Jung and Astrology - An Eight Week College-Level Course!

Jung and Astrology

An eight week college level course!

Includes one free class plus eight full modules with resources and further learning opportunities available through our online learning platform. Successfully complete all of the assignments in the online learning platform and earn a certificate of completion!

Attendees may also simply audit the course, without needing to complete assignments for credit.

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“In cases of difficult psychological diagnosis I usually get a horoscope in order to have a further point of view from an entirely different angle. I must say that I very often found that the astrological data elucidated certain points which I otherwise would have been unable to understand.” C. G. Jung (Letters I, p. 475).

C. G. Jung began his study of astrology while he was still working with Sigmund Freud. His initial interest in astrology seems to have been a study in the history of psychology. As he has said of the practice, “Its value is obvious enough to the psychologist, since astrology represents the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity” (Jung, CW 15, par. 81). As he continued to explore astrology, however, he discovered that it was not only of historical, psychological, and symbolic importance, but that it was also of practical value. Like many who have explored astrology, Jung found that, however illogical and irrational it may appear to be, astrology does seem to work. His well-known theory of synchronicity was at least partially an attempt to explain why this might be so. At the same time, Jung understood astrology’s value as coming not so much from the stars, as from the deep archetypal layers of the collective unconscious. Join us for this eight week college level course to learn and understand more of what Jung had to say about the cultural and psychological importance of astrology and astrological symbols.

Each weekly meeting will include a presentation and explanation of some aspect of Jung’s work with and relationship to astrological ideas. A discussion and question/answer session will follow. Additionally, a wealth of resources for further study will be available to participants through our online learning platform. Those participants who successfully complete the assignments in the online learning platform will receive a certificate of completion which may be used as credit toward a future certification program. Don’t miss this opportunity to understand Jung’s use of astrological symbols and ideas and how he applied these ideas towards an understanding of human behavior and development. You do not need to have any understanding of astrology to benefit from this comprehensive introduction to C. G. Jung’s writings on astrology and astrological symbols.

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View the free introductory class below!


Click Here to Register for Jung and Astrology, 8-week course!

Participants will take part in eight weekly classes, plus one free introductory class

Start time for each event is 1pm PST (4pm EST) 90 min

  1. Free! Jung and Astrology: An Overview – Free! – Saturday, Feb 27
  2. Module 1: The Basics of Astrology – Saturday, March 6
  3. Module 2: The History of Astrology – Saturday, March 13
  4. Module 3: Jung’s Encounter With Astrology – Saturday, March 20
  5. Module 4: Jung’s Astrologers – Saturday, March 27
  6. Module 5: Astrology in Jung’s Writings – Saturday, April 3
  7. Module 6: Archetypal Symbolism in Astrology – Saturday, April 10
  8. Module 7: Philosophical and Scientific Questions Around Astrology – Saturday, April 17
  9. Module 8: Jung’s Influence on Contemporary Astrology – Saturday, April 24

    Participants will:
  • Learn the basics of Jung’s theory and how he applied it to his understanding of astrology.
  • Discover some of the psychological implications of the historical understanding of astrological symbols.
  • Discover a wealth of resources for deepening their understanding of Jung’s approach to astrology and how his ideas have impacted modern astrological thought.
  • Learn how applying Jung’s theory to the ideas of contemporary astrology can help to focus one’s ongoing engagement with the individuation process.
  • Have an opportunity to complete online assignments toward earning a certificate of completion (certificate of completion may be used as credit towards certification in depth psychology through the Depth Psychology Alliance).


Can't attend live? Each class will be recorded and made available for all registrants.

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About Your Instructor
James R. Newell, PhD
Vanderbilt University

James Newell is an educator, counselor, personal coach, professional musician, and the director of the Depth Psychology Alliance. James earned his master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling and Theology from Vanderbilt University Divinity School, with a focus on Jungian psychology. He earned his doctorate in History of Religions from the Vanderbilt University Graduate School of Religion. James teaches online courses in world religions for Central Michigan University, Excelsior College, and other schools. For the past several years he has been developing a certification program in depth psychology offered through the Depth Psychology Alliance. We recently graduated our first cohort in the program.

Pricing (early sign-up is by Thursday, March 4, 2021):

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$249.00 regular

$249.00 early sign-up
$279.00 regular


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