If you have reviewed opportunities for FREE promotion on Depth Psychology Alliance and looked at ways to get help setting up your own event, check out the following paid advertising services available via the Alliance:

  • WE POST your news, events, blog posts, or offerings in the EVENTS, FORUM, or BLOG section on Depth Psychology Alliance—$20 each, or up to 20 posts of any kind (you provide copy and/or graphics) and we do the rest for just $50/a month. 
  • BANNER AD that appears on all pages of the Alliance: Your event can be featured on the right side of all pages on the Alliance. Requirements for your ad: We need a graphic banner ad that measures no more than 300 pixels wide and 300 pixels tall. The upfront fee for one month is $250, or $400 for two months (This can be pro-rated). Banner design is available for an additional $75.

  • INCLUSION of your news, promo, or event in the The Buzz NEWSLETTER that is emailed directly to over 5000 opt-in recipients: We can include up to 200 words of text, plus we will post your image and a link to your event posting. Requirements for this advertising service: We need at least ten days of notice, and the upfront fee is $150.

  • Stand-alone PROMOTIONAL EMAIL to all Alliance members: Your promotional email can include your graphic, up to 400 words of text, and a link to your full ad posting on the Alliance. Requirements for this advertising service: Five business days of prior notice, and the upfront fee is $250.

  • Direct EMAIL INVITATION to all members of the Alliance with up to 50 words of text and that links to your event page? Requirements for this advertising service: It is not possible to include an additional link or image, but the invitation will take users to your existing event page on Depth Psychology Alliance; two business days of notice; and the fee is $150.
  • AD in Depth Insights™ scholarly journalquarter-page, half-page, or full page ad. Semi-annual Summer and Winter issues are typically published around July/August and December/January

  • Interested in layering your approach? Consider a PACKAGE that includes a direct email to nearly 5,000 opt-in individuals, inclusion in the Alliance newsletter, and an interview for Depth Insights podcast. Please email for rates.

IF you are a seasoned presenter and would like to partner with Depth Alliance to sponsor your course and manage all of the needed elements to host and market your event, please email us here for possible consideration.

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