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Ecopsychology: On Educating Ourselves as Ecopsychological Beings in a Psychological World—An Interview with Dr. Lori Pye

As an activist working with NGOs to stop shark finning in Central America years ago, Dr. Lori Pye was once a target of a malicious act intended to intimidate her.

The experience plunged her into a sort of psychological crisis.…


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Dark Gifts of Drought

Donald says that he remembers a year when the hills did not turn green. He was forced to pump water from the lower pond, which fills first and quickly, to the upper, much larger pond, to capture and save what rain water he could.

This has not happened in the 20 years that I have lived on our ranch, but I do remember drought years in the late '80’s, and some before in the mid '70’s. We were living in Marin County at the time, and the reservoirs went dry. We were put on water rationing,…


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Ecopsychopathy and Sustainability: The End of Life as We Know It

In a recent blogpost, I wrote some introductory thoughts about what I’m calling “Culture Collapse Disorder,” an eco-psycho-pathological disorder in which human-made stressors stemming from culture and development (and their correlating underlying connected psychological issues) are causing a drastic systemic imbalance, manifest by a…


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Scientific study, cognitive behavioral techniques, self-help books, and political action will not do the trick.

"Scientific study, cognitive behavioral techniques, self-help books, and political action will not do the trick. We will not achieve the fundamental level of change and understanding…


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Navigating Trauma in the Face of Contemporary Culture, Displacement, and Ecological Destruction

In the heart of the jungle in Columbia, the U’wa people live a simple existence mostly beyond the reaches of modern society, having had little contact at all with the outside world until a few decades ago. Their indigenous relationship to the earth sustains them in a collective role as caretakers of the earth and an equal facet of nature. Thus, when the prospect of international firms making plans to drill into their ancestral lands for oil in the late 1990s arose, they perceived the concept…


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Wild Earth

The Wild Earth is a series of paintings that came through me last spring. I have felt a resonance with these pieces like no others, as though my own inner wilderness was released through the paint.

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Sing Rocks, Howling Wolves

Singing Rocks, Howling Wolves

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