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Gretel finds her power

I've been dealing with the parental wound lately; the lack of mother love. It's funny but what the ups and downs of my relationship issues have been leading me to is not my animus but my Mother. I've come to realize that the great, big, gaping hole in me - the one that howls like a starving, half-crazed wolf - is Mother Hunger,…


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It's been a while since I posted; there was that thing with having to pay, and although I knew it would be easy to figure out I just didn't have the energy/feel it was time for me to do much here. Lately, tho, I've been feeling and itch to get back involved in the community. And, as I figured, it was a piece of cake to pay a bit of money and get back into things.

I've been posting on my own blog regularly. I kept thinking to myself "I really should post this on the…


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Who is the animus/anima?

I always thought the animus (or anima, if you're a man) was some random archetype of the opposite sex that you expressed the most. Now I wonder...


I figured my animus was Hermes because I have several Hermes-like traits, even though I feel nothing for him and he never appears in any active visualizations. By contrast, I have done a LOT of work with my inner Hades (who has a deep connection to my archetype, Persephone). So now I'm thinking... maybe our animus is actually the…


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