Questions & Comments Posted To Panelists For Event 2, June 20, 2015

Thanks to everyone who posted or asked questions during the event. We didn't have time to get to them all and encourage you to answer each other here and keep the conversation going....

For me Depth Psychology holds a lot of space to talk about symbolic reality (the vastness of the inner world), self-realization & primary the consideration of the Unconscious reality & making space for that (Intersubjective Space) & learning how to work with that relationally. We can work with imagination, dreams & the key is how to integrate the peaces of our puzzles individually & how to do so in couples, family, groups & community. So much to do!!


We have a very serious failure of the imagination in our culture. When we have a failure of the imagination we have a failure of empathy and when this happens soul is not allowed into relationships or into the collective in a conscious way. In order to move we must reimagine how to excite the imagination of a culture...


How deep is Depth?  What are the dimensions and dynamics of Depth?


Could Michael (Bogar) elaborate on what aspects of 12-step are depth/sacred experiences? Connection? Community? REalizing all have stories, entereing into the human family? Safe space to be vulnerable?...etc??



As an artist, I am interested in how the creative arts weave into your work with depth psychology and can you speak to how the "oblique angle in" or "second language" of the imagination deepens your work ? Thank you...



Though the news is relevant and in our faces, yesterday's news is today's news and tomorrow's news, viewed in overview. Perhaps the vertical depths and heights of psyche are now being pushed further open to be accessed - as I gather is the subject of this discussion, among other things, it seems - and what this relates to me is the terra incognito beyond our Depth Psychology jargon and even much deeper than talk therapy. The somatics of our soul/body embodiment is, in my experience, need to be activated - beyond conversation. Catharsis, physical action married to mind awareness, etc. are what I see as necessity for the future of Depth Psychology - along with the work that is now going on....




Isn't it time to reflect on the concept of collective unconscious and confront the projections the "majority" in power have directed on the "minorities" of this nation?



I am revisiting the fictional 1516 story of Utopia by Tomas More of the "Seventeen Provinces - very revealing.



my thought is when we are reflecting on what is going on through the media and the way they are covering the story without addressing the effects of the cultural complex on this young disturned man with disturbed psyche and on medication and the effect of the collective on him we are not addressing it from an angle that we can frame this incident for what it is.


Our modern culture does not lack depth. IN what way is DEPTH commonly understood today? In what way is depth counted as knowledge, and taught, around which cultural practices are formed and maintained? In two ways: SPACE, we talk of the depth of space.— Outer space and inner space (microphysics…). And TIME, the depth of history. The difficulty is not that we lack an understanding and knowledge of depth today. The difficulty is that our current understanding of depth lies in its purely positivistic interpretation. The difficulty is that this particular interpretation cannot see or allow any other understandings of depth, It locks us in to an ONLY positivistic understanding of reality. It shuts out, for example, a psychological understanding of depth.


Our origins are entirely understood in temporal/spatial i.e. positivistic terms. This is a modern interpretation of depth.




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