Glittering with flecks of golden light [1], one half of each ray of the sun portrays a part of its true nature as the observer is forced to see the dark and light halves as a tension of opposites, turning the double quaternity into a possible quadruple (16), still reducible to 4.

The center has turned yellow on this semi-sub level, holding these opposites together and making a third pattern. Incidentally, hypnogogic imagery is observed like this, with moving geometric patterns filled with detail, often radiating light.

The golden dots add to the identification with the sun of the glass mural, which also radiates them. No longer appearing clockwise after their release, they wander, turning counter-clockwise. On the ceiling, this configuration of dots is depicted wafting down to to land gently on the blue (golden) flower [2].

[1] “… lumen naturae is the light of the darkness itself…” Collected Works vol. 13, Alchemical Studies, Paracelsus as a spiritual phenomena.

“This light [scintilla = sparks] is the lumen naturae which illuminates consciousness…”

“Since consciousness has always been described in terms derived from the behavior of light, it is in my view not too much to assume that these multiple luminosities correspond to tiny conscious phenomena.” On the nature of the psyche, Collected Works vol. 8, The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche.

[2] See Jung, Collected Works, Vol. 13, Commentary On The Secret of the Golden Flower.

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