In thinking (and planning) for our first JIS conference, I'm curious as to what topics you would like to see addressed/discussed/presented/experienced. Please send them along within this discussion. I'll be heading to Nashville soon to check out a possible site. Thanks.

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What a WONDERFUL idea!!

Thanks Dani...Got any itches that need depth psychological scratching??? :)

Do you have a date?   Allow me to re-phrase that... Do you know when it will be?...  

:) Not yet, but the late summer/early fall of 2012 has been floating about. I'm aware that for those in academia the summer months may be more open to attend and present. The more we hear from folks about topics and times, the more organic and satisfying the event can be.

Here's a topic...   "Depth Psychology, Science, Religion, or Both?"

That pretty much leaves it open.


We have excellent facilities in this area, Triangle Area of North Carolina, i.e. Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill.  And a pretty good airport that is a hub.  The area is also a hub for highways with I-40, I-85, .........


If you want to keep the cost low, University facilities and dorm rooms are available in the summer at minimal cost.  Not exactly sure what you are looking for.  

I would not hold it in the latter part of August as virtually all academics travel on holiday at that time.

Talk about a late response. My apologies. I've had to pull back from a few volunteer activities in my life so the summer event has been postponed BUT there is a group in Nashville that is considering a local gathering. I'll get back to you when I can see the surface of my desk again. I used to teach at St. Mary's School in Raleigh so that may also be a good venue when the time comes.



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