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Psyche Under Siege

After giving a lecture where I discussed the Holocaust, an elderly man approached me. I could see a genuine kindness and compassion in his face, and also sensed that his soul had seen far too much in his lifetime. He wanted me to re-consider my comment that we could never understand what created the Holocaust and ongoing acts of genocide.

Gently, yet firmly he explained that when we stop trying to understand, we open the door open for future occurrences. I immediately realized that I…


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Patterns of the Fall: Lies, Lance and Life Patterns

Elie Wiesel once commented that the true hero cares more about the spiritual welfare of their community than for their own needs.  So how…


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Patterns at Work, Patterns We Live By

In looking at patterns, we see an incarnation and expression of archetypes and spirit within the internal and external world.  The specific form and design of these patterns gives voice to the reality of these underlying shapers of experience.  


From the moment a dancer steps onto the stage, to the lyrical musings of a poet, and even to our most intimate of relationships, we find these highly stylized, patterns in our life.  Joseph Campbell allowed us to see that one’s life is an…


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