New Book!—Depth Psychology and the Digital Age

New Publication: Depth Psychology and the Digital Age — Edited by Bonnie Bright

Now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle!

Publication Info: Depth Psychology and the Digital Age, edited by Bonnie Bright. Published November 2016 by Depth Insights.  $14.99 Kindle, 331 pages; $17.99, Paperback 280 pages

Google “the digital age” and you’ll discover it is rather broadly defined as “the present time”—when most information is available in digital form, as compared to the era before the rise of computers in the 1970s. Depth psychology is the study of the soul, first and foremost associated with uncovering and exploring the unconscious. This diverse and compelling collection of depth psychological insights reveals the archetypal aspects at work on all of us in the depths of the digital age.

For one of the founders of modern depth psychology, Carl Gustav Jung, who was born in 1875 and died in 1961, the “digital age” remained in potentia, but even more than half a century ago, he had significant concerns about the challenges of a growing mind/matter split and the excessive focus of western cultures in particular on science, technology, and rational thinking at the expense of more soulful, reflective way of being. Jung warned that this trend toward “modernity” could be detrimental unless modernity could be adequately acknowledged and dealt with from a psychological view.

What is asked for is that we re-boot our understanding of the psychological and soulful aspects of technology in order to adopt a new way of being in a digital world. The contents of this volume are profoundly archetypal, proffering a chance to re-invent our relationship to the digital age and re-infuse it with meaning and soul.

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