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Triggering Happiness Hormones In A Society in Turmoil

Ever feel lost, despairing, angry, and searching for answers? I have and found some answers through learning how to trigger my body's joy hormones.

  • Dopamine rewards accomplishment: Having goals, a purpose, and actively achieving desired outcomes.
  • Oxytocin rewards caring and belonging: Feeling connected to and supported by others; giving…

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens And Persephone Rises, Perhaps In You And Me

The situation is bleak. The dark side has taken over again, the proof of which is how regimented and violent its soldiers are, and the light is being held only by a rebel band, guarded by a republic. The two great masculine heroes—Luke Skywalker and Han Solo—have lost faith in their power to create change, so Han has gone back to trading and Luke is hiding out.

But Princess Leia has not lost faith. She is a general for the Resistance to the Nazi-like First Order, having traded her…


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Archetypal and Narrative Intelligence Tools for 2016

By Carol S. Pearson

Most people have no idea that the stories inside our heads determine much of what we notice in the world or how we string our observations together to make meanings of them. This suggests that stories that are invisible to us define a good deal of what we experience, so we continue to live these stories as if they were reality when they are not, even when they make us miserable. Understanding this can help us listen to others who see situations…


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