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Barry’s Blog # 155: The Modesty Doctrine, Part One of Two

What do you think when you see a woman wearing a Muslim head scarf or veil? I certainly experience quite a mix of feelings and judgments. Whereas most Americans once thought it was a mere curiosity, now we can’t escape the constant flow of images – and political fear mongering – that for better or worse, force us to wonder: What does this mean? How does she want us to interpret her appearance in our secular American public spaces, where so many of us see her only as the Other? Who forces her…


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Instinct, Reason, and Subjectivity

"The latest large event -- the engineering of a large-scale atomic chain-reaction, because it involves not just the opinions but the bodies of our species, too -- has waked up every archetype, every instinct, in the billion-year-old breast of humanity. It is hoped by multitudes that the psychological shock will have even more benefit... in better times... from all the fragments of atoms men can harness. It may, if a man at last appreciates he is an animal and takes charge of himself…


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Will you catch me when I fall? : Living the Symbolic Life

     “Will you catch me when I fall?”  Those are the words of a refrain from a Danish song by the group Danser med Drenge (Dancing with Boys).  The image helped me recall the old trust games used in group-building back in the day.  Someone stood in the…


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We are thrilled to be here with you!

Daryl Sharp, founder and publisher of Inner City Books, has dedicated his life to promoting an understanding and practical application of the work of C.G. Jung. We are delighted to be able to join the Depth Psychology Alliance - a forum that shares this passion. We look forward to an interesting exchange of ideas. We'd love to see you on our Facebook page, where we feature our own titles -- all exclusively by Jungian analysts -- and…


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Barry’s Blog # 154: Creative Etymology for a World Gone Mad, Part Two


Part of the work of bringing soul back into the world is learning to address this world — and each other — with beautiful, complex, multi-faceted, nuanced (slight difference, shade of color, mist, vapor, cloud) language (tongue; Spanish: lengua), and to know how our words have evolved over many centuries from their original Greek, Latin or…


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Instinct, Reason, and the Nature of Awareness

"If he sees the world as I see it -- a world of men... acting in national concerts, and privately, by instinct -- a world of men who rationalize what they do so that it will seem holy, or noble... or a personal evidence of "righteousness" -- a world of men who possess sudden and enormous physical strength but hardly more sense than apes -- and if this spectacle afflicts the days and hours of the reader with as much misgiving and anxiety as I have suffered from it, and if he finds in…


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Barry’s Blog # 153: Creative Etymology for a World Gone Mad, Part One


As a mythologist I am neither objective nor dispassionate, but interested (to “be between”) in complication (“folding together”). Although I do regret not taking Latin in high school or Greek in college, I proudly admit to being an amateur (from amare, “to love”). I love words and I love stories. I’m neither a scientist nor a theologian but a reckless dilettante (“to take delight”). I’m interested in what Utah Phillips called the…


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