTIMS. I note that everyone's testing methods are meaningless, resulting in soft statistics, but it's all we have to work with if we are to track the failures of governments to protect their citizens.

Comment by Steve Staniek on April 22, 2020 at 3:34am


I've just finished preparing some detailed information on the covid-19 pandemic which I have shared with our provincial and federal governments. I thought I would post that material here, now, since it is meant to help everyone....


Honest public health agencies have known and admitted what the public has known empirically for a long time, and what has been well-documented by serious investigators, who have studied the dynamics of aerosols. Coughing produces aerosols that contain microdroplets in a spectrum of sizes. Depending on conditions, the NIH claims that the larger microdroplets  have been measured to travel a few feet in air before landing, but the smaller microdroplets are so tiny that they remain suspended in air, and biologically active, for up to 3 hours.

Researchers have found that an infected person produces about 45% more mucus and phlegm, containing 44% more viral particles, which are released as a spray or aerosol during a cough. Each infected person contaminates his or her close environment, and anyone entering that space without respiratory and skin protection is likely to become infected.

Infected patients are constantly shedding or releasing viral microbes by various means into the proximal environment. Not only does an infected patient express the virus through mucus and phlegm, when coughing, but also through the normal routes of elimination. Since the microbe becomes systemic, it is eliminated in urine and feces. A study by the University of Minnesota,  found evidence of covid-19 microbes in feces and blood, showing us how covid-19 is released into the water and air in washrooms.

How, and where, do we become infected? The following are known infection hot spots, that should not be entered without respiratory protection:

  1. Inside Buildings - When an infected person coughs in a room and leaves, and another person walks into that room half an hour later, he or she will most likely inhale some of those active microdroplets still hanging in the air. Infection is likely. Unfortunately, those who cling to stone age misinformation for political reasons, will refuse to accept the science of aerosol dynamics. Unfortunately, these are also the same people who deny us respiratory protection as insurance against potentially fatal infection. It's no secret that the WHO is manipulated politically by international influences, and the US CDC is manipulated by, and legally bound to comply with Washington's political agenda, which as we have seen, has failed horribly to protect Americans. Its covid-19 response facilitated about 10 times the infections witnessed in China.
  2. Hospital Corridors and Waiting Areas - Many hospital rooms where procedures are conducted, or infectious control areas where patients are housed, have a very high ventilation rate, with many air exchanges every hour, to remove airborne hazards quickly. Despite the high ventilation rates, workers still need the protection of PPE. Whenever a door to these rooms opens, it allows a puff of contaminated air to escape into the hallway and further.  Air sampling surveys have revealed that those hazards are not confined to those rooms, but are quite mobile. Pockets of airborne contamination travel down hallways and into reception areas, where the ventilation rate is much lower. Here, respiratory protection would be absolutely required to prevent an uptake by an unprotected visitor, sitting in a contaminated waiting area.
  3. Public and Private Washrooms - Viruses become systemic and leave our bodies in many ways, including via urine and feces, contaminating washrooms. Cold Spring Harbour Labs found viral microbes in feces, confirming that infected patients spread the microbe by more than just exhaled breath. Urine and feces are the normal routes for microbes to leave, and once these materials are in water, the microbe is released into the toilet's water system. Anyone working downstream like a plumber accessing drain lines could become infected. The flushing action of the toilet water swirls water into a vortex that can be quite violent, producing and releasing more viral aerosols into the washroom air. Men urinating in a urinal will produce an aerosol that could contaminate their clothing, as well as the floor below. Men standing up to urinate into a toilet bowl of water will produce an aerosol as the urine stream hits porcelain or the water surface. In my former life in Health Physics, one of my duties was to survey a nuclear medicine patient washroom daily, for contamination levels. The floor area around the toilet was grossly contaminated by men who had been given a radioactive drug but refused to sit to pee. I had to post an order. By the end of day, the entire floor was contaminated, and radioactive contamination had been tracked out into the reception area. The virus has an affinity for water, which supports it life. The toilet can easily become a constant source of airborne infection as contaminated water evaporates into the room air to infect others who enter without respiratory protection.

This virus appears to have some very nasty long term effects, and Chris Cuomo of CNN has talked about some of those effects after personally experiencing the damage produced by the infection.

Comment by Steve Staniek on April 20, 2020 at 3:22am


History has forgotten one of the most important roles in societies, that of the beggar. In ancient times, hierarchical pyramids were constructed to organize human societies into protected and productive communities.

The upper levels of those hierarchies contained the scribes and intellectuals with the requisite skills to produce enduring records that documented their:  glory, power, beliefs, agendas, achievements, etc, to preserve their narratives.  The upper levels of society were not interested in the lives or struggles of the lower levels, and consequently , their stories were never told.

I’m sure it would be an enlightening journey to travel back in time, and sit as a beggar in the market places of the world, over thousands of years, and soak up all the gossip coming and going. The beggar in the market place sees and hears all on many levels, and becomes the wisest man in village, soaring over the heads of the temple priests, politicians, and gods. Why? While he appears to be living on the margins of society, the beggar is perhaps the most integrated member of society as he experiences the flow of life in the community, he is what today’s journalists might call “the man in the street”, the bystander, the honest witness to history.  Priests, political leaders, and gods, live isolated lives in temples, halls, and on mountain tops, and are not part of the flow of life in a community. 

Why are we not interested in beggar history? Is the life of a pauper really less interesting than that of a prince? Are a beggar’s struggles to overcome great adversity in life, not worthy of telling? Hmmm…

Since stone age man learned to make scratches with stones on stones to make his mark on the world,  and leave a record of his existence here, humans have been telling stories. The stories usually reflect our struggles, conflicts, successes, fears, and sometimes even our failures.  While it may be true, that the beggar is the one of the last in society to become literate, he was surrounded by a community of writers, so why did they not tell his story? Too tragic, or too commonplace to be of interest?

Anyone who reads Patrick Suskind’s Perfume [1985], gets a inside look at grinding poverty in France. Patrick gives his impression of the devaluation of life in the French marketplace, which seems to be a place of great entropy, where society breaks down into its constituent parts before decaying.

I believe it’s time for another really good beggar story. Human life in the underbelly of humanity?

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