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6 Ways Drumming Heals Body, Mind and Soul

From slowing the decline in fatal brain disease, to generating a sense of oneness with one another and the universe, drumming's physical an…

Started by Bonnie Bright

0 Mar 22, 2015

“Anyone Who Dreams Partakes in Shamanism”--Stanley Krippner, Ph.D

This article from Stan Krippner was originally posted at For those who don't know…

Started by Bonnie Bright

0 Mar 16, 2015

Jung & Amazonian Shamanism in Synthesis: Intensive Retreat

Thought some of you in this group would like to know about this retreat in March in Peru with C. Michael (Mikkal) Smith. His book, Jung and…

Started by Bonnie Bright

0 Jan 7, 2015

Controversial or (R)evolutionary for Consciousness? —How Tripping On Mushrooms Changes The Brain

This is a fascinating—and fairly compelling (I think)—article on how psilocybin mushrooms stimulate and connect parts of the brain that don…

Started by Bonnie Bright

2 Nov 30, 2014
Reply by Adele Gruber

Article: Cave Paintings Dating to 6000 Years Ago Depict Otherworldly Beings and a Permeable, Layered Cosmological Map

Recent findings by archaeologists stretching from Tennessee to the Mississippi, from the Kentucky line down to Alabama,  have unearthed ov…

Started by Bonnie Bright

1 Oct 24, 2014
Reply by Kathryn LaFevers Evans

Beautiful Quote on Humans and Ritual from Mayan Shaman Martin Prechtel

“Humans are amazing ritual animals, and it must be understood that the Tzutujil, nor any other real intact people, do not 'practice' ritual…

Started by Bonnie Bright

0 Sep 6, 2014

Voices of the Earth: 13 Conversations on Ancestors, Earth Spirituality, Ritual, More

Here are 13 full-length conversations with teacher folk of diverse backgrounds on subjects like the ancestors, earth spirituality, storytel…

Started by Bonnie Bright

0 May 23, 2014

Don Sandner--and posting an attachment here in the group

Hi Steven. Welcome to the group. It's wonderful to hear about your writing and your experience. I wish I had met Don Sandner. I've heard so…

Started by Bonnie Bright

1 Apr 10, 2014
Reply by Steven B. Herrmann

The Conquest of Nature--and What We've Lost

I really enjoyed this article about the animal/human/culture relationship "The Conquest of Nature and What We've Lost" from Lewis Lapham on…

Started by Bonnie Bright

1 Mar 28, 2013
Reply by Jesse Masterson

Saving the Indigenous Soul: Interview with Martin Prechtel and Derrick Jensen:

Sharing an article I found interesting--If you don't know these two authors, you really should. Both excellent: Saving the Indigenous Soul:…

Started by Bonnie Bright

1 Mar 25, 2013
Reply by Jesse Masterson


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