What a blast!! Great to see the members of Jung in the South at the conference as participants and presenters. I would enjoy hearing what you thought of the presentations you attended. Of course, the presentations by JIS were the best!! (Okay, cheerleader language will be put aside.) It was truly heart warming to gather together during dinner that last night and to have Dan Tyler there for an evening group sharing of his music was icing!!! (or wine, as you prefer)

The one response I heard most often was, lets do it again and we have already started to talk about a conference in Nashville - possibly of our own making. Adele shared her thoughts that Nashville would be welcoming and Mary Ann is heading down there soon to check out one place that might be good for our gathering.

Again: Kudos to our presenters:

David Gordon & Dani Vedros (They got the cuddle seats during the music!!)

Jeanne Schul (Can that girl move or what!!!)

Adele Tyler (And she sings too!!!)

Lilan Laishley (She's given out the good vibrations!!)

And special thanks to Dan Tyler who delighted us with his songwriting talents.


I'll be getting back to ya'll soon. :)  We have a few more sunrises in our future!!!



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Hi Adele, Ed, and everyone who attended the Journey conference from the Alliance!

Adele--Thanks so much for your comment in the Jung in the South group on how great it was to meet other Alliance members. I had the same feeling on meeting other Alliance members at the Assisi conference in Italy in July. There's something really powerful about augmenting the online community with facetime, isn't' there? Ed, thank you so much for this post and for the GREAT pictures!

Meanwhile, those of us who couldn't go have to live vicariously through those of you who did! I would love to hear any feedback you have--anything from summaries of notes from speakers, how if felt to meet in person, what your overall experience was, how it felt to present, etc. Ed, how was it to give your morning meditation? Please share more if you're all willing.... Thanks! Sending you all much joy and love!

What a beautiful vision!  Thank you for sharing, and I hope to attend the next conference and meet in the flesh some fellow 'Jung in the South' Members!


JIS has contemplated a conference of our own, so "stay tuned." :)


That would be awesome!  Look forward to hearing more.

Any topics that would interest you??

Sorry I couldn't make it this year.  Schedule conflicts.


I've presented at the Journey Conference the last few years.   It's such a beautiful location and a great group of people.


I'm planning to attend next year.  


PS.  We are having some of the same presenters  doing workshops in our area for the Triangle Jung Society. 


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