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Archetypal Remedies for #MeToo and #TimesUp: How Not to Be Part of the Problem

Gender roles are in flux in a good way, so that we all have access to archetypes related to human attributes that have been divided up by traditional sex roles. Psychologists believed for much of the 20th century that mental health required fidelity to traditional sex roles, which often, when viewed in archetypal terms, meant Warrior and Explorer…


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Ghosts, Zombies, Vampires, and the Apocalypse: What Are They Warning Us About?

The most profitable film genre in America today offers horror, as does television: These include narratives about the apocalypse, ghosts, zombies, and vampires.

Why do we like them, and what are they telling us?

Given nuclear proliferation, terrorism, and climate change, it is no surprise that people are drawn to movies about the apocalypse. Some…


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