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Amabisti® Transdermal (21g πνεύμα HCl) — or Historical Tangent

When I was 10 years old, I had already gained the reputation of inventor.  My mother’s boyfriend at the time was a pretty smart guy.  He’s the one that told me I could be wasting a lot of time on perpetual motion machines.  I guess I was still young enough to heed good advice.  I moved on to the next machine.

I presented my mentor with my latest design, bouncing with anticipation of what he might say next.  He told me it was a very good design; and that it just might work as…


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Amat II

“The wealth of the soul exists in images.” ~CGJung is quoted by @Depthinsights on Twitter.  Images and symbols are our means of communication.  I’m hoping Noam Chomsky will not disagree with me on that.  So symbols, for the sake of non-debate, originate of the Collective Unconscious.  And for as long as mankind has been able to make his mark in a place, it has put them down…


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Only Amat?

Anakin stood before the Jedi Council when Yoda asked “how feel you?”  The Collective felt he had fear within him well before he had known for himself.  So they pressed the issue.  Anakin admitted he was experiencing fear, but asked defensively, “what’s that got to do with anything?”  Yoda answered the immediate question with “EVERYTHING!”  Then he continued the explanation “fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; and hate leads to…


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Triple Synchronicity and the Dark Smelly Place

Recently, two incidents of time and place looped around, intersecting in synchronistic repose.  But it wasn’t until my neighbor came to my door that I realized it.  Ken, my neighbor and unrelenting ball of octogenarian energy, held his head in shame when he had to tell me (by the prodding of his wife) he could no longer make good on our agreement.  I watched him shift from foot to foot, eyes down as a twelve year old admitting he broke a window.  He said “I can’t mow your lawn anymore.…


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Day in the Life of an Undead Puer

Christopher was 28 when I met him.  I was a 20 year-old agoraphobic, introvert shut-in of sorts.  I was having difficulty attending school, i.e., being in school with people.  Christopher and I only met once.  He was the younger brother of a good friend of mine.  He had come to visit his family in Michigan since he lived in Los Angeles.  His family placed a great deal of weight on education.  In fact, his parents, Doctors B., expected doctorate studies from all three of their boys. …


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