We engaged in a lively discussion today with panel and members on the subject of "What is Depth Psychology?" If we did not arrive at a definitive conclusion, we have certainly begun to redefine what "Depth Psychology" may mean for us in the cataclysmic times in which we find ourselves. 

The discussion has begun as we collectively as a group begin to unravel what it means to find "soul" and "meaning' and how to bring it out "to the streets".

There is so much room here for further discussion and conversation; it seems that many of us have been waiting a long time; silenced by the dominant paradigm that has no language for what it means to live from 'depth". Yet, we crave it; we are answering soul's call to re-engage and create community here and now in whatever format it is available to us.

We are in the midst of a Global Renaissance; a rebirth of consciousness. Our old systems are breaking down, dissolving, disintegrating...The new horizons are not yet apparent. We are caught in the betwixt and between, the tension of the opposites and so here we must hang until we can surrender our attachments to what is outworn and tired and no longer sustainable. There is nothing more frightening for humans than to give up our comfort and so we wait until it is ripped away from under us. That is the nature of a Plutonian/Uranian revolution. Pluto as a metaphor for the force of destruction and Uranus as a force of rebirth...

C.G. Jung stated that what we don't bring to consciousness comes to us as fate". These are prophetic words at this time. We are called to awaken and to connect with one another. We cannot proceed alone in a vacuum. The work begins individually in confronting our own inner demons. It is inner work with our own Daimon but now, we many of us are ready to bring it to a collective forum.

A new cycle has begun and the horizon is not yet visible. One thing we are discovering is that this transformational journey on which we find ourselves is both profoundly personal and collective. We must begin to discern where the individual intersects with the collective to make our way forward in consciousness.

I am deeply grateful for this discussion to ALL of you!

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Linda, the images you bring up here: loneliness, the sacred, and ground are profoundly integral to depth psychology and therefore to each of us as individuals. What do these three things have in common, I wonder. Sometimes, all I feel I can do in the face of so much movement and fragmentation that is our culture (and therefore our container) today is to simply open myself to the images and try to hold the tension longer than I can possibly imagine...and of course, that too, is the heart of depth psychology. 

Wow, thank

Dear Pamela,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on depth psychology and bringing it out into the streets. I enjoyed your "1993" introduction particularly because I so resonate with so much you share here.

I think for me, Depth psychology has always been about "soul". Psyche, that elusive winged creature after all does translate to "soul". In that case, we are embarking on bringing "Soul" back into the streets and whether or not now is the time for this delicious and precarious adventure, we (those of us here together in this time and place..seem to have no other choice). It the task that has been given to us by virtue of having been born into this cataclysmic era of history. Indeed, there have been many times in history that have seen and endured horrors equal to those we now find at our doorstep. However, none in recorded history have brought us to the edge of extinction. Perhaps, we have arrived at this point in history because if our eyes are opened, we see all too clearly the responsibility that we have inherited for the plant and animal kingdoms with whom we share our earth.

I am reminded as you remind us of our inner "altars in the woods". The places where we create ritual when we bring our dreams, our visions, our images back into this world. In ritual space, we rediscover not only the remnants of our childhood games but the possible future we can create. It is a solitary space inhabited by soul and imagination and the invisible spirit and it is sometimes a shared space that we co-create together as we do here.

Thank you for sharing these thoughts and ideas - old and new; they are all fuel for what emerges from here.

We don't know the possible ending of it all, do we?

As Linda, as an intelligent and thinking individual, calls the mass murder (the villagers where my mother was born were cut to pieces by Croat soldiers and with the approval from NATO - it was an amusement park compared to what's been happening in Iraq and Kosovo (Old Serbia)) and exodus of my people "world peace" and "God bless NATO", is it even physically possible to avoid the extinction? Wildlife and brown and black people are in the middle of the genocide. The United Nations have been dead for 20 years. Actually they have never been alive and relevant. Serbs (and Ukrainians and Russians lately) are both brown and white in that process, the first on the shooting list. And what's the answer to that "process" (as if it's weather and not mass murder and torture) - calm down and meditate? It's psychopaths and their herd of "innocents" who survive that process. On the other hand, the best among us in the realm of science were suffering a lot because of their surplus of knowledge and understanding. They suffered for nothing or as we say in Serbia: "For whose grandma's health?" Hence, depression and screaming in agony also aren't a viable option.


You are so right, as psychology defined is in truth “the study of soul.”  Within this definition, of course is our tried and true Psyche/Eros myth to which I often refer when tasks are almost too arduous.


Regarding the “edge of extinction,” you have described our situation beautifully.  We are facing what Jung prophesized via his dying dreams and what more can we do but continue our depth psychology?  Personally, I have been choicelessly grieving for decades the ravaging of mother/matter/mater earth, the loss of her seasons; the usurping of literature and art and soulful reflection, the gradual loss of personal human relations, and the loss of myth by the mega swift advent of cyber-technology.  The warring split is upon us globally.  All of this, the result of loss of soul, a memory loss of cultures past, and a general denial that pervades the collective consciousness.


It seems to me the solution exists in not only confronting the inner reaction to the threatening world around us, but, as you point out so well, the active participation in rituals.  It is helpful to be reminded of this.   I too get swept away by the tides of this cataclysmic revolution.  We are human, after all.


It is strengthening to be able to talk to you Self-to-Self, perhaps what Jung said would be one of the outcomes of depth psychology, “the socialization of Self.”  Perhaps this is what Bonnie had in mind when she so courageously initiated this website. 


I salute you for your therapeutic work with suffering souls.  And I give my respect to all, no matter where we live in the evolution of consciousness, for I am surely sleeping like so many. 


Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your words here, as true today as when you penned them in 1993. I especially love "If we are individuals can find our own inner "altar in the woods," - the connection of Psyche, of soul, with Earth herself and the need for engagement with her via ritual and the tools of soul.

Dear Eva,

Your comments resonate with me and I agree with what you have conveyed here. The Aquarian Age is here and with it brings precisely what you have articulated. The old ways of operating (e.g. APA, etc) are not going to work any longer. The lies and deceit that have dominated and shaped reality and brought about despair are coming to light and 'falling apart.'

I am honestly encouraged by what is happening in our world yet the level of violence and the continuing to resolve conflict through war is disturbing.  It is perhaps that we have not yet reached the breaking point. I hope that we do not find ourselves immersed within a civil war, but it may come to that.

On a brighter note, so many therapists and practitioners are breaking rank with that which is anachronistic and used simply in response to meeting diagnosis criteria, etc.  For this, I am hopeful.  This forces everyone to be creative and not allow what is known to be suppressed. The use of technology has played a critical part in exposing, confronting, and connecting others for the collective good.

I am just not beginning to review the posts and while this is a quick response, I wanted to honor your comments as I hope that we may continue this conversation as time permits.



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