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Jung and Mythology: An 8 Week College Level Class

Jung and Mythology Learn How C.G. Jung Revolutionized Our Understanding of Myth. A nine week college level course! Led by James Newell, PhD Includes one free class plus eight full modules with res… View »

The BUZZ Newsletter—Depth Psychology Alliance News & Events, September 2017

Click below to download a clickable PDF of the latest Depth Alliance newsletter, The BUZZ—September 2017 for depth psychology news and events:  The-Buzz-Depth-Psychology-Alliance-S View »

PRESENTERS: Earth, Climate, Dreams Symposium 2017

The "Earth, Climate, Dreams Symposium: Depth Psychological Reflections in the Age of the Anthropocene" took place in early 2017 and served as a fundraiser to help support Depth Psychology Allianc… View »

The Mystic Fool—DETAILS for the 9-Module Transformational Course with Eva Rider, MA

The Fool's Archetypal Path in Tarot and the Hermetic Tree of Life offer us keys to navigating our lives with meaning and purpose in our polarized, changing world Join Eva Rider, MA, LMFT starting O… View »

Jung and Alchemy: An 8-week college level course 4 Comments

Jung and Alchemy Learn how C.G. Jung revolutionized our modern understanding of the ancient art and practice of alchemy. An 8-week college level course, plus one free Intro class! This course incl… View »


What is Depth Psychology? About Depth Psychology Alliance Our Mission and Vision Advisory Board Alliance Partners Navigating the Site How Can I Use the Site? News & Press Editorial Policy Allian… View »

US Election 2016 Resources

Making Lemonade: An Archetypal Plan for Recovering from the U.S. Presidential Election: Blog Series: Parts 1-3 —BLOG Series by Alliance member Carol Pearson Trump: Madness, Machines, Migration… View »

Symposium Bios: Earth, Climate Dreams: Depth Psychological Reflections in the Age of the Anthropocene

This 6-week symposium offers a multi-layered opportunity to engage the topic with peers from a depth psychological perspective, allowing deep reflection and thoughtful response, as well as real conne… View »


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