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If a depth psychologist had been on staff.....

....Starbucks management would not have made fools of themselves by printing invitations on their coffee cups to discuss big topics like racism in America. Consulting DP: "It's a nice idea, but you're the container people, right? You wouldn't serve super-hot coffee without an adequate container, would you? If you're serious about furthering these difficult discussions, how about spending some of your revenue on paying diversity consultants and community leaders to facilitate safe and…


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Jung and Pauli

To write my Jung book, a critical examination of Jung's thought from an educator's point of view, I'm rereading him, including Psychology and Alchemy. Perhaps because of the topic, Jung ignores the wealth of Norse mythic imagery in Wolfgang ("Path of a Wolf") Pauli's dreams. Some seem to be about his personal myth, which could be the one-handed war god Tyr. Things often broke around Pauli ("the…

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A Brief Mythology of Petroleum

A depth look at oil production.

Introduction: Through a Mythic Rear-View Mirror

“The modern world is in some ways a dialogue between oil and water,” notes environmental professor David Orr in his book Earth in Mind:

Water makes life possible, while oil is toxic to most life. Water in its pure state is clear; oil is dark. Water dissolves; oil congeals. Water…


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Depth versus Deep

Hi everyone,


I'm at work on an anthology with the working title Writings in Deep Psychology, and I thought I'd post a brief piece of it having to do with what constitutes "depth psychology." My anthology will include work from a number of pioneers, including Wundt (yes, Wundt: he did something for depth but most textbooks ignore it), Fechner (a tremendous nature mystic), William James, Pierre Janet, Freud and the Freudians, Jung and the Jungians, and work from…


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What is Deep Education?

What is Deep Education?

by Craig Chalquist, PhD


Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself.

-- John Dewey

I am English by birth, but I am Early World Man. And I live in exile from the world community of my desire.

-- H. G. Wells

What if, as depth psychologically-minded cultural workers, we labored against falsely separating the…


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8 Lessons We Can Learn from Transnationals

In the same measure as the conscious attitude may pride itself on a certain godlikeness

by reason of its lofty and absolute standpoint, an unconscious attitude develops with a

godlikeness oriented downwards to an archaic god whose nature is sensual and brutal.

--CG Jung, Psychological Types

Fight the big corporations. Kill the multinationals. Break up the conglomerates and the consortiums. The problem of how to do…


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