Delve "DEEP" into Soul

Delve DEEP into soul!

If you look closely at the offerings in the honeycomb image on our home page, you’ll note Depth Psychology Alliance offerings spell out the acronym “DEEP”

The “D” in DEEP stands for DIALOGUE, and encompasses everything related to the opportunity for individuals and organizations from all over the world to correspond and collaborate with one another, no matter their location. Our DIALOGUE offering focuses on the wellbeing and nurturance of the Alliance community—how we interact and communicate with one another

The first “E” in DEEP stands for EXPLORE, which reflects Depth Alliance as the “go to” destination explore and learn about all things depth psychology. This includes educational or academic events running the spectrum from single standalone webinars to webinar series or “classes” to ultimately, a certificate in Depth Psychology.

The second “E” in DEEP stands for  EXPERIENCE, and provides online and offline events and experiential groups that foster growth and individuation of individual members AND of the community through use of depth methods, such as dreamwork, active imagination, reading circls, etc.

The “P” in DEEP stands for POLLINATE, which offers the opportunity for individuals to find resources, training, support to help extend their depth offering in the world, either personally or professionally. This offering may ultimatelyinclude everything from classes on how to write, publish, use APA—to how to set up a blog or website and use social media—to a formal certification course in coaching and depth psychology from which we would ultimately prepare group leaders and presenters for paying positions via the Alliance. Eventually a Professional society may emerge under this umbrella as well.

A hub for "all things Depth Psychology," with over 5000 members, Depth Psychology Alliance is FREE to join. Simply sign UP or sign IN to comment or post.






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