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The Depths of Darkness

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I crawl as stealthily as possible into the hallway, stop and wait. My parents have settled into their bed. Earlier, I dropped from mine to the floor soon after a ritual of saying goodnight to everyone and remaining there until I could no longer wait. I inch into…


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How to be a Good Consumer

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As I write this, it’s Black Friday, which to my mind is the highest ritual of consumer religion, attracting untold numbers of devotees of all races, classes, faiths and belief systems. Symbolically, Black Friday is the reigning idol of consumer religion. Already I have read reports about crowds of people vying for deals — people shot and stabbed, arrests made, fights and scuffles (there were even …


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Dream and Non-dream

I fell asleep in my daughter's room. She is three, and I drifted off while putting her to sleep.

I dreamed that my wife had set the cable box to the television out on the curb. I was very angry in the dream. She was hostile too. I brought the cable box back inside and hooked everything up. I tried to turn on the television. Emphatically, I pushed the on button. I woke up.

Awake, I left my daughter's bedroom and went into my bedroom. My wife was awake. She told me that the…


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