Sharing an article I found interesting--If you don't know these two authors, you really should. Both excellent: Saving the Indigenous Soul: Interview with Martin Prechtel and Derr...

Excerpt... "The Mayans say that the other world sings us into being. We are its song. We’re made of sound, and as the sound passes through the sieve between this world and the other world, it takes the shape of birds, grass, tables — all these things are made of sound. Human beings, with our own sounds, can feed the other world in return, to fatten those in the other world up, so they can continue to sing...."

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Found this interview to be great. I love how Prechtel speaks of how people become indigenous to the land through burying loved ones in the earth and grieving them, shedding tears into the earth, over years and generations. I am so drawn back to the land I grew up on and miss it, but I cannot physically deal with the Kansas winters of cold, snow and grey. I love the ocean in SoCal and know it is much the same way as I know the land in Kansas. And, the relationship is different too.

If we moderns can learn to have gratitude and give praise to all of the beings that have come together to bring us into creation, then we might start to be able to have gratitude and praise for each other and all other beings of the earth, including Mother Earth herself.


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