Sharing Tips and Resources: Hermeneutics: An Intellectual Tradition for Communication Studies

I know this group hasn't been very active; however, I think it could be a remarkable resource for all of us working on a thesis or dissertation if members would share any resources they come across that might be of help to others, or offer tips they find useful in doing the work as those practices become useful to them.

On that note, I came across what I think is a valuable scholarly paper on Hermeneutics that may be helpful and wanted to share. Good luck to all, wherever you are in your process, and congrats to those who are done!

Hermeneutics: An Intellectual Tradition for Communication Studies — G.P. Radford — (located at

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I don't really qualify for membership (working on a dissertation in depth psychology), but that hermeneutics thing is related to what I'm interested in. I still haven't read that article, but I am going to. Anyway, hermeneutics does sound very Jungian. It's like a bridge between parts of brain working and consciousness emerging in the process. Alicia Juarrero for instance in Dynamics in Action (the shorter and the longer version; some sentences from the shorter version don't appear in the longer one) uses hermeneutics while trying to explain consciousness. Also, Robert Rosen's approach to anticipation (he is all over the web, so I'm not adding any particular links) as something that makes us alive and self-aware bears a lot of similarities to hermeneutics. Interpretations/stories in hermeneutics and relations and twists and turns of causality in anticipatory systems look to me like two sides of the same coin and both sides look very Jungian.

I have a hard time to figure out how to put that into words. When I write something, it looks very monstrous and all over the map. To anyone who reads this comment: feel free to use it for your work. - Why we can't yet build true artificial intelligence, explained in one sentence


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