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“Earth, Climate, Dreams", the BOOK!—13 In-Depth Conversations with Depth Psychologists in the Age of the Anthropocene

Announcing “Earth, Climate, Dreams”—the BOOK! 13 in-depth conversations with Depth Psychologists on how we address these critical topics in the Age of the Anthropocene.

Contributors include Jungian analyst Jerome Bernstein; climate scientist and Jungian,…


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The Royal Road to Nervous System Regulation

Many people who talk about distressing life experiences in therapy are never given the opportunity to work with the experience in the arena of their imagination. Please click on the link below for the complete article:

The Royal Road to Nervous System Regulation

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Barry's Blogs # 276-278: What Will the New Myths Be?

Part One

Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them. –  Albert Einstein

What is now proved was once imagined.  – William Blake

The situation is so dire that we can’t afford the luxury of realism. – Caroline Casey

My book Madness at the Gates of the City: The Myth of American Innocence first appeared in 2010. Since then…


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Barry’s Blogs # 143 &144: What If We Allowed That To Happen?

Part One

Readers of this blog may recall that one of the basic aspects of the myth of American Innocence is what I have called the Paranoid Imagination. Previous essays on this subject include The Paranoid Imagination, Porn (Parts …


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Barry’s Blogs # 274 & 275: Well, Don’t You Know?

Part One

June 2019. Netflix releases When They See Us, Ava DuVerney’s superb miniseries on the Central Park Five case.

In the first two weeks of the month, the seventh African-American transgender woman is murdered this year.…


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Finding YOUR Way to Self Care

Ivanka Trump was widely panned for suggesting that busy mothers should get regular massages, because for many of us that’s just not realistic.

I myself, have never been into meditating. And if I don’t like something, I’m not going to end up doing it.

A friend says that people always tell her to slow down, but she’s a raging extrovert. Being around lots of people is what recharges her.

Self-care requires clarity about what we…


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Barry’s Blog # 270-273: The Myth of the Good War

Part One

I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars. – Franklin D. Roosevelt, 10/30/1940

In spite of the risk involved, however, in letting the Japanese fire the first shot, we realized that in order to have the full support of the American people it was desirable to make sure that the Japanese were the ones to do this so that there should remain no doubt in…


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Be Wise Now: A Guide to Conscious Living - Book Launch

Hi everyone,
I wanted to let you know that my new book, Be Wise Now, officially launches today. 
What is Be Wise Now Be Wise Now is a guide to help you discover—and learn to use—your natural and acquired gifts and strengths so you can deal decisively with the obstacles that life delivers.
Here is what Bonnie Bright had to say about it:

"This book may well be the most…


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Is There an Extraneous Source for Human Violence and Insanity?

Part 1 - Who Profits Most from Human Violence and Insanity?

War refugees, and those of us who have been traumatized by human violence and insanity, go on to study these greatly destructive human traits (?) from micro to macro. Because of our commitment, we conduct in depth searches for root causes that dismiss and cross many protective: cultural, religious, and political boundaries that evolved over time, or were put in place to protect their narratives and the power structures that…


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Barry’s Blog #32: The Two Great Myths of the 20th Century

 My point, once again, is not that those ancient people told literal stories and we are now smart enough to take them symbolically, but that they told them symbolically and we are now dumb enough to take them literally. ― John Dominic Crossan

Where were you (or your parents) on October 12th, 1944? If you were a teenage girl in the New York City area, you might have been in or, more likely, outside the Paramount Theater, …


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Finding Yourself and Expanding Your Horizons

Western culture emphasizes individualism and, therefore, being authentic and true to who we are. Who we are, of course, is influenced by others, who also may be influenced by us. Social neuroscientists have posited that humans evolved through interactions, as each person, each group, and each region shared their stories with…


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Barry’s Blog # 268, 269: The Singing Policeman

I’ve been a sports fan my whole life. As an adult I coached little league and played softball and volleyball for 25 years. I used to love to go to baseball games. I don’t anymore.…


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Goodbye, Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, is the largest single structure on earth built by living organisms. A 2012 report showed that thirty percent of  it had already been killed off by ocean warming. Another 20 percent was lost in 2018. Half of the chain has disappeared into bleached, skeletal form, and this entire 2,600 kilometre chain of reefs off the northeast of Australia will all be dead within a decade. Eventually,…


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Witnessing Tree Spirits


Our property on the Bay of Quinte is home to several species of native trees. In one area we call the glen, we’ve been witnessing an ongoing onslaught by invasive insects. Over a period of three to four years we watched helplessly as the ash trees slowly lost their battles to the Ash Borer Beetle. It bores pencil holes into the bark, then tunnels…


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Spectacular Light

The thing about living is light. It surrounds us, breathes through us – not in us but through us. The force of it is subtle as the New Mexico breeze I hardly notice under the hot summer desert sun then suddenly become acutely grateful for when under the shade of a hundred-year-old cottonwood tree.

 Light informs my psychotherapeutic work with…


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How has 250 years of US violence altered American DNA?

How are humans permanently changed by violence in their environment?

Human fossil history suggests that about 25% of us were killed with some form of human violence in the past. Those of us who study human violence longitudinally, and recognize it’s ubiquitous nature, are still trying to identify a common source.  Is “environmental violence”, the violence that occurs around us every day, in various forms including news reports and entertainment, itself the…


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Barry’s Blog # 14: The Royal Wedding

In April 2011 a million people gathered in London. News reporters showed that many were apparently weeping with joy. Broadcast in over 180 countries to perhaps 160 million viewers, the wedding was one of the most watched events in TV history. With an additional 70 million live internet streams, the Guinness Book gave it the record of “Most Live Streams for a Single Event”, beating out 2009’s memorial service for Michael Jackson (see below).

Hundreds of…


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Barry’s Blog # 31: The Race Card

The root of the White man’s hatred is terror, a bottomless and nameless terror, which focuses on this dread figure, an entity which lives only in his mind. – James Baldwin

As I considered the dark anniversary that is approaching, after all the writing I’ve done about race in America, it came to me as a shock of insight. It was so obvious, yet I hadn’t noticed it before. I was talking with a friend about white privilege, when he interrupted me and…


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