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Hillary’s Archetypal Challenges—And Ours

By Carol S. Pearson


Hillary Clinton has major archetypal advantages and faces equally major challenges, similar to ones we all confront in figuring out how to link our strengths with the needs of a time and place. I’m sharing this analysis of her archetypes as a model for what any of us can do to be effective in the environments we must deal with.


Strengths: Hillary’s Ruler[1] archetype strengths are important to the…


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The American Trickster & Our National Conversation

When problems seem overwhelming, the Trickster archetype often is called for. I’ve long been fascinated by its potential for liberation or con artistry. In fact, my doctoral dissertation looked at Trickster figures in books like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Catch-22, and Invisible Man. Dionysus, in my new book, Persephone Rising, is one also. This blog is triggered by Donald Trump’s candidacy, but it actually is about much more. All the attention on him…


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