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Happy Groundhawg's Day

Oh, hawg who dwelt in the ground.

Be not afraid of thyn Shadow.

That mystery, however frightful, is only the undiscovered side of yourself.

Come out of yourn cave, my friend.

A secret I shall share with you: buried in that Shadow, just underneath the tar, lays a bounty of gold.

Be not afraid nor overly critical.

For what you would shrink from and scold is none other than your divine hidden soul.

~James Burden

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Spirit of the Times:

By James Burden



Spirit of the Times:

War Against the Self

Have you taken notice of it? The battle raging in, and around, each of us. Something deep within is seeking it’s ascension, striving for recognition. Yet, we seem to be chiefly at odds… Continue

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Oedipus Amplexus

 Epilogue: The truth now known

“his destiny moves us only because it could have been our own”

I sought the truth. A struggle it did become.

I sought the answer. Horrified, am I, that the response can not be undone.

How long has this task…


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God: Toward Identifying the Lack of a Definition

God: Toward Identifying the Lack of a Definition…


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Remembering Joseph Campbell:

Many of us first discovered Joseph Campbell through the Power of Myth, a documentary series hosted by journalist Bill…


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C.G. Jung: Archeologist of the Psyche, Explorer of the Soul, Adventurer of the Imagination

Where others had been too timid to travel, where many had been too short sighted to envision, where few had been resourcefulness to return: Jung was there. His impulse to discovery lead him to territories of taboo that where and have been too extreme for a great deal of our mainstream psychologists. He was interested in Tarot, astrology, physics, magic, the occult, UFOs,…


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In the Beginning…there was the End

Mythic Meditations


There are people who say that the Mayan calendar is predicting the end of the world on Dec 21st 2012. Some Christian scholars say that the Rapture will occur on May 21st 2011 and that the Apocalypse will culminate with the destruction of the Earth by fire on October 21st that same year. It wasn’t too long ago that Y2K was said to be the end of modern civilization. One…


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The Wasteland is Waiting:

Mythic Meditations


A Call to Adventure &  A Cry for Authenticity

 “The theme of the Grail is the brining of life into what is known as ‘the wasteland’. The wasteland is the preliminary theme to which the Grail is the answer… It’s the world of people living inauthentic lives” Joseph…


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The Great Mystery

Mythic Meditations


What is Mythology? We are in no short supply of definitions and yet as of today there is no ‘Grand Unified Theory of Mythology’. It is an abstraction at its very best. To understand this mystery we draw from the fields of history, psychology, literature, religion, spirituality, philosophy, film, anthropology, science fact as well as science fiction. From Genesis to Star Wars we can follow its…


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