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OPUS Event, Nov 9 - 11 2012: 'Dreams: Medicines of the Soul'

News just in from Opus Archives:
We certainly find ourselves living in interesting times, and our dreams are reflecting not only the challenges, surprises and graces that we find in our outer waking lives, but also what is being evoked and felt deeply in our inner dreaming lives.  Dreams are the medicines of the soul, individually and collectively.  Remember what Joseph Campbell said, “Dreams are…

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Autumn Equinox: Whole-Souled Focus of Character

Hello all,

Some food for thought harvested from different parts of the web about today's Autumn Equinox (September 22) and the coinciding (ie, synchronising!) first quarter moon: 

1. 'Also called Mabon or the late harvest festival, [the Autumn Equinox] is celebrated when day and night are of equal length. It is a time of balance before the descent into the darkness of winter and a time to take stock of the fruits of the harvest - whether they are real fruit and vegetables you…


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Marion Woodman Lecture

Well I'm sitting here typing all excited, having discovered a treasure of a lecture - it's tucked away on the Washington National Cathedral website and is from 2005, but is timeless :)

In this lecture, Marion Woodman leads an exercise that gives a taster of her work; discusses Jung's ideas about body and soul; and explains what led her into Jungian analysis.

She also tells one of the stories…


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Joseph Campbell on Following the Song

’There’s an interesting paper, The Shaman from Elko, in thefestschrift novel volume for Joseph Henderson, a psychiatrist in San Francisco. It’s an account of a woman in West Virginia, in the coal mining areas there, who in her late sixties had the dreadful feeling that she had lost life, that she had never lived life, that there had been a life for…


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How Jung Defined his Work...

'Attempts at an understanding of the secret workings of the soul.'

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