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Cosmology, Ritual, and Ecology: A Message from the Kogi Indians of Columbia—An Interview with Lisa Maroski

Perhaps you’ve heard of a mysterious tribe of Native Indians who live high in the mountains of Colombia, speaking only their own original language, and having little contact with the outside world. These people, the Kogi Indians, have long referred to themselves as the “Elder Brothers,” as they carry the responsibility of being caretakers of the world, helping to…


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Where Politics, Psyche, and Community Converge: An Interview with Andrew Samuels

U.K.-based psychotherapist and activist, Andrew Samuels has a long history as a consultant to political clients on the presidential and prime ministerial level. While Samuels first published Politics on the Couch in 2001 and The Political Psyche in 2015, his newest book, …


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Touching the Soul of the World: A Mythological and Soulful View of Chaotic Times—Free Audio Download

  When there is wounding in our culture, there is wounding to the of the world. Many may be feeling “world weary” at this moment in our modern world, but this mood of despair has happened before, suggests mythologist . A distortion in the culture, whenever it occurs, weighs on everyone in the culture—but people…


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The Politics of Feeling—30% off Newly Released James Hillman Audio Program for Depth Alliance members

30% discount for Depth Psychology Alliance Members on this newly released James Hillman Audio Program:
At a time when issues with culture and conflict seem to be "up" for many of us, the time is right to…

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Making Lemonade: Part 3

An Archetypal Plan for Recovering from the U.S. Presidential Election



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"Looking for Caesar" by Jeffrey T. Kiehl

Excerpt from a powerful new post by Jungian analyst and climate scientist, Jeffrey T. Kiehl:

“If we are stumbling into an era of dictators, Caesars, and incarnated States, we have accomplished a cycle of two thousand years and the serpent has again met with its own tail.…


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Barry’s Blog # 183: Trump: Madness, Machines, Migrations and Mythology, Part Five

“Stripping and Flipping” — Voter Suppression and Computer Fraud

The Democrats were defeated because of their own insolent incompetence, because of our antiquated electoral college system and because race is still the dominant factor in American life. That said, Clinton won more than the popular vote, and by over two million. She almost certainly won the Electoral College as well.

To go deeper, we have to get apocalyptic (to lift the veil from…


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Barry’s Blog # 182: Trump: Madness, Machines, Migrations and Mythology, Part Four

It Can’t Happen Here

In pursuing what led to the Trump “victory” – yes, I’m putting that in quotes – we’re beginning to observe an ongoing conflict between two themes: Lesser of two evils vs Cognitive Dissonance. As for the first, it’s clear by now, with two astoundingly unpopular major candidates, that literally millions of people on both sides held their noses and chose the least unfavorable, the one whose promises…


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Barry’s Blog # 181: Trump: Madness, Machines, Migrations and Mythology, Part Three

Race and Religion; Race and Social Class

Members of the clergy lay hands and pray over Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights

Meanwhile, four out of five white evangelicals, a quarter of the electorate, some thirty million people, voted for Trump – despite his serial adultery, his casinos, his shady deals, his narcissistic tantrums, his reality-TV clowning, his wife’s soft-porn photos, his palpable insincerity, his profoundly uncharitable threats and accusations, his obnoxious vulgarity, his…


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Barry’s Blog # 180: Trump: Madness, Machines, Migrations and Mythology, Part Two

Groping is a healthy thing to do. When you’re heterosexual, you grope, okay? –   Female Trump supporter.

 Race and Gender

I predicted during the Democratic primaries that

…Clinton will almost certainly win the nomination because she swept these states – none of which the Democrats have the slightest hope of…


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"The Social and Political Life of Shame in the U.S. Presidential Election 2016" by Mary Watkins, Ph.D.

Mary Watkins, Ph.D., is 
a professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute and co- founder of the Community Psychology, Liberation Psychology, and Ecopsychology Specialization in the M.A./Ph.D. Depth Psychology Program. 

Mary has generously provided…


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Mythological Legends as Portals to Personal Shadow, Group Trauma, and Cultural Complexes

Three of four Americans profess at least one paranormal belief, studies show, including a belief in ghosts, witches, or other magical entities.¹ There is a particular genre of folklore narratives called mythological legends, I recently learned, which are stories relayed as real experiences by real people, and which always involve paranormal…


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Confronting Signs of a Society in Decline—Depth Discussion with Journalist Chris Hedges

When I met Chris Hedges online for our recent interview together, I could see why Pacifica Graduate Institute invited him to speak at their milestone 40th anniversary celebration conference,…


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Unconscious Cultural Conditioning

How much are each of us unconsciously conditioned by the culture we live in, and how profoundly does it affect us? Sometimes our thoughts, beliefs, values, and behaviors stemming from our individual cultures are so pervasive and embedded that we can't perceive them the old adage about describing water to a fish. 

Researchers who go into other cultures to study them often go in with their own lens to try and find data...and of course,…


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How Many Climate Scientists Does It Take?--Media, Perception, and Soul Loss

American psychiatrist Robert J. Lifton identifies our very human tendency to ignore difficult realities and overwrite them with thoughts and beliefs that are more palatable as "psychic numbing." This allows our ego to distract itself enough that it doesn’t have to engage with inner and outer voices and images and movements that…


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In Honor of Earth Day 2013: Nature Has No “Outside”-Navigating the Ecological Self

“Spirit is the inside of things and matter is their visible outer aspect” (Jung, in Sabini, 2005, p. 2).

“I can only gaze with wonder and awe at the depths of and heights of our psychic nature. Its non-spatial universe conceals an untold abundance of images which have…


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Culture Collapse Disorder: Can Depth Psychology Help Us Cope?


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Psyche Under Siege

After giving a lecture where I discussed the Holocaust, an elderly man approached me. I could see a genuine kindness and compassion in his face, and also sensed that his soul had seen far too much in his lifetime. He wanted me to re-consider my comment that we could never understand what created the Holocaust and ongoing acts of genocide.

Gently, yet firmly he explained that when we stop trying to understand, we open the door open for future occurrences. I immediately realized that I…


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Our Modern Cultural Mindset & the Forward Thinking of Carl Jung



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Watching without Seeing: A Pathological Cultural Disorder?

Most of us have had the experience of feeling stopped, stuck, or paralyzed in our lives, unable to progress, to access creativity, meet deadlines, sometimes even to manage basic obligations. Being immobilized is hardly pleasant, but it is absolutely a hallmark of impending…


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