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Robert Bly & Marion Woodman

Dear Alliance members (all 3,500 of you  - what a great number!),

I keep coming across reports of how well Robert Bly and Marion Woodman worked together at the Great Mother Conferences. Apparently they were quite the Katharine Hepburn / Spencer Tracy act!

I'm keen to hear from any of you who attended the Great Mother Conference and are willing to share your memories.

Also, if any genius among you can find footage of the two at the conferences anywhere…


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Peace one day: a note for all Alliance members

Last night the city of London was plunged into darkness at 10pm. I'm sure many other places were too. The #LightsOut campaign was a way for everyone to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, on August 4th 1914. The idea was to turn out our lights and light a candle in memory of those who gave their lives.

Many of you will be aware of the prophetic dreams - nightmares - that Jung experienced which were tantamount to premonitions of war.…


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About Time

I've been reading about soul and time.

One of the wisest descriptions I've come across is from poet John O'Donohue.

In this extract interviewer Krista Tippett asks him about time:

JOD: 'I think that one of the huge difficulties in modern life is the way time has become the enemy.

KT: Time is a bully. We're captive to it.

JOD: Totally, and I'd say seven out of every 10 people who turn up in a doctor's surgery are suffering from something…


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Counts of the Netherworld

Imagine a TV show about the collective unconscious...

A few weeks ago marked 20 years since the world was left a poorer place for the loss of Bill Hicks.

Bill was a comedian, a preacher and a prophet. A student of A Course In Miracles, he used comedy to convey his message about the need for humanity to evolve. (Consider his rallying cry of ‘not one human being excluded’…


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Video: Jung on the importance of myth

Don't miss this blisteringly brilliant one-minute clip of Jung speaking about man's need for myth:

“A man is not complete when he lives in a world of statistical truth.

He must live in a world of his biological truth.

Man has always lived in the…


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Happy Winter Solstice 2013

Here's a ritual from one of my favourite teachers, Robert Wilkinson of AquariusPapers

'Whether you're in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, there is a special [Winter Solstice] ceremony I do each year that yields some fairly spectacular results. This is not a very elaborate ritual, but it's very powerful in its simplicity.

The Solstices mark points of transition from an old "half year" of the Sun…


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Joan Fontaine, Rebecca & the Shadow

Who hasn't seen - and loved - Joan Fontaine in Rebecca? The news of Fontaine's passing on Sunday immediately brought to mind that amazing role she played.

As the second unnamed wife of Laurence Olivier's Maxim De Winter, Fontaine's heroine tiptoed around Manderley startled by shadows,…


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The Therapist's Task by John O'Donohue

View this 3-minute clip of the late, great John O'Donohue speaking on the therapists's task, then tell me your thoughts, please.

<iframe width="545" height="306" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

“Somehow the way that you would behold them might enable them to retrieve the lost kindness in their own eyes, so that they might learn to behold themselves truly... The…


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I Am Like A Rose

Dear members, 

Please share with me a favourite piece of poetry or prose that you feel describes the process of individuation.

Recently I discovered this poem and felt an instant YES!



I Am Like A Rose by DH Lawrence

I am myself at last; now I achieve

My very self, I, with the wonder…


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Does therapy have an image problem?

There's a brief and intriguing article in today's New York Times, asserting that psychotherapy has an image problem. Whether the author is being deliberately provocative or not, I like the article for the conversation it has generated - and in particular, this response, from a practising psychologist in Pittsburgh: 

'In reality, psychotherapy is nothing like a drug.…


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The royal baby & a nation's psyche

Have you seen this 3 minute clip of Prince William and Catherine presenting their newborn baby to the world?

To my mind, two extremely privileged people have had a child. All being well, little Prince George will one day be king. That's it; I'm quite neutral about it. So I must admit to feeling shocked by the reaction of the…


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The Star of David and the Divine Feminine

Today sees a rare aspect that some astrologers are calling 'horoscope history': a Grand Sextile Merkaba six-pointed star pattern or Star of David.

According to, "the Moon trines Venus to complete a grand sextile with Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto. This inscribed six-pointed star within the circle of the Zodiac is a pattern also known as a Star of David. It is…


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Jung on chickens, children and carrots.

According to a quote I've come across, Jung felt the problem with his (rich) female clients was that they were cut off from their biology, and therefore he advised them to 'go to the country and raise chickens, children and carrots.' 

I'm keen to hear what Alliance members think of this!

At first glance the quote appears to set the feminist movement back several hundred years *but* to my mind there is also deep wisdom in it - who doesn't first and foremost need to feel connected to…


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A nation's mother issues? On Thatcher & UK reaction

The news of the death of former prime minister Margaret Thatcher is stirring strong feelings. 

On the one hand are the platitudes from public figures including an epitaph from her political descendant, current prime minister David Cameron declaring that she…


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Clarissa Pinkola Estes on 'The Sweet Shadow: Darkness as Signal of Sweetness Underneath...'

'Dear Brave Souls: "The Sweet Shadow: Darkness as Signal of Sweetness Underneath..."

Many ways to understand shadow. In this image, there are shadows on the bananas, dark spots, not to mention shadows on the curled peels and between the fingers of the mother and child... and see the colors in the shadow to the right of the mother's hips? The shadows are not black, they are made of colors.

This past week, here, we have spoken…


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When A Pope Resigns...

The Catholic world has been struck by the resignation of its Holy Father - as was St Peter's Basilica by lightning on the very day his resignation was announced (Monday Feb 11 2013).

The image suggests to me that something very deep is at work here.

I'd love to hear from any Alliance members who…


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Happy Imbolc!

At the best of times, I love the Lunascopes of Rebekah Shaman.

She is a gifted writer who crafts beautiful emails according to the waxing of the moon. Today she surpasses herself with these beautiful words about Imbolc - and what an image!

This is all from her Lunascope enewsletter today: 

'Happy Imbolc, the Celtic Cross Quarter festival that celebrates the first…


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The Birth of a New Sun

Dear DPA friends,

Happy Winter Solstice - and happy beginning of the 14th Baktun of the Mayan calendar!

I'm posting the very best article I've found on the web about our much-misunderstood Mayan friends and today's auspicious date. 

Wise souls will know that the talk of the end of the world is misplaced; that what's actually happening is a birth:

'Within the Maya concept of time, what will happen on December 21 is not catastrophic. Everything said in the…


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OPUS Event, Nov 9 - 11 2012: 'Dreams: Medicines of the Soul'

News just in from Opus Archives:
We certainly find ourselves living in interesting times, and our dreams are reflecting not only the challenges, surprises and graces that we find in our outer waking lives, but also what is being evoked and felt deeply in our inner dreaming lives.  Dreams are the medicines of the soul, individually and collectively.  Remember what Joseph Campbell said, “Dreams are…

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Autumn Equinox: Whole-Souled Focus of Character

Hello all,

Some food for thought harvested from different parts of the web about today's Autumn Equinox (September 22) and the coinciding (ie, synchronising!) first quarter moon: 

1. 'Also called Mabon or the late harvest festival, [the Autumn Equinox] is celebrated when day and night are of equal length. It is a time of balance before the descent into the darkness of winter and a time to take stock of the fruits of the harvest - whether they are real fruit and vegetables you…


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