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Smithing, in its most limited sense, is the art of working metals into useful objects or forms with aesthetic value. This sense of the artful use of something takes the word beyond the province of metal work and into forms such as “wordsmithing” and “songsmithing.” In this post, I want to focus on the idea of “dreamsmithing.”…


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Five Keys for the Future of Dreams (Part Two)

When I first began writing about “keys for the future of dreams,” I had reached four key words when I had a dream that told me I had to add afifth word. Furthermore, the dream insisted, it had to be a fifth “C-word.”

Having learned that there is more wisdom in obeying the orders of dreams than in refusing them, I consulted the I Ching “dream gourd” that has become part of my daily practice.

The dream-gourd answered my query with Hexagram 3 (Zhun, tr. “beginning”).…


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Remembering Skye

[Note. I often have voice dreams without any accompanying imagery. They can be complex, with multiple voices, or simple and short. The tenor of the voice is often “commanding” and I take these to be “tasks.” Many of my publications have had their origins in such voice dreams. A recent one was: “Remember Skye.” What follows is what stands out in my memory.]

In the summer of 1992, I was invited to represent the United States at the 12th Dunvegan Castle Arts Festival in Scotland. The… Continue

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