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Cosmology, Ritual, and Ecology: A Message from the Kogi Indians of Columbia—An Interview with Lisa Maroski

Perhaps you’ve heard of a mysterious tribe of Native Indians who live high in the mountains of Colombia, speaking only their own original language, and having little contact with the outside world. These people, the Kogi Indians, have long referred to themselves as the “Elder Brothers,” as they carry the responsibility of being caretakers of the world, helping to…


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Asking for Divine Assistance

Greetings DPA hive,

I must cut to the chase so please forgive my curtness. I'm asking for assistance to retrieve my belongings from a storage facility, which also includes previously unseen video footage of a former LAPD narcotics officer I interviewed in 2012 in Sebastapol, CA regarding peak oil and the collapse we're witnessing in the US that he predicted with stunning accuracy in the documentary, Collapse [2010]. It is part of a book I'm working on.

Currently, I am house…


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Entrepreneur Puts Prisons to Shame, Turns Ex-Cons into Bee-Keepers - Keeping them Out of Jail

Sweet Beginnings, located in Chicago’s West Side, is a social enterprise business that turns former prisoners into beekeepers.

Excerpt: VonKisha Adams used to run…


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Message from Standing Rock Sioux Tribe

“We’re coming together because we were originally the custodians and there’s a responsibility to that. People may think that this is just an isolated situation, but I know the people, I know myself. No matter how angry I get… the love is greater and all I really want to happen is for everyone to have a sense of love. There’s a lot of forgiveness that happens here, a lot of forgiveness, and we’re doing it all from love. That’s native pride. That is true native…


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Depth Psychology and Climate Change - adaptation is the key

Hi All,

I'm making a documentary film about ecological adaptation and the transformation of modern myths from the limitless growth of free market economy to the archetype of loving home and taking care of the planet (which i frame as depth psychology in terms both ancient and postmodern).

Please watch the trailer at

If this inspires you, please donate - pledges being at just $5 and every…


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Joanna Macy and 'Sustaining the Gaze'

One of the many phrases that will stay with me from this week at Women's Future First 2014 Congress is that of Joanna Macy: sustaining the gaze. Even though what we see in the world is frightening and enraging, it is so important we witness (not deny) what mankind has…


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In Honor of Earth Day 2013: Nature Has No “Outside”-Navigating the Ecological Self

“Spirit is the inside of things and matter is their visible outer aspect” (Jung, in Sabini, 2005, p. 2).

“I can only gaze with wonder and awe at the depths of and heights of our psychic nature. Its non-spatial universe conceals an untold abundance of images which have…


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Do We Need More Psychology?

Dennis L. Merritt, Ph.D.

In the famous 1957 BBC interview, C.G. Jung proclaimed, “We need more psychology, the human psyche must be studied! Humans are the source of all coming evil.”

Psychology is positioned to usher in a holistic approach to the study of the human psyche, our relationship to the environment, and a truly interdisciplinary educational system. As Jung pointed out, all we know and experience comes out of the psyche and all our systems, including science, have…


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In the Face of Trauma: A Depth Psychological Approach

In the aftermath of the terrible tragedy of the Sandy Hook Newtown Connecticut mass school shooting, many of us are experiencing some degree of trauma–whether we knew the victims firsth or not. In fact, there are many reasons we may feel increasingly traumatized in a culture where chaos seems to be the norm, rather than the unusual.

Psychologist  trauma expert, Robert Stolorow (2010) designates the contemporary era an “Age of Trauma” because, according to…


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Navigating Trauma in the Face of Contemporary Culture, Displacement, and Ecological Destruction

In the heart of the jungle in Columbia, the U’wa people live a simple existence mostly beyond the reaches of modern society, having had little contact at all with the outside world until a few decades ago. Their indigenous relationship to the earth sustains them in a collective role as caretakers of the earth and an equal facet of nature. Thus, when the prospect of international firms making plans to drill into their ancestral lands for oil in the late 1990s arose, they perceived the concept…


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Sing Rocks, Howling Wolves

Singing Rocks, Howling Wolves

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This Week “In-Depth” - Depth Psychology-related stories for the week ending 12-26-10

Carl Jung & Jungian Topics: Dreams,Archetypes, Symbols 

Individuation: The Process of a Lifetime: Jung defined it as "the…


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“In-Depth” - This week’s Depth-Psychology-related News & Stories of Note for the week ending December 19, 2010

Carl Jung & Jungian Topics: Dreams, Archetypes, and Symbols

Dreamwork as a rewarding spiritual practice by Jean Raffa:…


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Best of the Best this Week in “Depth” December 12, 2010

Depth Psychology is the study of the Unconscious, an inquiry into what we don’t know by looking at how psyche emerges in symbols, mythology, art, & dreams and how we live out the repressed, the silenced, & the marginalized in our personal lives and in the culture at hand. It explores our relationship to soul, and includes ideas from anthropology, cross-cultural studies, ecology, philosophy, theology, indigenous cultures,…


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Deck the Halls with Ecostalgia and the Empty Self: Longing for Home at the Holidays

It's common to feel nostalgic during the holidays. “Nostalgia,” by modern definition, means a "wistful yearning for the past." Etymologically, the root "nostos" means "homecoming" and "algos" means "pain, grief, distress." Thus, nostalgia may be translated as "severe…


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