The Mystic Fool—DETAILS for the 9-Module Transformational Course with Eva Rider, MA

The Fool's Archetypal Path in Tarot and the Hermetic Tree of Life offer us keys to navigating our lives with meaning and purpose in our polarized, changing world

Join Eva Rider, MA, LMFT starting October 8, 2017, for “The Mystic Fool on the Serpent Path Home: Unveiling Masks & Mirrors of the SELF in Tarot”An Experiential 9-module Journey through the Tarot (PLUS a free introductory pre-recorded video lecture)

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Why is Tarot relevant to us now?

The Hermetic Tree of Life offer us a Map and Mandala for the Soul's journey to Consciousness.

The Archetypal Images of the Tarot's Major Arcana serve as a guide through the alchemical changes that initiate us to a reclaiming of the Self. In a time of vast planetary changes, polarities, transitions, quickening and metamorphosis, it’s easy to find ourselves caught between the betwixt and between and experiencing deep grief, fear and despair. 

Examining the Major Arcana of the Tarot, we find the ancient archetypal pathways reveal the masks and mirrors of ourselves and the initiations we undergo on our path towards consciousness.


Our goal of unification with the Self has been called by the alchemists 'the elixir or life" and "the philosopher's stone" We are on a journey of initiation to learn to inhabit our role as creator, mediator and steward of the gods. We endeavor to return to the sacred art which Jung called the work of Individuation and the Alchemists called the artless art, the sacred in matter.

Beginning with unconscious, dark, primal matter, the “prima materia" which seems of no value, the alchemists sought a way to transform it into gold which is an incorruptible pure substance of great value. 

Jung rediscovered the alchemists' forgotten mysteries and through entering into the alchemical operations via active imagination, he unveiled the psychic structure of psyche. When we shine a light in the darkness we uncover what is hidden in shadow, lurking in the depths. and then and only then, can we begin to see what we is laid before us through self-reflection, discrimination and love. We begin to build bridges that link the polar opposites, elevate them and transform them into to the Third or "Transcendent function" and move to an expanded perspective that offers choice and ultimately wisdom and understanding.


The Ancient Hermetic Tree of Life serves as a scaffolding and ladder for the archetypal Fools return journey to source along the winding and ascending Serpent Path. The Initiatory pathways of the 22 tarot cards of the major arcana symbolize and embody the masks we wear and the mirrors we encounter as we face the shadows in our changing and evolving selves.

Exploring and dreaming into the archetypes represented by these "keys" reveals the alchemical processes that are embedded and alive in theTree of Life and in our lives.


The Fool is an apt symbol of the journeying Self in each of us. Our individual pathways are unique but we must each undergo initiations of the Collective that may lead us from folly to wisdom and transform the lead of unconsciousness into the Alchemical Gold of the Sage.

When we focus, play, meditate on or render these cards by creating our own, we are accessing the power of the collective and bringing it into matter and the journey is a spiral one back to center.

As we will be focusing on the Archetypal realm, big life dream images may emerge and be integrated. As we invite imagination, dreams, music and story, the fool may surprise us at every turn as we inhabit the depths of these personal and archetypal passages of change. 


Join Eva Rider, MA, LMFT  in a 9-module adventure, traveling with the mystic fool, uncovering the masks and mirrors of the Self on the pathways to home.



Part ONE: The Mystic Fool, Jung and the Tree of Life (Includes Sessions 1 & 2)

"The serpent is the earthly essence of man of which he is not conscious….it is the mystery that flows to him from the nourishing earth-mother."

—C.G. Jung, The Red Book (p. 247)


INTRO--Free Introductory Lecture, available now via Video Recording

- Introducing the Mystic Fool as symbol of Self "0" and Guide.

- The Fool and his significance in Esoteric mystery Tradition, The - Fool's Ascent on the winding Serpent Path of the Hermetic Tree of Life, the 22 pathways of Initiation

- A Brief Introduction to the Three worlds of Matter, Psyche and Spirit and intimations of the fourth World (Lapis and Philosopher's Stone)


Session 2—October 8

- C.G. Jung, the wisdom of the Tree of Life and its archetypal signposts and pathways to Individuation.

- Exploring the symbols of transformation:

Ouroborus, the Tension of Opposites, the Transcendent Third and  Alchemical processes. - Engaging the dance of masks and mirrors in Active Imagination, Pathworking and Shadow work.



Part Two: The Fool: Masks and Mirrors - Paths of Initiation through Tarot (Includes Modules 3-9)

“In the mid–path of my life, I woke to find myself in a dark wood,' writes Dante, in The Divine Comedy, beginning a quest that will lead to transformation and redemption. A journey through the dark of the woods is a motif common to fairy tales: young heroes set off through the perilous forest in order to reach their destiny, or they find themselves abandoned there, cast off and left for dead. The road is long and treacherous, prowled by wolves, ghosts, and wizards — but helpers also appear along the way, good fairies and animal guides, often cloaked in unlikely disguises. The hero's task is to tell friend from foe, and to keep walking steadily onward.”

Terri Windling


Session 3—October 15

The World (Anima Mundi)

The Moon



Session 4—October 22

The World (Anima Mundi)

The Moon



Session 5—October 29

The Sun

The Star

The Tower


Session 6—November 12

Temperance or Art

The Devil



Session 7—November 19


The Hermit



Session 8—December 3

The Hanged Man

The Wheel of Fortune

The High Priestess


Session 9—December 10

The Lovers

The Emperor

The Chariot


Part Three: The Fool's Return Home  - Alpha and Omega (Includes Session 10)

“The true feminine is the receptacle of love. The true masculine is the spirit that goes into the eternal unknown in search of meaning. The great container, the Self, is paradoxically both male and female and contains both. If these are projected onto the outside world, transcendence ceases to exist. The Self—the inner wholeness—is petrified. Without the true masculine spirit and the true feminine love within, no inner life exists…. To be free is to break the stone images and allow life and love to flow.”

—Marion Woodman, Addiction to Perfection: The Still Unravished Bride


Session 10—December 17

the Hierophant, the Empress, the Magician

…and there and back again..the Fool



EVA RIDER MA, LMFT is a Board Member of the Depth Psychology Alliance. Eva Rider is a licensed Jungian Depth Psychotherapist, workshop leader group facilitator and lecturer. She has taught classes at John F. Kennedy to Graduate students in Jungian Psychology, Deamwork and Myth. She has since taught classes nationally and in Canada on Jung, Alchemy and  Hermetic Tree of Life, The Fool's Journey in Tarot, Fairytales and Dreams and Sacred Geometry and Divination.

Eva holds degrees from McGill University in History and JFK in Clinical Psychology. She has worked extensively with Marion Woodman, Mary Hamilton (movement) Leadership Training in 2007, and holds certifications in Hypnotherapy, SoulCollage®, Movement-Expression® and completing certificationTRE® (Trauma and Tension Release).

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REGISTER FOR THE FULL 9-MODULE COURSE (includes 1 FREE pre-recorded session, plus 9 additional sessions offered live with Eva starting October 8, 2017)

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